Greeting, May 1st, International Workers' Day

May 1st is the anniversary of the 1886 uprising of the American workers in Chicago. Every year on this day workers around the world celebrate and mark the significance of this historic day by participating in street rallies and demonstrations. International solidarity of the world workers on this day it’s a clear manifestation of the strong and united determination against the world capitalism. It’s a day to remember and remark the ideals and aspirations of the working class.

st, and it is considered part of their legal rights, workers in Iran are deprived from this very basic right. Theocratic regime in Iran doesn’t allow independent workers’ organizations to take root and have direct participation in deciding the socio-political direction of the society. Workers’ trade unions are under constant attack by the regime’s Islamic associations, Sepah Pasdaran paramilitary force, Basij, and plain-clothes secret agents.

’s working class calls for its own ceremonial street gatherings and assemblies. With all kinds of demagogueries, regime wants to pretend that it supports the working class and is on their side. Despite all these deceitful maneuverings, workers in Iran have always been able to resist and fight back the government policies and its secret organizations. Workers have always answered the regime with their own strikes and resistance.

’s organizations, and other masses of the society is preparing the stage for a direct confrontation with the regime.

Fellow workers,
Waves of social dissent and resentment towards the regime have been intensifying over the years. Despite heavy crackdowns, more and more are joining the lines of the social resistance. Despite all the killings and imprisonments of the revolutionaries, progressive forces, and leaders of the unions, regime has failed to stop the flames of the social rage.

’s regime. The main characters of this scenario this time around are some of the ex-members of the regime such as former Prime Minster Mir-Hussein Mossavi who was in power for 8 years at the time when Khomeini himself was at the helm. Mehdi Karrobi former head of the financial conglomerate Mostazafan Foundation and former head of the Iran’s parliament is also in the ìreformistî camp. This camp is also getting some of its support from members of the Sepah Pasdaran and intelligence apparatus such as Saeed Hadjarian and his associates. The propaganda machine of the West has also put its muscle behind the ìreformistsî hoping to repeat the ìvelvet revolutionî under the name of ìgreen movementî. The incumbent camp, headed by Khamenie (the supreme leader) and Ahmadinejad, which represents the Iran’s bureaucratic capitalism, has experienced major rifts in recent months. In the past, Khamenie by relying on the Sepah Pasdaran’s support had managed to keep his tight grip on power and push for his own agenda. But this support has started to erode and he sees himself standing on shaky ground. This division has now come to the public stage and has pushed Khamenie to move more closely to Rafsanjani's dynasty and try to aligne himself with Larijani brothers who are at odds with Ahmadinejad. Divisions in the upper echelons of the government has deepened so much that last month Khamenie had to personally visit the Intelligence Ministry and assure the top employees there that the Sepah Pasdaran (elite force supporting Ahmadinejad) wouldn’t be allowed to rule that department. Despite direct intervention by the supreme leader himself, Ahmadinejad decided to ask Moslehi, the head of the department, to step down from its cabinet post. Khamenie in an open and direct confrontation with Ahmadinejad overruled the president’s decision and asked Moslehi to remain in his post. Mindless power struggle among government factions and economic concessions given to the West over the years has brought nothing for the people but poverty, injustice, and social disasters.

’t helped to make any change on people’s economic or social status. Now, that the oppressed people of these nations after tolerating many years of brutality and repression have stood up, the US and its Western allies have moved in to derail these uprisings and pushed the events towards their own imperial interests. US imperialism and its allies with their strong influence and deep penetration in these countries and the region by using their key veteran operatives are directing the events towards their own interests.

It is in this regard that all the revolutionaries and progressive forces must unit. Only a united revolutionary front can stand up against the regime in Iran and put an end to many years of suffering and brutality.
Long Live Workers’ International Solidarity,
Organization of Iranian Peoples' Fedaiie Guerillas (OIPFG)

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