May 1st, International Workers' Day

May 1st is magnificent celebration for workers in America and all around the world. This day marks and honors the relentless struggle of the workers around the world against the capitalist system. May 1st shows the historic power of the working class that over the years in pursuit of justices and fairness has stood up against class exploitation and ignorance. On this day workers show their unity and solidarity for human emancipation from brutal shackles of capitalism.

Every year on this day workers around the world remember and honor the bloody struggles of their fellow workers throughout the history. On this day workers all over the world display their unity and determination for crushing the state apparatus of the capitalism.

126 years has past since 1886 that workers in Chicago took to the streets demanding better work environment, wage increase, and work-hour reduction from 16 hours/day to 8 hours/day.  Despite significant worldwide accomplishments, workers in Iran continue to suffer and live in harsh working conditions.

Since its inception the theocratic regime of the Islamic Republic, has tried hard to take away the basic socio-political rights of the Iranian workers by imposing some of the most reactionary labor laws and regulations. Even though the tradition of May 1st celebration in Iran goes back to more than 90 years ago, over the recent decades Islamic regime has used everything in its power to stop workers from celebrating this day.

Despite continuous brutal attacks against the working-class movement in Iran, workers have continued to fight back and take major steps to solidify their struggle against the regime. Regime continues to detain leaders of the workers’ unions, 100’s of working-class leaders and activists have been sent to fire squads over the years. Regime continues to eliminate these activists from the workplaces by installing its own supports at the key positions. Regime knows well that Iran’s working-class movement has decades of experience behind it, and these activities are deeply rooted among masses. Regime will never be able to stop these activities.

Fellow workers,

The regime of Islamic Republic represents the upper echelons of the Bazaar merchants and bureaucratic capitalists. Over the years the only thing that has kept the regime in power has been its harsh and brutal crackdowns. The Islamic Republic is in power only to protect the interests of the big capitalists. Its “anti-imperialist” slogans are nothing but empty demagogueries.  US military deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq with its devastating consequences has emboldened the regime to step in and take credit for some of the changes that has engulfed the region.  We still vividly remember the 8 years of war between Iran and Iraq that the Islamic Republic wasn’t able to achieve anything after all that devastations.

Domestically regime lives in isolation and the Iranian masses resent the government. Different factions of the regime are drawn into a deeply rooted infighting. Regime has realized the only way out of this isolation and perhaps a way to prolong its survival is to compromise with the West, Russia, and China. The Western powers are not interested to see the regime go.  On one hand the West is afraid that the Iran’s lucrative market may completely fall into the hands of Russia and China. Russia and China on the other hand are supporting the regime thinking they might lose their vast interests in the region. Over the years these supports have helped the regime to prolong its survival and continue its heavy-handed crackdowns. Without these supports regime’s imminent collapse in the hands of the Iran’s working masses will take a speedy path.

Valuable lessons of the past while fighting against the Shah’s regime have shown us that no autocratic regime has the power to stand against the sweeping power of the working masses. When the people stand up no one can save these regimes no matter how much support these they get. We must unite and once again like 1979 uprising that brought the Shah’s regime down, should-to-shoulder with the rest of the society put an end to years of brutality and injustice.  The regime of Islamic Republic is doomed to die; your immense power and determination can shape the future and play a historic role at these crucial moments.

Long live international solidarity of the working class,

May 2012

Organization of Iranian Peoples' Fedaiie Guerillas (OIPFG)

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