In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the February 1979 revolution and the 48th anniversary of the heroic act in “Siˆahkal”

February 8, 1971 is the date of the courageous attack of the Fadai-e-khalgh Guerrillas on the Siamkal gendarmerie station. And this is the beginning of a struggle that was shaking the Shah’s regime; a struggle that was putting an end to several decades of relaxation in the mass struggle after the 1953 coup d’etat; a struggle that was breaking the myth of the invincibility of the regime. It was the beginning of a new communist movement in Iran.

As a result of this movement,  the revolutionary fervor and resistance against the dictatorship of the Shah extended to other intellectual tendencies, to other layers and social classes. A fierce struggle for freedom begani. As the masses, especially the workers, joined the movement they started activities like demonstrations and general strikes.

In February 1979, the uprising of the people reached its peak.  Workers, women, students, college students and all the working classes of the people joined the armed struggle against the Shah regime, dreaming of a democratic society. The people succeeded in ending the dictatorship of the Shah.

But while the revolutionary forces fight and conquer the barracks, the prisons, the headquaters of the Sˆavˆak (secret police of the Shah), the sneaky negotiations between the American imperialists and Ayatollah Khomeini continued, in order to preserve the capitalist system, maintain the state apparatus, and retain organs of repression in Iran. However, even though the Shah’s regime is overthrown, all the administrative, military and security bodies that fell into the hands of the new rulers remain intact. And the government that, with the help of the Americans, was imposed on the Iranian people, was and still is called the Islamic Republic.

This republic, from its constitution, began to repress the revolutionary forces and the various peoples living in Iran. It began a war against Iraq with the help of European states that lasted eight years. After the war, through which she obtained experience in  repression and the launching of ballistic missiles, began a political-ideological adventure in the Region that is still going on, this time with the help of China, North Korea and Russia.

During the first years of its existence that regime succeeded in seducing the people. At the outset  Khomeini presented himself as the representative of God on Earth, because he was Sayyid and, like all Sayyids, he was one of the descendants of the Prophet Mohammad and, consequently, he had divine privileges.

The Islamic state began in the name of the de-westernization, to fight and transform the progressive cultural and intellectual institutions of the country. In this way he claims to prepare the imminent arrival of the twelfth Imam, Hidden Imam.

After forty years of the existence of the Islamic regime, people know its true face perfectly. No one believes in the Sayyids of the prophet or in the last judgment. They know now that the Imamat, like the monarchy, is hereditary and all the religious institutions, the assembly of religious experts, the advisers of the interest of Islam, the assembly Muslim advisers, etc., are tools for all political, economic and social powers to remain in the hands of the mullahs, so-called Foghahˆa.

The regime’s current trickery is the regionalization of the Islamic state. To become the supreme power of the region, it spends billions of dollars obtained from the sale of oil. It devotes a large portion of public goods to funding reactionary and terrorist organizations around the world.

It shows itself as a rogue and a criminal state. Its daily criminal acts are countless: savage massacre of revolutionaries and activists in prison (execution of 10,000 political prisoners in 1989); provocation of the war against Iraq (more than 100,000 dead and wounded); repression of the Kurdish, Baluch, Torkaman, Azariah, Arab peoples etc.; intervention in the wars in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria etc...

The imperialist countries, supporters of the Islamic regime

For forty years all the imperialist countries and all the international organizations that claim human rights are turning a blind eye to the violent and criminal acts of this dictatorial-religious regime. Their rare challenges do not go beyond a few lines of declaration of the United Nations Human Rights Committee or Amnesty International. For example, they never seriously react against repressions by political opponents in Iran and abroad.

In recent decades, American interference and its European allies in the internal affairs of other countries, particularly in the Middle East, has suffered a bloody failure. The military intervention of George Bush in Afghanistan and his son in Iraq brought only destruction and miseries for the population and failure for the United States.  With Barack Obama and the “Arabian Spring” in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria, the situation is worse than ever: increase of misery, reappearance of slavery, coup d’´etat, civil war and the mass exodus of populations. Donald Trumps american interference in other countries takes the form of twitter. The American president with his twitter orders the abdication of Nicolas Maduro, the legitimate president of Venezuela and appoints Juan Guiaido as president; and as always his allies follow him and recognize this American agent as the Venezuelan chief of state.

It is unclear what form the US intervention will take in Iran. For the moment, they are mobilizing major influential media, funding organizations and supposedly pro-American opponents and seeking to find someone among its agents to lead the general protest movement in Iran. The fate of the Iranian people does not interest them. That is why the overthrow of the dictatorial, religious and criminal regime of Iran must be carried out by the revolutionary forces and the Iranian people. Foreign interference only results in the destruction of the country,  the misery of the people and a civil war with no foreseeable outcome.

The current situation of the country

The country’s economic conditions are worsening day by day and become more and more worrying. In 2001, when the regime decided to privatize large state-owned companies, more than 835 factories and industrial buildings were granted to Pˆay´egˆah-´e- khˆatam-al-inbiˆa, a society dependent on Pˆasdˆarˆans. Currently, because of the economic blockade these factories and constructions close one after the other by lack of profitability. Among them are many refineries and factories manufacturing machinery and aluminium production all over the country.

It is not necessary to be an expert to see that the country is in the hands of a large state mafia and that all those persons responsible, from top to bottom, are corrupt.

Now the Islamic State is facing the wall by exhausting all means of manipulation. That is why the reformist portion of the regime, understanding that the knell of this regime is rung, has become a defender of the freedom and interest of the people. But people now know that this fraction hand in the hand of his adversary fundamentalist participated in the repression and massacre of the people. They do not forget the role that this fraction played in the massacre of thousands of political prisoners in 1989. The struggle and resistance of the people continue.

Europe and the financial solution for Iran

After several months of negotiations, the Europeans adopted the mechanism of a special financial channel called Instex. It is a channel through which Iran sells its oil and petroleum-derived products at very low prices and buys food, pharmaceuticals and certain medical equipment. This mechanism, of course, cannot solve all the economic problems of the country and the crisis is worsening.

There are strikes and demonstrations everywhere: strikes against factory closures and companies, demonstrations claiming unpaid wages and asking for improved working conditions etc. This movement of struggle and protest is supported by all social strata.

In this situation, the only way to get rid of the Islamic regime is the coalition of revolutionary and militant forces. It is through this path that imperialist interference in the regime’s change in Iran can be prevented.

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February 08, 2019

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