Long live the 37th anniversary of the uprising in February 1979 and the 45th anniversary of the epic Siahkal (day of the founding of the Organization of fedayees guerrillas of the People of Iran - OGFPI)

45 years ago, on the February 8, 1971, the guerrillas of the Iranian people fedayees opened a new chapter in the struggle of the Iranian people by attacking the guard post of the gendarmerie in Siahkal (commune in the forest region of northern Iran - NDT),. The fire lit on this historic day in the forests of Siahkal was finally spread throughout the country. This heroic operation aroused great burst of moral fighter in the various strata of society and following the popular struggles, eventually resulted overthrow of the monarchist regime in the February 1979.

In February 1979, when the Iranian people was fighting daily in the streets against the monarchist regime, Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian freedom movement - Nehzate azadi - was negotiating in Paris and New York clandestinely with the Americans on a regime change in Iran: how to preserve the army, intelligence services and other organs of the capitalist system after the fall of the Shah.

Since the regime of the Islamic Republic was established in Iran with the help of the USA, the population lives under conditions worse than during the Shah regime. The Mullah Regime has proved that in the economic, political and social areas, it is much more reactionary than the previous regimes. The Iranian working class, which has played an important and decisive role in the general strikes against the Shah's regime is deprived today of all own trade unions and more: workers receive their pittance with several months of delay in recent years. Other social groups such as teachers and academics were left out of all the trade union bodies and decision makers. Within a few decades, Islamic organizations have established their presence and power in all social areas. And so today, this religious-dictatorial institution is involved in all areas.
The past and the general, uncontrolled repression of IR show that the survival of this regime is linked to war and the support of the West. And today in the region, the tools for war and the ambitious, expansionist policies are ready. For 8 years, under the pretext of the "conquest of Jerusalem via Karbala", the regime continued an endless war against Iraq. But at the end, Khomeini was forced to announce the end of the war. Since the end of this destructive war, the regime is "companion" of the Shiites in Lebanon and Yemen. And since the outbreak of the war against Syria, under the pretext of protecting the "Mausoleum Zeynab" this regime is sending the Iranian youth to the war front in this country.

In its relations with the West, the regime has always emphasized the benefits of the Iranian market. And for years, the regime of RII auctions natural resources, especially oil; in other words, a low price for oil to seek international support. That is the preferred policy for the West. During 37 years of dictatorship and despotism of IR, the West showed its level of respect and commitment to the "Human Rights". Over the past decades, all disputes between the RI and Western countries were on advantageous Iranian market. The capitalist world is nowadays in the state of a deep economic crisis. European countries would regain the level of their economic positions under the reign of the Shah. For years, in exchange for the separation of the Chinese and Russians the Iranian market, the United States and European countries are willing to be silent on the issue of "human rights" in Iran. With the agreements on the Iranian nuclear program, some of that wish was granted. And so before the signing of agreements on nuclear control and destruction of nuclear facilities, from time to time Westerners invited IR to respect "human rights". Since those agreements this weapon is useless. And we can not even find a line on the issue of respect for "human rights" in those agreements.

Agreements consistent with the interests of Westerners

Over the past decade, ambitions and lack of wisdom of the leaders of the regime in the nuclear area has aroused a destructive economic embargo against Iran. And when the leaders of the regime felt that the days of the republic are counted, they decided to replace the government of Ahmadinejad by the government of Hassan Rouhani. By the way of "thinking" and "wisdom" face to the West, they hope to ensure the survival of their religious dictatorship.

With the approval of the Supreme Leader at the beginning of the inauguration of 11th Iranian government, in Davos, Switzerland, Hassan Rouhani (the new president of Iran) began to auction the country's natural resources welcoming all capitalists and investors. Then, on the advice of the Supreme Leader, he named a few graduates of American universities and approved by the latter in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to approach a "reflection" and "wisdom" of the Obama administration. And to mislead the Iranian public, whenever they received a positive response from the Americans - a demagogic way - they said that the Americans had sent a message to the Supreme Leader. And that it was the US who wanted to reconcile and normalize relations with the RII and not them.

