May 1st, International Workers' Day

Anniversary of the May 4th uprising in Chicago in 1886 has arrived. Since that day every year workers around the world celebrate this day and use the occasion to demand their basic rights. On this historic day, communists, workers' parties, unions, and supporters of the working class call for street demonstrations and rallies against the world capitalism and oppressors.

In Iran despite the pivotal role that the working class played in 1979 uprising, which eventually brought the Shah's regime down, none of workers' rights are recognized and respected by the regime of the Islamic Republic. The regime of Islamic Republic over the years took back many of the achievements and victories of the 1979 heroic struggle. Throughout the years regime managed to pass and enforce many anti-working-class laws and regulations which ultimately deprived the working masses form their basic rights. Over the years regime's ongoing pressures and crackdowns continued to mount to a point that today workers are not even allowed to celebrate May 1st independently away from the regime's ceremonial gatherings. Over the years not just the working class, the entire society, teachers, women, students, and all the freedom lovers became captives in the hands of the theocratic regime living their lives under the government's gunpoint.
Right after the Islamic Regime's takeover people's living conditions kept deteriorating and became much harsher than what it was under the former royal regime. But despite continuous heavy and harsh crackdowns people never gave up and courageously continued to push the regime back. Continued infighting among different factions of the regime and deteriorating socio-economic conditions can no longer be easily denied or covered up by the regime. Factional fighting which emerged after the last presidential election undermined and shattered the supremacy and legitimacy of the regime. Today, government that is headed by the Khamenie-Ahmadinejad faction is made up of members of the elite Sepah Pasdaran, street thugs, and paid missionaries who had no major role in the 1979 uprising. This combination is heavily involved in all kinds of criminal activities and seeks nothing but personal gains. This regime can only be brought down by a strong popular revolution with efforts and sacrifices much stronger than 1979 uprising.

Workers, revolutionary and progressive forces,
After the last year's presidential election when the regime's factional infighting and its criminal activities were brought into the daylight and regime dispatched its thugs and missionaries to the streets, the dark clouds of religious tyranny started to break away. Leaders of both rival factions did whatever they could to eliminate each other from the political scene by publicly attacking each other. After the "reformist" factions started to uncover and expose some of the crimes committed by the regime over the years, this only showed how deep these crimes were and how much sacrifices the freedom lovers of Iran have made defending and fighting for freedom. It showed how brutally people were sent to fire-squads for believing and defending freedom. Public pressures and ongoing struggle forced Khamenie and his faction to do the same and disclose some of the crimes, financial squanders, and frauds committed by the "reformist" faction. All these made one point clear that throughout these years both camps were united in their brutal crackdowns and they all were in this together.

The regime in Iran was brought to power by the help of the imperialist powers, and it has been kept in power for so many years by the same international powers. Those who brought the regime to power wanted to protect their lucrative economic interests and they still continue to support the regime and don't want the entire regime to collapse. Despite all the documents that has been released regarding the criminal activities of the regime in the past three decades, international community and human rights organizations have done nothing but to issue few resolutions condemning and admonishing the regime. All the hoopla against the regime's nuclear program is only for the interests of the imperial powers, and people of Iran has no interest in that. It is mainly to support the close ally of the West Israel in the region.

Looking at the past policies and practices of the imperialist powers in Iran since the 1953 coup d' etat and glimpsing over the historical documents in the years that followed, show that the West has always been pursuing its own interests. They always have tried to bring their own puppet governments to power. With every uprising and movement in Iran the Western powers have tried to influence the situation for their own interests. Overnight some handpicked political figureheads become "leaders" who try to derail the people's movements. We still remember the scenario that was engineered and prepared one year prior to the 1979 uprising that brought the Khomeini's regime to power. In this scenario it was decided that Khomeini should be transferred from Iraq to Paris and some handpicked Iranian elements from Washington, New York, London, and Paris to join him and become his "associates" and "advisors". Once again the West is preparing a similar scenario this time around.

Those who are trying to claim as being leaders of the ongoing struggle in Iran, under the name of "Green Movement", were all key elements of the regime in the past and had their hands in all the crimes committed by the regime. Once again the intelligence apparatus of the West has been actively working on creating and forming a new regime to replace the existing Islamic Republic. In this process the West is trying to create a rainbow coalition made up of former elements of the regime, collaborators organizations such as Fedaiie Aksariat, and passive political figureheads who once were part of the opposition forces. The West with its vast and powerful propaganda arsenal such as BBC, Voice of America, and hundreds of Internet sites wants to impose its handpicked elements as the future government of Iran and derail the people's genuine freedom movement. Mouthpieces of the West who have put their support behind the "Green Movement" have access to tones of archived documents showing the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic in the dark years of the 1960s during which thousands were sent to fire-squads and lost their lives in regime's torture centers. Throughout these years there was no mention of these crimes and these brutal acts were always kept silent. In 1967 in less than 48 hours tens of thousands of political prisoners were executed by the order of the supreme leader Khomeini. The Western powers in order to protect their lucrative economic interests in Iran helped to cover up these massacres. If the Western powers are truly against the regime there is no need to attack the regime, all they need to do is to cut off their ongoing support and remove the restrictions against the true opposition forces who are fighting the regime. If the West is serious they need to stop selling advanced electronics and weapons to the regime, and let the people of Iran to choose their own destiny. The moment that these supports are stopped the world will witness how swiftly the people of Iran will upend the regime once and for all.

Supporters of the "new world order" on one hand claim that they are against the regime in Iran and on the other hand are putting pressures on those opposition forces who genuinely are fighting the regime. Those who claim believing in democracy want to change the regime without harming the dictatorial apparatus. They want to keep the dictatorial structure intact. Currently in many of the Western countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia asylum applications of the supporters of the "Green Movement" are easily approved without much of a problem. On the other hand if the asylum seeker has any affiliation to an organization who believes in armed struggle against the regime he/she wii be treated more like a terrorist. Some of the leaders of such revolutionary organizations who live in abroad are under constant pressures by the law enforcement authorities for no particular reason. All these show that once again the West wants to impose its "velvet revolution" on people of Iran by hiding behind the "Green Movement".

Despite all the direct manipulation of the situation by the West and harsh crackdowns by the regime, the people of Iran have stood up to turn a new chapter in the history of their nation. In this situation only the strong determination of the working class will pave the way for toppling the regime and establishing a true democratic government. Lessons from the international movements of the working class once again reminds us the lines from the International Anthem: "There are no supreme saviors, Neither God, nor Caesar nor tribune". Strong determination of the workers of Iran united with the working masses is the only force capable of defeating the dictatorial regime of the Islamic Republic and establishing a true democratic government.

Long live international solidarity of the working class,

Organization of Iranian Peoples' Fedaiie Guerillas (OIPFG)

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