Long Live the May first, the International Workers Day

The May first of 1886 is the Commemoration of historical rebellion day of the American workers in the Chicago. Every year since then in most countries, workers, communists, socialists, and thus the supporters of the working class display their determination against capitalism by holding protests and demonstrations.

At the rebellion time of Chicago workers, having a better working condition and daily work hour reduced were the main part of their demand.  Now, after 128 years of exposure from that historic event in our country Iran, the workers are facing with imprisonment, torture and execution if they try to exercise their basic right of holding a demonstration or strike.

Since the rise of the Islamic Republic of Iran, most of the leaders and pioneers of the revolutionary organizations of the working class have been executed by the regime. Continuing crackdowns on unbridled last few decades, more efficient flow of workers and cadres arrested and prolonged detentions have been caught.  

Despite all these horrible conditions, the will of the collective strength of workers confronting dictatorial regimes has increased.

In recent years, Iranian workers intelligently planned to intensify the public awareness of their demand both locally and internationally which has revealed the ugly face of the regime and its affiliated organizations such as the Islamic Associations. The more time passes, despite public awareness on the nature of this dictatorial regime, the heads of the regime try to expand the dark age way of thinking and ignorance among people in order to survival.  

As a result of implementing a back warded policy by Islamic Republic, the western governments have lost their unfair profits from Iranian oil and mines. To get back to their prior profits, the western governments are blinding support the fundamentalist regime of Iranian through their propaganda machines such as BBC Persian and Voice of America and consequently they are encouraging the Islamic regime to continue their oppression, imprisonment, and execution of Iranian people specifically all opposition groups.

It seems it is hard for western government to accept the failed policy of using religion to reach their goals. They do not see how America's advocacy of "Islam" did not work in Libya after the fall of the Gaddafi regime, or "Arab’s spring” did not have any attraction among people in Egypt, Tunisia, and Turkey. Despite all these facts, but the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the champions of "human rights" in the West are not interested to learn that the era of ignorance superstition decrees are long gone and they must distance themselves from such a policy. For consecutive years, the western governments tried hard to sell Khatami as a “democrat” while he himself told the press that he is nothing but a servant of the Islamic regime. Now, they use the same failed policy to support Rohani and Rafsanjani as his main supporter. While the policies of Khatami and Rohani brought millions of dollar profits for the western companies, Iranian people receive nothing but more repression and economic – social injustice.

Progressive and Revolutionary workers;

After months of negotiation and back down with the U.S. government, has led gradually to full compliance by the Islamic Republic of Iran. For decades, hundreds of million dollars has spent for building and operation of nuclear power plants. Now, as a consequence of the recent negotiation, Islamic regime has committed her to stop all nuclear related operation and get the U.S. approval for any future nuclear activities. Although the “conservative”  wing of the Islamic republic shows their opposition to this negotiation, but  according to all fact and documents all wings of regime including the supreme leader-Khamenei- are in favor of this negotiation has devastating impact on Iranian economy that may cause to collapse of the regime in total. All opposition (Khamenei and his conservative allies) words are used for internal propaganda.      

Progressive and Revolutionary workers;

At this critical era in which the U.S. Imperialism, call herself as leader of human right around the world, the EU countries also work hard to help neo Nazis in the Ukraine so they can suppress all progressive people and democrats. The America and EU policies in the Europe, Asia, Africa, and the whole world, not only oppressed people, but also make them more vulnerable to unemployment, war and famine. In fact, the consequence of western government policies around world resulted in cheap lives and expensive bread.

The fact is, by returning the western oil companies and cartels, no miracle will occur in our country. Company will benefits billions, Islamic republic will survive and people will be poorer.

To bring down the dictatorial-religious government of the Islamic republic, we have no choice nut unit all progressive and revolutionary people and organization.

Long live the solidarity of the international workers      

Iranian People fadaii Guerrillas

May 1, 2014

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