In Honour of  May 1 (May Day) International Labour Day

133 years have passed since the heroic uprising of Chicago workers. It is on this occasion that workers around the world declare May 1 their day of solidarity and declaration of their demands.

In honour of this historic day, and to preserve the achievements of the working class against the capitalist system, every year on May 1 communists, worker’s parties, unions and working class institutions by demonstrations and marches display their class power and their despise of oppressors and imperialism.

In our country of Iran, at the time of Shah’s dictatorship regime and after the coming to power of the regime of Islamic Republic, working class political and economic rights were not recognized. It can be claimed without any exaggeration that the Iranian working class at this time is without any free organization and under the ruling religious dictatorship any working class movement is responded to by prison, torture and execution.

Although the ruling regime has forbidden any workers meetings or demonstrations for May Day and represses the workers, but has demagogically in their stead put up shows for May Day.

In the past two years the Iranian workers have put up strong resistance against the ruling religious dictatorship. At this time most of the factories and worker centers are struggling and resisting anti-labour laws and oppression. In spite of the continuation of protests and strikes, still several months of wages have not been paid. Since most employers have the backing and support of the ruling system, on many occasions they have transformed the company’s assets into foreign exchange, put the workers out of work, and invested abroad without being prosecuted.

In the past year, the relentless struggles of the workers of Haft-Tapeh Sugar Cane Factory, Esfahan Steel Industries, Arak’s HEPCO, Ahwaz Steel and hundreds of other great working class centers all over Iran, has highlighted the prominent role this class in future developments.

At the same time of ascending worker and people’s struggles, the imperialist propaganda machine headed by the United States have once again started operating in order to save the ruling capitalist system in Iran. The deceitful propaganda that the imperialists have started in order to tempt the people and achieve their goals is “defense of human rights in Iran”. This is the same policy that was prescribed during Shah’s dictatorship regime with fatal effects of the medicine in the form of corpse being the regime of Islamic Republic which still bears down upon the shoulders of Iranian People.

The leaders of U.S imperialism openly admit that their aims in putting pressure on the regime of Islamic Republic is to change the regime’s behavior. The European countries on the other hand do not even want a change in behavior. Their economic situation being worse than it was in the previous years, they therefore would not want to lose the profitable Iranian market because of the “change in regime’s behaviour”.

At this time, the U.S government is determined to replace the leaders of the regime and not overthrow the regime of Islamic Republic. In pursuit of this scenario by the U.S, two factors will play key role. First factor is propaganda, and since most of the world’s news media including radio, television, newspapers and particularly the internet are under the influence of the U.S and Israel, they therefore would not have any particular problem to propagate their policies.

The second factor is Iranian opposition, same force that made mistakes at the time of Shah’s regime because of their inexperience. At that historic moment, as the Iranian revolutionaries and combatants were struggling against the Shah’s dictatorship, the U.S was negotiating with Ayatollah Khomeini and his lieutenants and stooges so that after the fall of the Shah, the regime’s repressive organs be delivered to the Islamic regime intact.

The U.S imperialism knows well that no revolutionary or democratic force in Iran would coordinate their struggles with the U.S policies, and it is for this reason that in the past decades has greedily sought to manufacture opposition forces for Iran. One can boldly claim that political parties, organizations and independent figures that as opposition have crawled under the U.S flag are without social base inside of Iran.

If such manufacturing of opposition by the U.S was successful, they would not have had to change the names of these past monarchist parties every now and then. In the past decades they have been presented and supported under different names. For example in the past years, they have been presented as Monarchist Society, then Constitutional Monarchist Party of Iran, then Iran National Council, then Sacred Borders, then …. and supported by the U.S.

When the Iranian people’s struggles surged two years ago, they made a new move in calling the same old and newly trained agents being honoured as Farashgard. It was only after a few months that they realized the futility of Farashgard. The latest U.S exploit is the Phoenix movement for the reconstruction of Iran. The plan of this newly established movement, before the collapse of the regime of Islamic Republic, is to gather some Iranian researchers to fly in U.S skies, so that the Iranian people might rejoice their ashes and the flag of U.S “human rights” will be risen in Iran. One can boldly claim that the only force that is not accounted for in U.S policy equations towards Iran, are the Iranian people.

The U.S has on the one hand intensified the sanctions against Iran, which has seriously weakened the regime and its trembling pillars. On the other hand it is trying to forge a union between the “reformist faction of the regime” with the supporters of monarchy, Kurdish parties and other dependent elements, so that when the Iranian people lose their patience under increasing economic and political pressure, by replacing the leaders of the regime, the suppressive organs like the Revolutionary Guards (Sepah Pasdaran), the army, intelligence organizations, the police and whole system will be retained.

Looking back at the events and developments of the middle-east in the past one hundred years proves that the U.S has always wanted to strengthen Pan-Islamism in the region. Over one hundred years ago by supporting Mohammad Ali Jenah against India, they established the country of Pakistan. They then supported the islamists in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, and are now extending this policy and supporting the islamists in most of the African countries.

In this midst other currents such as the traitor organization Aksariat have established “People’s Fedaii Left Party” and are a leading force in the Republican party with the collaboration of the infamous BBC-Persian TV network are trying to exonerate part of the ruling clan. They are so shameless as to trade congratulation messages with the Islamic Mosharekat Party with or without any occasion.

In the past year many new parties and movements have declared their presence who do not have an entity and have never had any role in Iranian people’s struggles. The noise that foreign news media make about meetings of political movements abroad is not real. This publicity is due to the need of a few archaic monarchist parties and Kurdish parties who bring together elements of no political identity into meetings in European cities with the financial support of the U.S and Saudi Arabia, so that with the hub-bub of “meeting and seminar” to show that they are uniting with ten other organizations and parties from Azerbaijan to Baluchestan, but also with revolutionary organizations and supporters of democracy.

The trend of events and the open and secret support of capitalist world of religious movements show that religion still has an undeniable role to play in the service of imperialism. Those opposition movements with any label of “left, democrat, liberal, nationalist, monarchist, workers party etc.” who have coordinated their policies with that of the U.S, with the hope of having a role after the overthrow of the regime are deeply mistaken. After the fall of the regime, even if they are accounted for (?), they will still have to serve U.S demands.

Those movements that construe applauding for U.S Senators and taking pictures with them as their “Greatest Victory” have chosen a rough road which will only bring them humiliation. Considering such pre-texts as struggle, only means openly being an imperialist stooge and is like they are questioning the intelligence and wisdom of the Iranian people and will not be acceptable to them.

At present millions of people across Iran are in a desperate social-economic situation. The recent devastating floods made millions to flee to other regions. Rising expenses cause havoc and every day the social poverty and degradation increases. All the current calamities are the result fourty years rule of a regime in Iran which has been spreading the thoughts and superstitions of medieval times. Without total overthrow of this regime, there can neither be an economic boom or establishment of democracy and freedom. In order to achieve this high goal the only way would be the union of revolutionary forces, the working class and all toiling masses of Iran.


Long Live International Solidarity of Working Class

Organization of Iranian Peoples Fedaii Guerillas

May 1, 2019

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