Memorable the May 1st, the International Workers' Day

In honoring the American Workers' Uprising in Chicago in May 4, 1886, workers around the world celebrate May 1st to make their demands. On this historic day, the communists, the leftist, the trade unions, and all the defenders of the working class are raising their voices against the capitalist system and exploitation

In Iran, despite the prominent role of the working class in the 1978 uprising and the overthrow of the Shah's regime, millions of workers lives under very harsh economic and social conditions. Their right to have their own trade union-political organizations have been denied. Many of workers are prosecuted and sentenced to long time jail under physical and psychological torture and even executed only because they were demanding for rights.

Although any strike or protest by workers under the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been punishable by imprisonment, torture, and even execution over the four decades, but they could not able to stop the workers’ fighting for their basic rights. The religious tyranny that rules Iran always tries to overpower the Iranian working class struggles and impose their own framework of reactionary system on works, but fortunately, they have not been able to overcome the great will of the workers.

In addition to the working class, peasants, cultural figures, retirees, small business owner,  and millions of people across the country have risen up against the regime of the Islamic Republic due to the overwhelming economic pressure and living standard, daily inflations, and brutality of the ruling dictatorial-religious regime. The phenomenon of cobblestones in Kurdistan and fuel extraction in Sistan and Baluchistan has become common practice for the people of these regions to earn a very basic living, yet regime mercenaries are constantly shooting them on a daily bases. Many of them have been died and more are injured.


The problem today of the working class and other social classes is nothing but the lack of an alternative that can direct the scattered struggles of all revolutionary and militant forces towards unity and solidarity. Until the opposition forces are able to overcome this important issue and achieve a clear platform within the framework of overthrowing the Islamic Republic regime of Iran, the reactionary ruling regime will continue to suppress them all brutally.

Fighting workers

In fact, the current situation in Iran cannot be assessed apart from the global polarization that has recently manifested itself in the war between Russia and Ukraine. It has been 77 years since the end of World War II. Shortly after the war, the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, implemented their control over the world. In 1990, when Gorbachev surrendered to Western powers, the United States declared itself as a sole superpower of the world and sought to govern the world all by itself. While, it seems, it is an impossible achievable idea in the 21st century.

The logical result of having a sole superpower that takes over the financial power of the world, such as banks, Swift, the International Monetary Fund, and even the agencies of   the United Nations, is nothing but those governments that opposes the US policy, subjected to all kind of sanctions that basically have been affected the live and living conditions of ordinary people but not those people who have connection with the government. It does not matter to the United States that in this bloody game will be resulted in millions of people who will die of starvation or millions of children are malnourished and die without proper nutrition.

The US policy of seeking to be the sole super power of the world, has led dictatorial regimes such as the Islamic Republic of Iran to establish a close relations to China and Russia in order to survive and not being overthrown. However, China and Russia support regimes such as Iran, is not to help them to avoid or bypass the U.S. imposed sanctions at all. They want these dictatorial regimes to join to the regional pacts and economical treaties such as Shanghai and Eurasia in order to compete with the U.S. to have their markets and even military bases. Iran's infamous 25-year deal with China or concessions to Russia in the Caspian Sea is not only indefensible but also harmful and degrading to Iranian people and society. 

Fighting workers

The Islamic Republic regime of Iran has lost its mass base for a long time now. The continuation of this regime is possible only by suppressing their tugs and depending on the western and eastern blocs. The regime's reformist faction has ceded most of its repressive organs in competition with the fundamentalist faction. The last dreaded organ that the reformist faction was forced to hand over to the IRGC's intelligence service is the regime's Ministry of Intelligence.

At the present time, teachers' heroic struggles are widespread across the country. Conflicts between the factions and the executive organs of the regime are increasing day by day. The price of even basic necessities of daily life of people are increasing in a daily manner and public dissatisfaction is clearly manifested in hostile forms. The connection of the labor movement in different parts of Iran has frightened the leaders of the regime more and more. In such a situation, the only way to overthrow this reactionary regime is unity and solidarity between the revolutionary and militant forces, trade unions, teachers, academics and the working class. Undoubtedly, in such circumstances, Iranian workers can play a valuable role by continuing strikes and solidarity with other sections of society.

Long live the international solidarity of the workers

Long live peace

The Organization of Iranian People Fedai Guerilla

May 1, 2022

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