Honouring 41st Anniversary of February 1979 (Bahman 1357) Insurrection and the 49th Anniversary of Siahkal Epic Struggle

8 February 1970 (19 Bahman 1349) the anniversary of Siahkal epic struggle and birth of Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaii Guerillas (O.I.P.F.G) has arrived. 49 years ago the Iranian People’s Fedaii Guerillas by attacking the Siahkal Gendermerie post started a new era in Iranian communist movement. At that historic moment the violent struggle of Fedaii Guerillas was a heavy blow on monarchy regime of Iran. People’s Fedaii Guerillas determination in attacking the Siahkal Gendarmerie was the end of stagnation period which had overshadowed the revolutionary movement after the betrayal of Tudeh Party following the 19 August 1953 (28 Mordad 1332) coup d’etat.

Influenced by the heroism of Siahkal there was new enthusiasm in various social strata which led to street demonstrations, worker’s strikes and popular protests culminating in the February 1979 insurrection that ended the rule of tyrannical monarchy regime in Iran.

On 11 February 1979 (22 Bahman 1357) the Shah’s regime was overthrown, however the system of dictatorship remained in place. The insurrection was victorious but the Iranian revolution was perverted midway. World imperialism had such overwhelming dominance over the Shah’s capitalist system that it was able to transfer all of the Shah’s economic and suppressive institutions intact. In a secret deal between Ruhollah Khomeini and American and European imperialism there was a massive propaganda campaign by the western media for Khomeini and the reactionary Islamists. Their propaganda was so shameless that BBC Farsi radio of the time encouraged people to find Khomeini’s picture on the moon. It was on the wave of such propaganda that they were finally able to deceive the popular masses of people and impose a reactionary regime with the name of Islamic Republic.

At this time the rule of religious dictatorship in Iran is 41 years old and the criminal nature of the regime and their supporters has been revealed. Nobody has any illusion about religion and no scientifically educated person is ready to listen to superstitious rants by religious missionaries. Today the majority of Iranian society has learned the fact that in the past decades the religious missionaries have offered them nothing but preaching of superstition from the dark ages. Iranian people do not fear death or prison on punishment in “Day of Reckoning”. One can confidently claim that any half-informed person is not waiting for “generosities” of religious authorities or the improper interference of great capitalist powers in replacing the ruling regime.

Popular will to overthrow the regime

The relentless uprisings of the past two years the last of which occurred in November 2019 prove that the will of Iranian people is to overthrow Islamic Republic regime of Iran. If this has not materialized is only due to lack of a powerful and democratic alternative which the revolutionary movement in Iran has suffered from for years. The composition of participants in demonstrations in the past years and their slogans indicate that at this time all workers, peasants, teachers, university and high school students, and majority of toilers come to the streets to overthrow the ruling regime and install a democratic government. The demonstrators neither chant religious slogans nor support any foreign country. It is this spirit and democratic beliefs of people that has led the American imperialism to claim that because the people do not chant “Death to America”, they therefore support America?!

For many years now the lenience of western powers in order to keep the profitable market if Iran has resulted in Islamic Republic of Iran responding to people’s protests with bullets. This regime with its hollow support of Palestine and their high flying ambitions has for some time now referred to itself as a “Regional Power”. While behind all this bragging, billions of dollars of Iran’s natural resources are auctioned cheap and the income transferred to their private accounts abroad. As though the plunderers of early Islam have dominated the country and taken people’s wealth as booty.

For the reason that the U.S and their European partners want to keep the system and only change the leaders of the regime, they therefore convey this message on and off occasion to the Iranian regime that they do not want the overthrow of the regime. At the same time they use their media to present some of their surrogates as “opposition” so that once again by keeping the same suppressive system, this time an amalgam of Revolutionary Guards, Army, reformist faction of the regime, reactionary elements without the mullah’s turban, monarchist stooges and some news sellers and white collars replace the current leaders.

With this aim in the past years they have established many “opposition” parties and organizations in the name of their quislings. Currents such as: Monarchist Society, Front Line Constitutionalists, Constitutional Party of Iran, National Council of Iran, Resourceful Land (Marze-Por-Gohar), Farashgard, and the last of which was Phoenix in which Iranian academics were to reconstruct Iran under the leadership of Reza Pahlavi. As though the regime has already been overthrown and the people are waiting for some graduates of the U.S to benefit from their wisdom. The efforts of the U.S to create opposition has not had any tangible results as yet and Reza Pahlavi’s Phoenix was only able to open its wings on the web and in the social media for a while thanks to the help of American media. Pahlavi’s Phoenix neither sang or lit a fire, but only turned into ashes quietly.

The frustration of U.S attempts in creating opposition has led them to put more pressure on Reza Pahlavi for him to put his fortune to the test. It is for this reason that he has put all shame aside and opened-up about his contacts with the Revolutionary Guards. That he needs the Guards and the Army to protect Iranian borders in the future, and that the people must respect them. It was within this policy that following the death of Ghasem Soleimani as the murderous commander of the Ghods Force, Reza disappeared for one week for he did not know what position to take in order not to alienate the U.S or the Revolutionary Guards. In the end he took the line of former president Mohammad Khatami in which every time the Revolutionary Guards committed an atrocity, he was travelling and after return would boast: “The country has laws, the matter will be pursued”.

Opposition without Dependence

Past defeats have led to despair among many political currents and progressive individuals. In the past difficult years for the opposition, many have lowered their flags although they boast to the contrary. The spectrum of opposition who have collaboration with the regime of Islamic Republic on their record i.e. the Tudeh Party, Majority (Left Party of Fedaeen) and the like, still support the regime and are on the side of counter-revolution. However, there are many organizations and parties who present themselves as combatants and revolutionary and are against the regime. Many of these currents boast of unity and alliance in action, but their claims are distant from their deed. We hope that the People’s Mujahedin Organization will not have the misunderstanding that we consider them to be on the side of the revolution. It has been years since they have distanced themselves from the founders of this organization and are now in the service of U.S and Saudi Arabian goals and programs so that in the future they establish an “Islamic Democratic Republic” in Iran.

If separation within Iranian opposition continues as it is doing now, this would undoubtedly provide more fertile ground for the interference of foreign capitalist states to direct the Iranian people’s struggles. It is for this reason that at this time revolutionary and combatant forces are burdened with heavy tasks. Foregoing political and ideological differences which is natural in any movement, it is time for opposition forces to unite under a program and take the initiative, and to not allow for another dictatorship regime to be forced on the Iranian people by the U.S and its internal elements.

Iranian workers are present in the current struggles as a composed class. They are ready for all sacrifices even without being distinctly organized. Such sacrifices must be led by a true revolutionary and combatant organ. This important task can only be accomplished by unity and solidarity within forces loyal to the people.

Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaii Guerilla (O.I.P.F.G) 8 February 2020, 19 Bahman 1398

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