During an offensive by the Sepah Pasdaran (Iran’s Paramilitary force) in the border region of Kurdistan, 21 members of the regime’s forces were killed and 43 wounded.
Based on some of the information received from Party of Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK), on July 18th 2011 Iranian forces entered the border region of Kurdistan near Zeli and Dolakok inside Iraq with thousands of special troops and regular army divisions. They were backed by heavy artillery, tanks, and helicopters. PJAK’s fighters put up a heavy resistance by blocking some of the roads and ambushing the regime’s forces. During these operations, 21 members of the regime forces were killed and 43 were wounded. PJAK added that some of its fighters were also injured. Fighting continued throughout the next day.
In the past few days the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran had threatened to launch an offensive well inside Iraqi Kurdistan claiming PJAK presence there. Regime claims more than 150 square kilometer of the Iraqi Kurdistan bordering with Iran has fallen under PJAK’s control. None of these claims can independently be verified.


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