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The US occupied Afghanistan for twenty years only to return it to Taliban.

The Middle East is still burning in the fire of U.S policy of strengthening pan-Islamism

It has been 20 years since the United States attacked Afghanistan under the pretext of finding Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda terrorist group during the presidency of George W Bush. Over these long years the U.S has proved that not only has no enmity with Islamists, but the past policy of strengthening them in Afghanistan and other countries is still on their agenda.

74 years have passed since the first Islamic government was founded in 1947 under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Pakistan by the United States. During this time, the strengthening of pan-Islamism has always been a part and parcel of U.S policy in the Middle East and Arab countries. The trend of past years incidents in Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq and Libya proves that the United States does not tolerate dictators who do not fully suppress the secular aspirations of their citizens. The witness to this truth is the regime of Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the generals in Turkey.

Twenty years ago, after defeating Taliban terrorists that led them to take refuge in Pakistan, the United States has always supported this Islamic reactionary group with financial and logistical aid. Over the past twenty years, every time there was talk of national reconciliation in Afghanistan, the United States considered such a role for the Taliban that without the presence of this reactionary current, there would never be any hope for peace.

The policy that Joe Biden is now implementing in Afghanistan is following the policy that Jimmy Carter implemented in Iran in 1979. At that time, Carter imposed Ayatollah Khomeini on the Iranian people, using imperialist propaganda and main stream media, so that the Iranian revolution would be perverted. The U.S put a regime in power that has killed more freedom fighters than the Shah’s regime and has curtailed all social freedoms. Women and girls have been  banned from participating in social activities for more than forty years, and the U.S and Europe are still in love with this criminal regime.

The scenario of returning Taliban Islamists to power was completed when the United States selected Zalmay Khalilzad who is of Afghani origin, and was the U.S representative to the United Nations during George W. Bush administration, as ambassador to Kabul.

Zalmay Khalilzad is the first Muslim to have a high rank in the U.S ruling elite and has had very close relations with Mullah Omar and his successors in his resume. There are many photos and articles that prove that Zalmay Khalilzad, Shir Mohammad Abbas the leader of the Taliban group and the current president Ashraf Ghani, all three have received scholarships from the United States in 1975. In the course of studying politics and political acting in the framework of U.S politics in the region, they were good students and each was appointed to a role.

Maybe some people can't understand or accept this reality the way it happened, but the reality is: since Zalmay Khalilzad arrived in Afghanistan, his mission statement was to ′′ organize, manage and build unity among the Afghan multi-ethnic forces around President Karzai ′′. However, it was during his tenure in Afghanistan that the Taliban were strengthened by the U.S, and the plan to pull the U.S troops out and transfer power to the Taliban during the Trump administration was led by him.

Ashraf Ghani is another US obedient and money-worshiping element whose work was more coordinated with Khalilzad than with those advisors around him.

Taliban leader Shir Mohammad Abbas was also given the role of Taliban leadership to train Islamic assassins with the undeniable aid of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the American Oil Company Unocal in the mountains of Afghanistan. The same superstitious elements that are supposed to protect oil and gas pipelines the American Unocal Corporation is planning to build for the transfer of oil and gas from Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India.

Undoubtedly, the re-installment of the Taliban regime will not be the end of this sad and criminal scenario. Given the extent of Afghanistan and its being neighbors with several countries, the U.S policy is to make the Asia Minor region unsafe and trigger regional wars.

The criminal regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, without calculating the consequences of supporting the reactionary Taliban, will in the future become one of the parties involved in the U.S regional wars. Criminals ruling Iran think that if they scare people from the bad fate of their neighboring countries, people will tolerate them. They are unaware that the Iranian people have now achieved such awareness that the majority of them are distanced from religion and such tricks will not deviate them from the course they have chosen for the establishment of democracy and freedom.

Down with World Imperialism headed by the U.S Imperialism

Long live the resistance of Afghanistan's lionhearted women and gallant men against the conspiracy of reaction and imperialism.

Long Live Freedom

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