Handing over the Kish Island to China and the continuation of looting of national wealth by the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has astonished the world

Finally, the 25-year agreement to hand over the Iranian Kish Island to the Chinese by the regime of the Islamic republic of Iran was finalized

Despite all the secrecy of Iran's authorities to keep the content of the shameful, 25-year agreement with China secret, leaked information proves that this agreement is more disgraceful than the Turkmenchay Treaty (an agreement between Iranian Qajar dynasty and the Qajar Iran and the Russian Empire that was signed on 10 February 1828).

According to available information, some of the concessions given to China are as follows:

1. Part of Iranian Kish island's ports have been ceded to China in exchange for a $ 400 billion investment.

2. The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has agreed for deployment of 5,000 Chinese military and security forces in Iran.

3. Priority is given to Chinese for investment in oil, gas, and petrochemicals.

4. Chinese workers will have priority over Iranian workers in Chinese-controlled manufacturing facilities.

5. Chinese companies can take over Iran's development projects without participating in the betting process.

6. Chinese companies will have priority to gain contracts in the fields of defense, trade, politics, security, energy, infrastructure, telecommunications and health over Iranian companies.

7. Manufactured products will be sold under Chinese supervision.

8. China is allowed to sell products to any country that they wish to, determine the selling price, and receives a commission in exchange for the sale. This commission will be in addition to the profit from production.

9. All benefits and shares of the Iranian government will be determine by Chinese yuan. (the Chinese yuan will be used for any other foreign currency transactions).

10. The Iranian regime has pledged to let Chinese companies to take over Iranian markets in case the Europeans company decided to leave.

11. For 25 years, China would able to purchase Iranian oil for 30% below the world market price. In addition, China has the right to defer payments for up to two years.

To continue its disgraceful survival, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has ceded a large part of the Caspian Sea to Russia, ceded part of the Persian Gulf to China under the pretext of fishing, leased the port of Mahshahr to India, and now signed a 25-year contract to survive.

Silence in the face of all this betrayal and crime means surrendering to a group of looters who openly plunder all the property and existence of the Iranian people.

It is time to rise up against the looters of the regime with all our power. We have to accept the fact that in the current situation, no organization or party alone can overthrow this regime. In addition, the unity of action and alignments against the overthrow of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran cannot be summarized only in the context of ideological relations.

In the current situation, it is possible to unite with all revolutionary, democratic and progressive parties, organizations and personalities with any political tendency that wants to overthrow the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Organizations that have cooperated with the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past, such as the Tudeh Party, the Majority Organization, and their affiliates, do not fall within the scope of this alliance. They are still allies of the regime's reformist faction and are playing a role against the Iranian opposition.

There is no way left for the militant and revolutionary forces of Iran, except to unite and prevent the continuation of the looters of our country and the continuation of poverty and social misery. The Iranian people can no longer sacrifice. The masses need to have a serious alternative so that they can continue their struggle by relying on it, otherwise engaging the people for uprising without having a clear alternative while people know the Islamic oppressors will kill thousands of them, won’t let us to achieve anything.

The Chinese government now has more than 100,000 workers, technicians and specialists in Iran, with controlling entirely the Kish Island and the importation of tens of thousands of workers and technicians with their families after 25 years, no traces of Iran and Iranians remain on the island. Hence, silence in the face of this national catastrophe is a betrayal of the Iranian people.

At the same time, we must convey the message of the Iranian people to the Chinese government in every possible way in the international community that the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has accepted such a contract out of desperation and helplessness. Certainly, this agreement has no credibility in the eyes of the Iranian people, and on the day after the overthrow of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all the obligations of the former regime will be terminated immediately.

Death to the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Long live the global solidarity against the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Organization of Iranian Peopleís Fedaii Guerillas (O.I.P.F.G)

March 29, 2021

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