May 1st, International Workers Day

Today is the 127th anniversary of the glorious day of May 1st, the day that workers in Chicago uprose to demand a better work environment, wage increase, and an eight-hour work day.  May 1, 1886 marks the historic power of the united workers against the capitalist system and class exploitation and oppression that lies in its nature. Although the Chicago workers street demonstration was attacked savagely by police and other elements of capitalist forces, many workers were arrested, and some leaders were hanged, workers were able to show their power and receive some of their rights. Since that historic day, workers and revolutionary forces around the world celebrate May 1st as an international symbol of solidarity of the workers against the world’s capitalism.

Although throughout 127 years of struggle, workers’ rights have been recognized and respected by some capitalist governments to some degree, Iranian workers are still undergoing lots of hardships, including pay cuts, layoffs, increasing work hours, and less and less benefits and rights.

Absolutely no workers’ rights have been recognized by the Islamic government of Iran from the beginning of its establishment. Every year another reactionary and anti-workers’ right law passes by all member of congress whose job is only to defend capitalists and capitalist systems of Islamic regime. In order to dishonor the workers day of May 1st, the Islamic republic lets its agents who are against workers’ rights to “celebrate” this day while banning any celebration by workers and arresting those who simply want to celebrate their only holiday of the year. However, progressive and revolutionary workers demonstrate their courage by going out and celebrating this day in any possible gathering place even though they know their actions come with harsh punishment and imprisonment.

Progressive and revolutionary workers,

The economy and social situations in Iran are facing lots of problems to a critical degree and the fact is that none of the fractions of the Islamic regime including Ahmadinejad’s government or Khamenie (the supreme leader) can , and more importantly won’t, solve these problems. The economic and banking embargo on the Islamic regime by the western government has made the lives of millions of Iranian people very difficult and the continuation of this situation may result in an uprising. 

The bureaucratic faction of the regime under Pasdaran’s leadership is in charge to make sure this regime will stay and survive. While reactionary and ideological policy has been the dominant policy in the Islamic regime from the first day of its establishment, has stopped any progress in the economy and in industrial developments. The main industries, housing and road developments infrastructure  are exclusively given to Bazaar and Pasdaran. This policy created a huge division between classes, dramatically lowering the living standards of millions of millions of people, mostly workers. Millions of workers have lost their jobs. Many of the infrastructure and industrial projects have been stalled or totally stopped all together. The economic and social situation is at the level that even some divisions in the Bazaar have raised their voices and shot down their places for a few days.

Progressive and revolutionary workers,

Four years ago, during the so called presidential election, factions within the Islamic republic attacked each other during their debates and disclosed part of the wrong doing of  Islamic regime leaders and their associates and consequently, Iranian people could learn more about the nature of the corruption and aggression of the Islamic republic. Unfortunately, in the absence of progressive forces in Iran, one faction of the regime could take advantage of the situation and lead the uprising, silence their demands and finally let the government brutally attack, arrest, torture, rape, and kills thousands.  

The Islamic regime is facing the consequences of the agreement between Khamenie and Ahmadinejad four years ago to cheat the outcome of the election in favor of Ahmadinejad. At that time, Khamenie openly said that: “Ahmadinejad is a blessing from god,” but this blessing is out of his control and he is unable to stop Ahmadinejad’s behavior and speeches. Rafsanjani and Khatami, two main figures of Islamic regime have been set aside; Mossavi and Karobi have been placed under house arrest. Once again, all of these situations show that the Islamic regime is an illegitimate regime and has absolutely no roots among its people. To overcome from all of these economic, social, and politic crises, Iranian people, progressive and revolutionary forces must unite to overturn this criminal and corrupted regime.

Long Live Workers’ International Solidarity

Organization of Iranian People’ Fedaiie Guerillas (OPFG)

May 1st, 2013.

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