Long live May 1st, the day of international solidarity of workers!

            It is 129 years that the uprising of American workers in the city of Chicago for increased wages and reduced working time occurred. This heroic uprising of the workers made significant and historical achievements of the working class. And precisely through this uprising, the working day was reduced from 14 to 8 hours.

            Since then, every year around the world on May 1st, workers and revolutionaries celebrate this historic day by organizing events and rallies.

            In Iran, the dictatorial and religious power voted the most reactionary labor codes and the workers are deprived of all political and trade union formation rights. To date, the organization of demonstrations or workers' meetings is strictly prohibited and every year, it is the reactionary regime that organizes meetings for the workers.

            Today, in Iran because of the Islamic Republic Regime Iran - IRI - private property is well respected and capitalists can freely exploit the most out of the workers to increase their growing wealth. And economic realities show that the wealth of a small minority that includes the heads of the powerful Central "Ghararghahé Sazandeghi Khatam Anbia", traders, industrialists, leaders of the bureaucracy, the commanders of the repressive power increased in unimaginable ways. Meanwhile, the living standard of the working class and the laborious masses diminishes daily and the widespread poverty is growing in the country.

            If at the beginning of the establishment of the regime of IRI, power was under the control of commercial bourgeoisie, today it is completely led by the bureaucratic bourgeoisie. If at first the economy was based on the sale of oil and then on the purchase of raw materials and finished products from the West, today it is different. Currently oil management and natural resources of the country are under the monopoly of powerful central "Ghararghahé Sazandeghi Khatam Anbia." And this central belongs to the guards of the Iranian revolution. Today, even with the support of the West, the government of Rouhani is trying to limit and regulate the power and prerogatives of the Revolutionary Guards; the repressive force controls the legislative, judicial and executive powers. In other words the Revolutionary Guards take control of all. The strength of the Revolutionary Guards is linked to their military power. Thus, in the sale of oil and other natural resources, they are still trying to preserve and guarantee their military power. For the Revolutionary Guards, the granting of benefits to the Chinese or the Russians to obtain missiles and advanced military technology is more worth than the improvement of living standards and the daily life of the population. Due to this policy, it is no problem to pay off the country's natural resources to the imperialist countries. That is why for some time, the two fractions in power, "fundamentalist" and "reformist" express no "hatred" against the West, nor any death slogans against this or that other imperialist country.

            For some time, yielding to the imperialist countries and abandoning their nuclear ambitions, the regime's leaders have only retained their "unshakable determination" in repression and execution of opponents and freedom's fighters. A policy that satisfies the "Activists of Human Rights.”

The Iranian nuclear policy

            For a few years, the system of IRI has spent tens of billions of US-$ from the wealth of the people of Iran for nuclear power plants. And before the Regime gets to produce its first atomic bomb, it began to threaten Israel, Arab countries and even the West. It ignores globalization, because of which today no country in the world can meet its own needs in the areas of supply of raw materials, technology and industry. The economic embargo of the West has so strongly weakened the Regime that the latter, in order to receive the monthly $490 million of its assets frozen, is willing to exchange its US-$ in UAE Dirhams then, one way shameful, place them in suitcases and then transport to Iran.

            The nuclear agreements with the West in Lausanne have created a new situation. On one hand, the regime's leaders have given up to the West and they agreed to disable all nuclear facilities in the country. On the other hand, they are afraid to report the truth to the people. Ultimately, the Lausanne agreements are a just peace between the imperialist powers and the reactionary clergy that rules Iran. This would channel the reconciliation process "reforms" in the framework already tested at the time of the Shah through which the imperialist multinational controlled the main industrial activities and import of products vital to the economy. It is for this reason that for some time, leaders of major German companies, French, Italian, Swiss and other circulating in Iranian hotels pending the final signing of the Lausanne agreements to take control of the advantageous Iranian market.

            Today, thanks to his experience, better than in the past, the Iranian working class declares invalid the words and promises of Khomeini (the founder of the IRI), to Khamenei (now Supreme Leader of the plan), Rafsanjani of Rouhani, Khatami and… The words and promises that have resulted in the increase and spread of poverty, unemployment and hunger. The working class has understood that the capitalist world is the biggest violator of human rights. If not, why after 57 reports of the Commission of the UN Human Rights condemning the regime of IRI for its violations of human rights, in order to conclude trade and economic agreements with Iran, the Representatives of countries "defenders of human rights" they are lining up at the door of the embassies of this criminal regime? The West clearly proves in practice that he feels absolutely no obligation to comply with international agreements and to satisfy the interests of the capitalists of their country; it is ready to shake hands with all criminal and reactionary forces as the leaders the IAM.

            Following the failure of the policy of US imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming that Iran is a "regional power", the West has the role of policeman of the region to the Iranian regime. Undoubtedly, the acceptance of this role will lead the intervention of Iranian Regime more direct into the conflict in Yemen. A conflict, which in time will turn into a war between Shiites and Sunnis and will have a similar result to that of the 8-year war between Iraq and Iran: the complete destruction of the two countries.

Workers’ Fighters

            Leaders in power in Iran have no limit. To maintain their power, they are willing to swallow a lot of snakes facing east and west. They give face to the Chinese because they do not want to forget their "services" rendered during the Western embargo and still hope to preserve this relationship for the future. In addition, they must also think of the different banks created in China on behalf of relatives of the regime as Asghar Oladi and others who are very important for the regime.

            They cannot get away from Russia in anticipation of tough times and critics, when they need he Veto Right of Russia in the UN Security Council. In addition, they also need the advanced military technology of the country.

            Some of the leaders who consider themselves followers of the "reform" and who are represented by Rafsanjani and Rouhani love the West. This fraction knows she has lost the executive. So to recover the lost power, these days they try to influence law enforcement by bringing retired Mohsen Rezaie elements like Ali Shamkhani on the scene. Last week, the "coquetry" of Rouhani for law enforcement, according to which you must only respect the "law" and not the recommendations of Islam, even after the division of policy that emphasizes more and more within the regime.

            As in the past, in the future as the West that different fractions of the IAM system will seek to promote their own interests (this sentence is senseless, I do not what you want to say). Thus in the present circumstances, the only solution to end poverty and misery, is the union and solidarity between the fighting forces to overthrow the IRI and to establish a true democracy.

Long live International Solidarity of Workers!

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