Happy thirty sixth anniversary of the uprising in February 1979 and forty fourth anniversary of the Siahkal’s epic
(Day of the foundation of the Organization of the People of Iran Guerrillas - OGFPI)

February 08, 1971 was the day of the heroic attack by the F´edais’ guerrillas of the People of Iran the Siahkal’s gendarmerie guard post. On this historic day, with unwavering determination to defend the rights of the workers and the working people, the F´edais’ Guerrillas of the People rose up against the Shah’s dictatorial Regime.
February 08, 1971, the fire lit by the F´edais’ Guerrillas of the People of Iran in Siahkal’s forests then spread throughout the country. It created a huge awareness of the different social strata and in February 1979, following the uprising of millions of Iranians, the Shah’s dictatorial Regime of was overthrown.
During these historic days, the intelligence services and the law enforcement agencies of the Shah’s Regime were not able to control alone the general insurrection. Thus the US-policy in the Middle East (supporting the spread of Pan-Islamism in the region) intervened to divert the Iranian revolutionary movement halfway. For this project and this plot in 1979, Khomeini was transferred from Iraq to Paris. And all media of the imperialist world mobilized to present him as the only alternative to the Shah’s Regime.

At that time, the religious movements had no significant activity in Iran. Since 1966 until the uprising of 1979, Khomeini lived in Iraq; from time to time he published press releases on Radio Baghdad (Persian issue). In other words, in the 60’s and 70’s, he and his followers had actually no activity against the despotic Regime of the Shah. And in the prisons of the Shah’s Regime among the thousands of revolutionaries and progressives, there were only a few members of the “Islamic Alliance Group”. These members were convicted of involvement in the attack in 1965 against Shah’s Prime Minister Hassan Ali Mansour.

Following the intensification and broadening of the struggle of Iranian against the Shah’s Regime, mainly led by the Fedayeen of the people and other revolutionary and progressive forces, US-Imperialism and its Western partners were concerned about the consequences of this antidictatorial movement. During the month of February 1979 while with the maximum of sacrifice and dedication, revolutionary and fighting forces were struggling to overthrow the Shah’s Regime, Khomeini through Ibrahim Yazdi, assured Americans that after the fall of the Shah, the US-interests will be protected in Iran (one can find the details of these contacts in the Reports of the Conference of Guadeloupe in 1979 which have been made public). In addition, Sullivan Memoirs - the last ambassador of the United States of America in Iran show that every day it increased the pressure on the Shah that he cedes the power to the clergy as soon as possible. Another evidence of this shameful agreement and this betrayal is the declaration of Hassan Nazih, the oil minister of the Regime that considers Sullivan pressures as a coup.
On February 11, 1979 following the popular uprising, the dictatorial Regime of the Shah was overthrown. But, because of secret agreements between the United States, Khomeini and the organization of the “Movement for Freedom”, the capitalist system and all its organs of repression remained intact. Following the agreements reached in Paris and New York, and with the support of US-Imperialism, Khomeini took control of the new dictatorial religious system: The Regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).

Thus, as the change in the leadership of the organs of repression and bureaucracy, most of the founders and key figures of the IRI arrived in arrived in the country from the United States, France and the United Kingdom. And, on the advice of the Americans, members of the “Movement for Freedom” (that the population never heard of for years) took place in the Revolutionary Council or in the first government of the IRI.
Thanks to religious beliefs and the lack of political consciousness of the population, the clergy was able to take over power. But in the meantime, do not forget the negative and demagogic role of the Western media such as the BBC, the Voice of America, Radio Israel, French radio and television, etc... By manipulating the Iranian public opinion in favor of the new leaders of the country, the media offered to the public ignorance instead of science, terror and violence instead of freedom and democracy, charlatans instead of scientific and commercial bourgeoisie in power instead of a popular democratic Regime. Thus, graduates Muslims formed in New York, Paris and London could quietly carry out their policy based-on repression, violence and murder.

Now, thirty six years after the introduction of this Regime, the daily life of the population has become increasingly difficult and unbearable. For more than three decades of repression, demagogy and the spread of reactionary ideas are the daily of policy of the decision makers of the Regime. The catastrophic economic situation in the capitalist world and its continuous, deep and growing crises promote the position of Iranian leaders toward the West in order to conclude many secret agreements. Today, there is a great competition between the West on the one hand and China and Russia on the other to take the advantageous Iranian market. For this reason, international NGOs, which mostly are under American influence and its Western partners, close their eyes on the crimes committed by the Regime of the IRI in the country or abroad.
Since the introduction of the Regime of IRI, workers and the working people live in absolute poverty while the leaders continue collecting billions of US-$ in bribes and plunder the country’s wealth. Although during these decades, all fractions of the Regime such as “conservatives”, the “reformists” and others have all participated in the looting of natural resources and the sharing of bribes, they now are accusing themself of theft and corruption.

At present, controlling the Parliament, the Judiciary and the Executive branch through the cartel “Khatam al Anbia” the Revolutionary Guards have imposed their economic domination in all economic sectors of the country.
For years, every step of the Iranian oil business (operations, distribution and sale) assigned to foreign companies (multinational imperialist countries like Halliburton, Total, etc...). For example, the company PetroNahad from Shanghai (led by the office of Ali Khamenei - the Supreme Guide) assigned the important Oil and Gas exploitation rights to the Chinese state. In all contracts with the Chinese, the respective shares of PetroNahad of Shanghai, the cartel Khatam al Anbia and finally the Ministry of Petroleum are rated accurately. In this widespread looting, each center of the power and every Islamic Foundation defend its interests, and against what is always ignored and forgotten, is the interest of the country and the people. In other words, under the IRI-Regime, nobody cares about the interests of the country and the people.

Following the failure of the US-policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, denunciation and the discovery of the true nature of the “Arab Spring” and to the distance of the Arab countries of this policy and finally from the exploitation of schist’s oil by America, the politics of this country in the Middle East has changed. Today, thanks to schist’s oil, America is no longer dependent on Saudi’s oil. Thus, it can play better between Sunnis and Shiites.

As part of the new American policy “New Middle East”, the war will be developed and intensified in the region. Following the new US-project, the organization “Islamic State” or Daesh was created by the United States, Turkey, the United Kingdom and France. The assets of the Iranian Regime were released and, more Iran got facilities for its nuclear activities. Moreover, the Iranian Regime has received the mission to lead the Shiite movement in the region, mainly in Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, and Afghanistan. This new role assigned to the Iranians may increase tensions between Iran and the Arabian countries and in the long run, cause the outbreak of war between the two blocs. Currently, in secret, the Regime of IRI is working with the US’ war plans against Daesh but officially it denies it.

For years, the Organization of Fedayeen (Majority) - traitor and collaborator of the IRI - no longer follows the same revisionist ideas. In the 80’s, it worked with the torturers of the Regime in suppressing revolutionaries and since then plays the role of a fifth column for the Regime abroad. The termination of these renegades and traitors is one of the primary duties for each progressive and revolutionary force.

We must tell the truth to the Iranian people and especially the youth. We have to explain the need for unity and alliance between progressive and revolutionary forces in the struggle for the overthrow of the Regime of IRI, and for the establishment of a democratic Regime.

Down with the Regime of the Islamic

Republic of Iran

Long live the People’s Democratic Republic Long live the memory of the martyrs comrades of the uprising in February 1979 and Siahkal

Long live Socialism

February 8, 2015

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