The 25 Year Contract of Islamic Republic with China

More shameful than the Turkmanchai Treaty

More contemptuous than the Capitulation of Naser Eldin Shah to Baron Julius de Reuter

According to official pronouncements of some of the regime’s authorities a 25 year document has been signed between the regime of Islamic Republic and the Chinese government. According to this document some of Iran’s ports and islands have been transferred to china in return for China’s $400 Billion investment.

In addition the Islamic Republic regime has agreed that China could station five thousand of its military and security forces inside of Iran. Although preference has been given to investments in oil, gas and petrochemicals, but other concessions have also been made which in practice will mean that the Chinese government could in the future control Iranian infrastructure according to their will.

The regime of Islamic Republic has made the commitment that Chinese companies can win Iran’s infrastructure development projects without bid. I addition China can enter Iran in the fields of defense, commerce, politics, security, energy, infrastructure, communications and health. The Iranian regime has warranted that in case of continuation of maximum pressure by the United States and the leaving of Europeans from the lucrative Iranian market, Europe’s empty place will be filled by China. China can buy Iranian oil at a price 30% less than market value during the course of this contract. In addition, China can postpone its payments for up to two years. The granting of such privileges amounts to nothing but the colonization of Iran by China.

The regime of the Islamic Republic  under the banner of “Not east, Nor West” has whenever it could secretly colluded with the west, and whenever it could not fell into the hands of the East. When the Nuclear Deal JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) was signed with the western powers, which in itself was similar to another Turkmenchai Treaty, they distanced themselves a bit from China and Russia. Again when after a while this treaty lost its functionality, they chose to become obedient servants of Russian and Chinese courts. This unwise and detrimental policy was the gamble that some of the Caspian Sea was ceased to Russia, and part of the always Persian Gulf was ceased to the Chinese on the pretext of fishing.

Now that presidential elections in the U.S are close, the Iranian regime in order to defeat Trump has resorted to a more stupid gamble. The leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran imagine that if they present the Iranian islands and ports to China and Russia, and sell oil, gas, petrochemicals, fishing, pearl fishing on the cheap, and by giving up Iranian natural gas resources to China, they can circumvent U.S economic sanctions on Iran, and in this way they can help to defeat Trump in the next U.S presidential elections.

However in reality if such illusions come to be true, what will be the gain of the Iranian people!? Such acrobatics of the regime is only for the preservation of their religious-dictatorship rule and more plundering of the Iranian people. It can be said without exaggeration that the pillage and plunder that has taken place by the regime of Islamic Republic has been greater than that of original Moslem Arabs. History does not recall aggressors and plunderers taking more than gold, silver and public coffers with themselves. The regime of Islamic Republic not only has plundered financial, oil, gas, gold, pearl, copper and other natural resources of Iran, they even sell Iranian soil and transport it by freight trains and trucks to some of the Arab Emirates. In which country but Iran do they explode mountains which contain historical sites listed by UNESCO by dynamite, and sell the soil and rocks to the Arabs.

To the Great People of Iran:

It is time for all classes and layers of society to demand the revelation of the scandalous contract with China. This agreement must be observed by the people and its ratification should be put to vote by the people. Silence to such treason is nothing but acquiescing the authority of the ruling dictatorship.

In the same way that the people took to the streets and with widespread protests and demonstrations obstructed Naser Eldin Shah’s shameful agreement with Baron Julius de Reuter, now and in the same manner they should prevent Iran being colonized by China.

Death to the regime of  Islamic Republic if Iran

Death to renegades and traitors to the people

Long live the solidarity of all social classes against the criminal regime of Islamic Republic of Iran

Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaii Guerillas (O.I.P.F.G)

   1399-4-27- July 17 2020

1)    The Turkmanchaï Treaty is a treaty by which the Persian Empire, known today as Iran, lost some of its northern territories (mainly populated by Georgians, Armenians and Azeris) to the Russian Empire, after its defeat in 1828 at the end of the Russo-Persian war of 1826-1828

2)   Nasser al-Din Shah (Tehran 1831-Tehran 1896): King of Iran (1848-1896), son   and successor of Mohammad Shah. In 1879 he created an Iranian Cossack Brigade supervised by Russian officers. He granted concessions in various economic sectors to Europeans and Russians and notably the tobacco monopoly to a Briton (1890). The Shah made other attempts to make concessions to Europeans, including giving the ownership of Iran’s customs incomes to Paul Julius Reuter. This policy aroused strong opposition from 1891 and the Shah was assassinated in 1896 following this protest movement.

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