The so called defenders of Human Rights back religious fascism

According to the propaganda of the US imperialism and their allies “Arab Spring” would install freedom and democracy in the Arab countries, but it was actually ended by installing a repressive and fundamentalist regime

Upon the upraising of the people in these countries and organizing popular movement to oppose the puppet regimes of the western power, the imperialist countries tired hard to install a dark-age reactionary government. That was the exact same policy that the west has exercised in 1978 in Iran by imposing the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran, in which Iranian people have paid and still are paying extremely high price.

The United States of America and their allies support the religious fundamentalists to be in control of the political situation the Arab countries under the slogan of the real defenders of “Islamic principles”. Following this plan the clericals not only preach in the mosques, but they tried hard to control all political and social organizations as well as spiritual life of the people. 

The organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is one of the well known organizations that always had claimed as real defenders of Human Rights. During the last years this organization succeeded in creating branches in Palestine like the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. It was also able to couple with reactionary regimes like the Turkish and successfully infiltrated in Afghanistan.

These fundamentalists groups are created and supported financially and logistically by western powers in Afghanistan during the soviet presence in that country. Although these groups spoke openly against western and took an anti-western positions, but they fought in side by side of the afghan mujahidin’s in line with western power strategic interests. These groups are actually Jihadists groups who later on have savagely attacked western cities and places and their main focus became to attack all progressive movements in the Middle East and especially Arab countries that were seeking for freedom and democracy.

Both French president and Hilary Clinton the former US secretary of state have declared in public that in Libya after Ghaddafi and in Tunisia after Ben Ali the jihadists would begin to install the Islamic democracy. An overview over the activities of the imperialist countries in Iran, Iraq and Turkey shows that the so called defenders of Human Rights support these reactionary groups who belong to the Dark Age era. One must question these false defenders of Human Rights, where did they find the notions of democracy and tolerance in Islam?

As soon as the protest movement of Egyptian peoples expanded all over Egypt, the European countries tried to impose Mohammad Morsi, to the people’s movement in order to divert their goals and demands. Morsi did whatever he was told to do for a short period of time and tried to take all power little by little for himself and his Muslim Brotherhood. Exactly the way Khomeiny did in Iran. But this was not the cause of the Egyptian people upraising and they already had Iranian experience with fundamentalists in their mind, therefore they decided to stay in Tharir square until they get what they demanded throughout upraising.

The Morsi government could stay in power for about one year. But from the beginning the people understood the reactionary nature of this regime. To stop creation of another dictatorship, the movement for freedom could united people from different layers of the society and collected over 22 million signatures against the Morsi government. They also could mobilize tens of millions of people to demand for liberty and democracy. Facing this popular movement, Morsi refused all concessions. Further more he tried to impose more Islamic law and taking back step by step what Egyptian society has achieved for past several years. At this time, the army leaders closely watching all of these events and decided to put an ultimatum in front of Morsi and asking him to respect the people demands and step down from power. But Morsi ignored the voice of the people in the street and the ultimatum of the army as he thought the organization of Muslim Brotherhood are able to overcome of this situation and impose a religious dictatorial regime on the Egypt people.

Following a correct analysis of the situation, the Egypt army decided to stay in side with the people and removed Mohammad Morsi from power. The communists, the Nasserists, the students and the different social groups agreed with the army decision and action. At once the new provisional government put the organization of free elections on the agenda. But neither the west nor the Muslim Brotherhood approved the process of instituting democracy. Since the Morsi government has been removed from power, the so called defenders of Human Rights mobilized all their propaganda machines against the provisional government. By backing the jihadists of the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, they actually are supporting of the comeback of Islamic fascism in Egypt.

At this moment, Egypt is at the heart of the struggle and resistance against reactionary forces and religious fascism. And the religious fascist and pro-US and European countries such as IRI, the Turkish government, and the Islamic government of Tunisia took position against the provisional government of Egypt.

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