Long live May 1, International Workers’

Solidarity Day

May 1, 2018

May 4, 1886 is the day of the uprising of American workers in the city of Chicago. Since then, all over the world, workers have been celebrating  this historic day as a sign of solidarity.  And organizing rallies and parades, the Communists, the workers’ parties, confederations of workers and all political parties representing the interests of the working class demonstrate their opposition to global capitalism and imperialism.

Despite the decisive role of the Iranian working class in the February 1978 uprising and the over­throw of the dictatorial regime of the Shah, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran (iri), since tak­ing over power, has ignored all the political and trade union rights of the workers. Iranian workers are deprived of all independent unions of their own and all protest movements are punished by imprison­ment, torture and execution.  The regime forbids any independent celebration of May 1st by the work­ers. But on the other hand, every year, the regime prepares gatherings for them.

The current sociopolitical situation and the recent insurrectional movements against the dicta­torial-religious regime have highlighted the decisive role of the working class in the events to come.  To­day, most of the country’s major economic infrastructures, such as the Haft-Tapeh sugar cane plant, the Hepkoy factory in Arak, the Isfahan iron and steel complex, the Azerbaijan railway workers, the workers of the Zandjan-Qhazvin railway line, the workers of the Lavan plant in Kerman, the min­ers of northern Iran, the workers and employees of the Shiraz refinery, the workers of the Natanz iron and steel hundreds of other establishments are on strike. Most workers in these large complexes re­ceive their wages with a delay of 5 to 12 months. And because of that, right now, the working class lives in absolute poverty.

The reactionary regime in power in Iran is part of the world capitalist system.  For years, thanks to its agreements with the imperialist countries, this regime has imposed a fierce dictatorship on the Iranian people. Due to its nuclear adventurism, its efforts to manufacture the atomic bomb and its ex­pansionist regional policy, a large part of the country’s oil revenue is intended to support the reac­tionary movements of the region and the manufacture of weapons of destruction. massive.

The nuclear deal signed with the imperialist countries, which is one of the most disad­vantageous treaties for Iran, has not been able to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the country and has even aggravated the situation. As a result of this agreement, more than $ 120 billion in Iran’s investment in nucle­ar power has been destroyed or decommissioned. In other words, this agreement is signed for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the survival of the reactionary regime.

After signing this agreement, the multinationals of the imperialist countries invaded the Iranian advantageous market.  They signed big contracts with the Iranian regime. So by buying cheap Iranian oil, they can export their products without restriction to Iran. For ex­ample, in Iran, they can produce car models for which in their country they can not find buyers. The Iranian population knows the end of the story well. In the past three years, car manufacturers from imperialist countries have produced cars in Iran. The regime paid them via its accounts in foreign exchange reserves. But currently the Iranian population has no money to buy these cars made in the country.  And that’s another crisis.

Currently the embezzlement of funds and the abuse of public goods by the regime’s leaders have reached such a level that the daily newspapers of the country and even the websites linked to various fractions of the regime are talking about it. Now, the contradic­tions between these different fractions have reached the top. So much so that Ahmadinejad (former President of the Republic) and his gang took refuge in the mausoleum of Shah Abdul Aim and Janissary (former President of the Republic) was drowned in the pool Kochab and his family cannot obtain permission to do an autopsy.

The recent insurrection movement that has been affecting the entire country since January is an uncontrollable movement.  This protest movement will inevitably lead to the fall of the regime.  Thus, worried about their economic interests, the imperialist countries are trying to find a compliant and faithful opposition movement to replace the regime of the ii. And shamelessly, John Bolton—the US president’s adviser on internal  security—says President Trump  needs to contact Rena Pahlavi  to negotiate Iran’s future.  Maneuvers that remind us of Velvet Revolutions  under Bush and Bill Clinton Presidencies in Eastern Europe and Arab Spring in Arab countries during Barack Obama’s presidency.

Today, compared to the dictatorial period of the Shah, workers, revolutionary organizations of the country such as farmers in Isfahan or other regions, have more political experience.  The tragic experiences of American and European intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria demonstrate the nature of freedom and democracy that imperialism can hold for Iran. For some time, the powerful American and European media have been propagating for an Iranian royalist group that is loyal to imperialism. These interventions prove that by recruiting puppets like the Iraqi Ahmad Chalabi or by supporting criminal groups like Daesh, without hesitation, these countries plan to start a civil war in Iran. Although there are also signs of the imperialists preparing for a regional war between Iran and Saudi Ara­bia.

It is obvious that the revolutionary movement and mainly the Iranian workers must be more and more attentive in order to avoid a scenario such as during the fall of the Shah can be repeated. Without doubt, the Opposition that will be presented and imposed by the im­perialists to the Iranian people will guarantee a future like that of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria.

Fighting Workers,

To get out of the current catastrophic situation, we must fight to overthrow the regime of the iri. And this difficult and important task is only possible with the union of all the classes and the working classes of society. The people of Iran deserve a regime that is for the establishment of a true democracy. A regime that will be against unemployment, against the violation of human rights, against corruption and against the looting of the wealth and natural resources of the country. Today in Iran, no one listens to the hypocriti­cal and misleading speeches of the regime’s leaders as The Anti-Imperialist Struggle or The Liberation of Jerusalem via Kerbela. At present, neither the advice of the Supreme Guide Ali Khameney nor the support of the imperialist countries (to secure their interests and their investments) can save the regime. To overthrow the regime of the iri and for the es­tablishment of a true democratic regime, the fighting forces must unite.

Long live the Workers’ International Solidarity

Organization of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas (OIPFG)

May 01, 2018

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