32nd Anniversary of the 1979 Uprising and 40th Anniversary of the Siahkal Epic

It was 40 years ago today that the heroic attack on Siahkal Gendarmerie was launched by Fedaiie Guerrillas. Feb-9-1971 was the beginning of an armed struggle against the dictatorial regime of the Shah and a turning point in working class struggle.

Regime of the Shah was in its strongest position enjoying the full backing of the US imperialism when the OIPFG (Organization of Iranian Peoples' Fedaiie Guerillas) aiming to topple the dictatorial regime of the Shah launched its attack, opening a new chapter in people's struggle for freedom. It didn't take long that the flames of the Siahkal struggle started spreading throughout the nation. From there on people from all walks of life were drawn to this fight demanding their basic socio-economic rights.

Finally on Feb. 1979 people's historic uprising put an end to 2500 years of royal monarchy. But while the masses were still on the streets chanting and demanding freedom, religious sectarians headed by Ayatollah Khomeini in an international compromise with US imperialism was set up to come to power. The Islamic regime that was created on the ruins of the old regime was soon backed by the US. With the help of the US and its operatives the control of the repressive institutions such as military, security forces, and other bureaucratic organizations were all transferred to the new regime.

In order to stabilize the new regime, the US showed no mercy even for some of the top members of the old regime who were allies of the US. Those members of the old regime who showed any sign of discontent or defiance were later sent to fire-squads. Soon before people had a chance to decide on the future of the new government things were preplanned and decided for them. The US and the heads of the new regime derailed the people's uprising from its true democratic course. Similar regime-change scenarios were later implemented in other parts of the world using the experience that the US gained in Iran.

Documents of the Guadalupe Conference reveals the fact that Ebrahim Yazdi and Sadegh- Ghotbzadeh, two of the close associates of Khomeini, in days before the start of the conference, had provided the satisfying assurances to the heads of the world powers that their interests in Iran will be protected. A promise that until now has always been honored by the Islamic regime.

By becoming part of the world globalization chain Iran has created strong economic ties between its own capitalist market, concentrated mainly in Bazaar and other bureaucratic institutions, and the World Bank. These ties have gradually been expanded to other global capitalist markets. Despite all the hoopla regarding Iran's “human rights” records there has never been any decisive measures against the Islamic Republic. There has never been any concrete and decisive action in international forums to stop the Islamic Republic's machine of torture and terror. This conciliatory approach has always had its roots in the economic interests of the US and its allies.

It's true that the UN Security Council has issued resolutions condemning the regime in Iran, but all that has been mainly to stop the nuclear program of the regime. On different occasions there have been greeting letters exchanged between US president, British Prime Minister, and Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad and other heads of the regime have always been able to freely visit the US and use the mass media to advertise their agendas.

US as inventor and supporter of Pan-Islamism in the Middle East
US imperialism is the main force behind establishing Islamic states in the region. In US calculations, reactionary elements and figure-heads such as: Khomeini in Iran, Mollah Omar, Rabbani, and Mojahdin in Afghanistan, reactionary political parties in Pakistan, Rajab Teieb Ardoghan in Turkey, Sheikh Nasrollah in Lebanon, and Nori-Al-Malaki in Iraq can serve the US interests much better than liberals and nationalists by subjugating their own people.

The United States provides all the necessary means and paves the path for the religious sectarians to come to power in the region. These forces by using religion as a cover heavily repress and crack-down the working masses. In a short run this policy serves well to protect the economic interests of the United States, and also provides a pretext for the US to continue its “human rights” agenda. Anytime the tenure of these reactionary elements expires, the US is ready to move in as a “savior” of these nations wearing its “human rights” hat. The regime that was imposed on the people of Iran by the US and its allies 32 years ago was one of the most repressive and staunch advocates of Pan-Islamism in the region. By taking advantage of the most illiterate sectors of the society the Islamic regime pushed for suppressing and cracking-down of the intellectuals, progressive and revolutionary forces of the nation. The US is the main supporter of this policy in the region. The US knows well that by eliminating the progressive forces of these countries there will be no harm inflicted on sacred foundations of the capitalism. It is part of this well planned scenario and it is in this context that the US continues to cooperate and work with the heads of the regime in Iran.

Islamic Republic and attack on people's democratic rights
When in 1979 the Islamic Republic came to power, people were misguided about the true intensions of Khomeini. Lack of political experience among masses and young revolutionary camp allowed Khomeini to openly deceive the people. Khomeini started making new innovations in the fundamentals of the Shia doctrine in order to legitimize its own actions. Before these innovations were enacted, top clergies were prohibited from participating in government. This later was interpreted by Khomeini saying, “in the absence of the 12th Imam (whose divine spirit has left the earth and believed one day will return) top clergies can govern the society on his behalf”. This doctrine later became the pillar of the Islamic Republic's dictatorship and tyranny against the people.

Khomeini's demagogueries helped him to take advantage of the people's religious beliefs, replacing the socio-political changes with the culture of wishful worshipping for the return of the 12th Imam. In the years that followed, oppressed people of Iran were blamed as supporters of the West and were brutally cracked-down. At the same time while creating empty religious hopes for the people and openly deceiving them, repressive forces of the regime such as Sepah Pasdaran (elite paramilitary force), Hezbollah, Ansar and Basij quickly started organizing themselves. From that point on these religious innovations were backed by bullet and machinegun.