Despite all the lies and demagogy of the regimeís leaders, the Iranians know very well that the IAM had given up before Westerners and has responded positively to all their requirements. The regime face to Westerners has retreated so that following the decision of the US government, all officials and Iranian nuclear scientists were interviewed by the Americans, and all military and nuclear facilities were inspected. All the enriched uranium was taken out of the country and then was delivered to the Russians. All facilities and equipment have been taken out of service and dismantled. And the nuclear power plant at Arak heavy water was filled with concrete. What a shame! After spending more than $120 billion of the country's wealth and years of effort and sacrifice of the Iranian personnel today a shameful and scandalous way, all these investments and these efforts have been destroyed at the request of the West and by the latter.

Who benefits from these agreements?

In reality, these agreements are an "icing" on the cake for the companies on the verge of bankruptcy or bankrupt of Western countries. These agreements will not bring anything to improve the standard of living for the population. These agreements have not reduced the price of the first necessities. These agreements have not increased the value of the Iranian Rial against foreign currencies. In fact these agreements have helped bankrupt European companies to export their unmarketable products to Iran.

Today, where is the "strong economy"? What is this resistance that in a month, the country's leaders have signed contracts to purchase products for more than $100 billion with foreign countries? These contracts are not intended to improve production in the country or create jobs. They merely are intended to support the production and the labor market in China, France, Italy, etc. These agreements cannot and will never solve the problem of unemployment in Iran. And yet, following these agreements, the automobile market (large cars) is expanding in the country. Thus, the city of Tehran is filled with the latest models of supercars driven by children of the clergy and the new rich.

For more than 2 years in order to carry out their project of the new Middle East, the US government develops regional wars. And despite the failure of the establishment of an Islamic regime in Iraq and the large East under the direction of Daesh, the mercenaries of this group are still under the protection of the United States: Turkey, Saudi Arabia , Qatar, France and the United Kingdom. Currently in order to create insecurity in the region to serve the Middle East policy of the United States, these mercenaries are in the process of moving from Syria, Libya and Iraq to the Caucasus.

It is under these circumstances that the West expected the victory of the latter in the next parliamentary elections and in the election of the assembly of sages by supporting the "reformist" faction of the regime. In the short term, the policy of the "new Middle East" of the United States involves the replacement of the fraction of "conservatives" by the fraction of "reformists". Then they aim to replace these "reformist" by Iranian elements formed in the United States. And if they can realize this project, they will try to put an end to the intervention of the regime in the affairs in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Military activities and the manufacturing of Iranian missiles also must be controlled completely by the West. And in these government training supported by the Americans, it is expected that elements like Rafsanjani, Rouhani and Zarif are the rulers necessary for the reconciliation and normalization of the relationship between the IRI and Israel. And if this American project is resisted within the "reformists", then a scenario like that of Libya will be reserved for the Iranian people.

In Iraq and Libya, the scenario began with the dismantling and destruction of nuclear facilities. Then the weapons industry and the production of missiles went under the control of the West and in the end, these two countries were broken up and divided into parts. Do not forget that during the period of anarchy imposed in Libya, Mrs. Clinton (Foreign Minister of the United States at the time) stated with satisfaction that the introduction of the new Libyan regime follows the request of the population and that only change is the implementation of Sharia.

In the current circumstances, the revolutionary forces and the Iranian people should be more careful. We must unite and intensify the denunciation of the repressive policy of the regime of RII, alliances and secret plots of the different fractions of the regime with the Americans and the denunciation of direct and flagrant imperialist intervention in Iran.
Long live the People's Democratic Republic
Long live the memory of fallen comrades martyred in Siahkal and insurrection of February 1979
Long live Socialism

February 8, 2016

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