12th round of the Iranian Presidential Elections and the Relief of the Imperialist and Reactionary Camps

Finally, after months of threats, warnings and denunciations between the two fractions in power: Conservatives and Reformers, the masquerade of the presidential elections came to an end. In the last few months, all media linked to imperialism have supported the candidacy of the outgoing president: Hassan Rouhani, without uttering a word about his criminal past. And, taking precautions, they also avoided talking about the past of Ibrahim Raissi - main competitor of the outgoing president - and his important role in the massacre of political prisoners in 1988. Imperialist countries prefer the conduct of Hassan Rouhani. Because with the presence of elements close to the West in the Rouhani Government, the interests of the capitalist countries are better protected in Iran.

Over the past four years and following the Iranian nuclear agreements, the Rouhani government has been able to save several capitalist companies from bankruptcy. Obviously, according to the regime, following these agreements, the Iranian people obtained respect and respect on the international scene. As for example, the French car companies: Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. They cannot compete with German manufacturers, and thanks to these agreements and the advantageous Iranian market.

they have been able to conclude contracts to relaunch their activity. And during this time, the Iranian economic situation has deteriorated more and more. Several factories have been closed. The delay in paying the workers late wages has worsened. However, thanks to these agreements, the Rouhani government increased the salaries of its members to reach hundreds of millions of Iranian Tomans.

And, meanwhile, through these agreements, Rouhani and his ministers got the American Green Card and they are not ashamed to claim that in order to get these deals they negotiated with the whole world and they brought Respect and esteem for the Iranian people. But Rouhani never explained that apart from a breakfast offered by the former French president Valery Giscard d’Estaing, how he received as respect and esteem from Western countries and international institutions?

Ibrahim Raisi, the candidate of the Conservatives

Ibrahim Raisi presented himself as the candidate for the presidential elections while the fraction of the conservatives was in a deep division. After the candidacy of Raisi and the ceaseless denunciations of the opposing forces against him, most conservatives decided to support the candidacy of the latter. Since the establishment of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, along with the conservative  conservative fraction, the fraction of the  reformers has participated in all the massacres and repressions against the revolutionary and combatant forces. For  information, Mostapha  Pour-Mohammadi, the Minister of Justice of the Rouhani Government, was part of the team  of four decision-makers of the Iranian political prisoners massacre in 1988.

During these elections, the vast media advertising campaign of the capitalist world in favor of the RII regime reached such a level that both the dissemination of thousands of documents and the testimonies of survivors of Raisi’s crimes and the broadcast of the speech of Rouhani during the Friday prayers demanding the hanging of opposition forces during prayer could not have echoed much within the ignorant sympathizers of the two fractions. On the other hand, following the demagogy and propaganda of the Western media with the support of the traitors of the Toudeh-Party, the Majority of the Fedayins of the People and the remains of the Freedom Movement, the undecided believed in the promises And the speeches of Rouhani. In reality, there is no difference between Rouhani - the candidate appreciated by the imperialists - and Raisi. Both are criminals. And they must await the day when the people will judge them.

Currently, the imperialist countries are pleased with the re-election of Hassan Rouhani. Thus for four years, they will be able to sell non-competitive productions to Iran by debiting Iran’s blocked sav- ings accounts. Meanwhile, for four years, the two fractions in power will also be relieved. Political military power will always be under the control of the Supreme Leader - Ali Khameney - and the conservative side, while part of the economic and bureaucratic affairs will remain in the hands of the reformers.

Undoubtedly, this election will have no positive impact on the standard of living of the population. Following the figures published by the regime, nearly 1,200,000 people voted white. Those opposed to the IRI regime only participated in the elections to maintain their professional status. In short, the re-election of Rouhani is the pursuit of poverty, of repressive and dictatorial religious policy.

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