Thirty two years later we still haven't forgotten dubious demagogueries of Khomeini saying, “our revolution wasn't for filling up our bellies”, an attempt to rebuff the genuine economic demands put forward by the Iran's working class. Along this line, successors and followers of Khomeini such as Khamenie, Janati, Msbah-Yazdi, Ahmadinejad, and other heads of the regime have created hundreds of religious shrines and centers only to deceive and subjugate the people. Government has created a well in holy city of Qom telling people praying near there will help the 12th Imam to return soon. Deep public resentment towards the regime has pushed the Islamic Republic more towards these demagogueries and antiquated beliefs. One day the government media announces a woman was turned into a tiger for tearing up the holy book Quran!! The other day they announced that Ahmadinejad has ordered building a runway for the 12th Imam to land!! They recently announced that in Shahrak-Gharb district in northern Tehran people have seen the “shadows of the 12th Imam”!!

Relentless people's struggle and regime's continuous crackdown
In the aftermath of the last presidential election and killing of the protesters that followed, “fundamentalist” factions of the regime headed by Khamenie and Ahmadinejad emphatically rushed to pass more repressive legislations in order to solidify their position. Throughout the year regime by using its crackdown apparatus intensified its street searches relying more on its riot control tactics. More and more controls were imposed in factories and working class environments. Workers demanding their economic rights were brutally suppressed. Crackdowns on the workers' unions were increased and many of their leaders were sent to prison camps and secretly sentenced. More and more members of the opposition forces were either sent to execution squads or were held in secrete prisons. At the same time social turmoil continued to widen.

Despite such a repressive environment the revolutionary movement of Iran has pressed on with its resolute and tireless struggle against the dictatorial regime of the Islamic Republic. Hardly a single day goes by without workers resisting the regime or women not confronting the government forces for their basic rights. Universities campuses have become center of protest and resistance. Despite heavy advertising by the regime in the rural areas with the intension to shore up support for its policies, support for the regime has dwindled and government policies are often ridiculed or ignored. Rapid advances in technology have helped the young generation to stay away from the antiquated religious lies of the heads of the regime and to free up itself from the shackles of the religion and divinity.

Recent upheavals in the Middle East and attempt to silence the movements
Anytime the oppressed and trampled masses stand up against the repression of the dictators, propaganda machine of the imperialism moves in to show the people the “promise land”. Mobile ambassadors, veteran advisors trained in White House and European Parliament, with an army of reporters and commentators organized in CNN, BBC, Voice-of-America, Radio Israel, and Euronews line up to use the latest satellites technologies, internet and print media to derail the events towards the interests of the world capitalism. Recent uprisings in Arab nations are good examples of the meddling and involvement of the imperialist powers trying to defuse the movements and push them in the direction of their own interests. The US for more than 30 years was staunch supporter of the Egypt's dictator Hosni Mubark. Now After many years of repression and brutality people of Egypt have stood up. Like in other dictatorial regimes true workers' unions in Egypt are not allowed to freely conduct their activities. Political and social freedoms either don't exist or are tightly controlled. Those intellectuals not associated with the government are banned and not allowed to express their ideas. Before the voices of freedom could be heard outside of Egypt's borders, the US by using the experience of the regime-change in Iran in 1979, moved in quickly to dispatch Egypt's future “leader” from Austria to Cairo. One of the veterans of the CIA, with many years of experience at the helm of the International Atomic Energy Agency was hand picked to serve his masters in Washington in order to “institutionalize democracy” in Egypt. Based on the US regional policies supporting Pan-Islamism, now it was time for the Muslim-Brotherhood to take over. With the help of the US, Mohammad ElBaradei who hasn't lived in Egypt for more than 30 years was put in the forefront of the Muslim-Brotherhood's activities. Strange enough in this well-planned scenario everybody including “anti-fundamentalist” America, ElBaradei, and “anti-West” Muslim-Brotherhood all are happily satisfied with the outcome.

The United States without considering the historical background of this ancient civilization, and ignoring the deeply rooted national pride, pushed hard to quickly transfer the power to ElBaradei and Muslim-Brotherhood. But the Egyptians resisted this pre-planned scenario. Anytime Muslim-Brotherhood was brought to the forefront it reminded the Islamic Republic of Iran and was rejected by the people. As in Algeria despite the election that was won by the fundamentalist, people and the army of Algeria didn't want anything similar to Islamic Republic of Iran. Regime in Iran has been such a disgrace that no other nation wants to go the same route. Something that Mr. Obama and his Secretary of State fail to understand.

Working Class of Iran,

Islamic Republic is in a major disarray and turmoil. Contrary to the era that Khomeini was at the top of the helm and when all the factions were united behind him, now they have openly lined up against each other. Khamenie-Ahmadinejad faction has no tolerance for the other factions of the regime. The reformist factions and those identified as “Green Movement” were confronted by the violent force. Infighting among the fundamentalist law makers have intensified in the parliament. President and his cabinet repeatedly and openly have been confronting the decisions made by the law makers. Parliament on the other hand doesn't trust the president. President has filed court cases against the Expediency Discernment Council headed by Rafsanjani. Ahmadinejad wants to remove Refasanjani from presidency of the Assembly of Experts. At the same time Sepah Pasdaran wants to take over the intelligence service apparatus. Interior Ministry on the other hand has asked the Supreme Leader to intervene. Mesbah Yazdi is secretly planning to step in as a successor of the Supreme Leader as soon as he dies.

In this critical situation the revolutionary forces of Iran more than any other time need to unite and cooperate in order to organize and solidify the working class struggle.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran,
Long live Peoples' Democratic Republic,
Long live memory of the martyrs of Siahkal and 1979 uprising,
Long live Socialism.

Organization of Iranian Peoples' Fedaiie Guerillas (OIPFG)
8 February 2011

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