Commemorating May Day, International Workers Day

The anniversary of May 1st, the day of workers solidarity and in remembrance of the heroic uprising of American workers on May 4th, 1886 in Chicago has arrived.

Although 134 years has passed this historic event, workers all over the world are still struggling against capitalism and their oppression by imperialism. For this reason every year there are special commemorations by Communist Parties, workers unions and Socialists all over the world.

In Iran it is now more than four decades that workers under the rule of religious dictatorship regime of Islamic Republic are forbidden to demonstrate and march to commemorate this historic event. Every year the Islamic Republic regime of Iran puts on a show on behalf of Iranian workers by using Islamic Councils and Basiji agents in the absence of workers.

Although worker trade and political rights were not recognized during Shah’s dictatorship regime, however after the overthrow of the Shah’s regime and accession to power of the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran, the suffocating atmosphere of tyranny and lack of worker’s rights was far worse than in the previous regime. In the ruling religious system, the workers not only do not have free associations, but any of their demands are met with prison, torture and execution.

In spite of the regime’s extreme violence, workers confrontation with oppressors and regime’s agents in workers environments, and the struggle against anti-worker laws has taken much larger dimensions. Workers continuous strikes in many factories, especially Haft Tapeh Sugar Plant, Arak’s Hepco, Azar Ab Industrial Company, Ahwaz Steel, Isfahan Steel Industries, Tabriz Railway, Kerman, Homozgan Province and tens of other cities and towns proves that workers will not rest until they gain their socio-economic rights.

Teachers and educators have also openly gone on strike and struggle against the regime in most cities in solidarity with workers and other social groups despite the socio-economic pressures. In the past months tens of teachers and other cultural workers that had signed the letter asking Ali Khamenei to resign as leader, have been sentenced to long prison terms.

In the past years all uprisings and protestations against the regime have been mercilessly responded to by bullets and violence. The last all encompassing demonstrations of millions of people took place last November 2019. During and after the demonstrations, thousands of people were killed, and the fate of thousands of others is unknown.

The appeasement of Islamic Republic by imperialist countries for the profitable Iranian market has resulted in the regime continuing its insurgent policies. In spite of undeniable documents proving that the regime fired rockets at the Ukrainian passenger airliner and the killing of 176 people on board that aircraft, the Iranian regime has still not delivered the black boxes of the aircraft to international authorities, and it is a wonder how the United Nations and other human rights institutions have been silent and still consider this criminal regime as a member of United Nations.

The sporadic statements of the United States government about the violation of “Human Rights” by the Islamic Republic of Iran, or the threat to the security of Middle East region by this regime is only within the framework of U.S interests and their secret negotiations with the Iranian rulers. The United States has repeatedly declared that they are not in favor of overthrow of the ruling regime in Iran and are only looking to change a few Ayatollahs at the head of the regime. The U.S and European policy towards Iran is to keep the institutions of capitalist system, the system of suppression as the Revolutionary Guards and the Army, the intelligence and security system, the Police and other regime related institutions. The on and off advertisements that they make in America and Europe on the regime’s mischief and violation of Iranian people’s human rights by the regime is only for their own internal consumption.

The experience of the past decades show that every time the propaganda of western mainstream news media or the declarations of human rights commission against the Iranian regime has not had the desired effect, the west brings in monarchist forces, some Kurdish parties and others under the pretense of opposition to scare the regime into making more concessions. Western aid for overthrow of the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran  is only a mirage and one should not count on it.

The dangerous phenomenon of the Corona Virus and the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran:

It has been over forty years that the people of Iran are struggling against a dangerous virus named Islamic Republic of Iran. Now another dangerous virus named Corona has put people’s lives in a desperate situation. It has been some months since the contagious disease of Covid-19 along with many casualties has put humanity in the new test of science vs. anti-science. Although throughout history the made-up face of religion has time and again supported international capitalism, however in some countries like Iran there is a futile effort to use the weapon of religion against science and for the continuation of the regime.

In a situation where the largest economic and scientific powers in the world have been unable to contain the Covid-19 disease, and see the only hope for humanity in the speedy discovery of a vaccine for this virus, in Iran the psychopathic effort of leaders of the regime in hiding the facts about this disease and in not putting the religious city of Qom under lockdown and quarantine, and this city becoming the epicenter of the spread of Corona Virus has led to the death of tens of thousands. In the first days of the spread of the virus, the foolish hard headedness of some Ayatollahs on using Islamic medicine and preventing the closure of Maasoumeh Shrine in Qom and Imam Reza Shrine in Mashad sped up the spread of this deadly disease. Although under pressure they finally agreed to close down these centers, but again under pressure of ultra-reactionary forces they have re-opened these centers.

 Based on valid information and estimation of medical staff and working personnel in Iranian hospitals, up to now over six hundred thousand people have become infected with Corona Virus and more than twenty five thousand people have lost their lives. The statistics published by medical staff in the different provinces and the declarations of responsible people in the committee to combat Corona, and also some of the regime’s majlis deputies point to such numbers. Although the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health unashamedly declares the infected nine times and the deaths five times less than actual numbers.

In such conditions, the regime instead of looking for ways to stop the spread of this deadly disease, because of their unworthiness and incapability to provide for people’s needs, has lifted traffic and social intercourse bans in all provinces and cities, and has also allowed the re-opening of shopping malls and private businesses. These actions will undoubtedly lead to the spread of the virus, and it is not known what calamity awaits the Iranian people.

On January 27, 2020 the Organization of Iranian Peoples Fedaii Guerrillas rightfully declared:

“The government of China has called off all the celebrations for their new year due to the deadly Corona Virus, however the regime of Islamic republic of Iran does not value people’s lives and has been host of Chinese tourists from January 24 to February 9, 2020 for their new year.”

It would have been appropriate at that time if combatant and revolutionary forces had marshalled against such atrocious decision of the regime and had informed the public opinion with demonstrations and propaganda of the consequences of this decision by leaders of the regime. Unfortunately due to the lies of the regime, there are still a significant number of compatriots who are not aware of the seriousness of the danger awaiting them.

At this time millions of people in Iran are quarantined and lack the basic necessities of a living. Millions of others have had to resort to peddling and similar work to earn their living. Their lives at this time is in imminent danger. In the past weeks political prisoners have gone on strike due to the bad conditions in prisons and the spread of Corona Virus, and have revolted in many prisons. Some were arrested after escape from prison, and the regime in order to intensify atmosphere of fear has executed some in the prisons of cities of Saghez, Shiraz, Khalkhal, Sanandaj, Ahwaz and Zahedan.

Foreign medicine and safety aid from European countries have been sold in the black market for many times its original worth, and others according to Islamic Republic Radio and Television reporter  in Lebanon have been freely donated to supporters of Lebanese Hezbollah.

On Khamenei’s orders, the Revolutionary Guards have taken over part of responsibilities of the Ministry of Health and medical staff. Right now the affidavit of death from Corona Disease must be cleared through the regime’s intelligence agents. In order to bring down the statistics of deaths from Corona Disease, they write the cause of death as shortness of breath, cardiovascular disease and   respiratory organ failure. In the past month many of the doctors and medical staff who have refused to cooperate with the Revolutionary Guard agents have been arrested or fired.

At this time the lives of tens of millions of our compatriots are in serious danger. In spite of growing pressure, government and non-government employees use every opportunity to strike and protest while observing social distancing measures and wearing personal protective equipment. The only way out of such dreadful situation and to overcome the dangers that lie ahead is a united front to overthrow the dictatorship regime of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Long Live International Solidarity of the Workers

Organization of Iranian Peoples Fedaii Guerrillas

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