About the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia

Since the end of World War II, the world has witnessed numerous regional wars. Millions of people were killed, but the ghost of war witchcraft continues to cast its threatening shadow over the world.

The United States of America has been on one side of all these wars that have taken place since World War II. American imperialism has imposed the idea that along with several European imperialist countries, are leaders of the “world community”.

These few countries allow themselves to intervene directly and indirectly in the world’s affairs if their interests demand it. The following are just samples of their intervene in the world’s affairs;

The leaders of the imperialist countries were gathered in the Guadeloupe and have decided to defeat the Iranian revolution and bring to power an ultra-reactionary person named Khomeini in order to destroy the people’s uprising for freedom and justice.

The imperialist countries destroyed the ancient country of Iraq and divided it into several pieces to protect their interests.

In Tunisia, young people took to the streets to make a revolution in order to bring freedom and justice in their country, but the Imperialist leaders ordered Ben Ali (president, a puppet) to leave the country and installed bunch of corrupted and very old politicians in power. A year later, there were no sign of those revolutionaries’ people in the street exactly the way that happened in Iran.

In Libya, Secretary of State Clinton called herself fascinated by Islamic law, destroyed the Libyan state and divided it into several tribal territories.

The history of the Chile-Argentina coup in Latin America and the support of African dictators such as Ian Smith are just historical examples.

In Arab countries, the kings or crown princes could be replaced by some ministers or military persons if they did not want to obey the United States agenda.

The American war in Vietnam has caused so much devastation in this country that their lands will not be cultivable for decades to come.

The United States did not even tolerate the shaky and semi-religious government of Afghanistan, overthrowing the Afghan government after three years of training Taliban insurgents in Qatar and handing over $ 80 billion in military equipment to the Taliban.

On Eastern Europe, when Gorbachev laid down his flag and surrendered to the West and signed a treaty that would have caused the collapsed Soviet federal republics in the region, to be neutral, and not to enter any military bloc. Therefore, it should be quite clear that those republics not to join NATO, but basically the imperialist leaders let them to join NATO and they did. Furthermore, it is not clear why NATO still exists while the Warsaw Pact was fallen apart.

Russia's weakness in the 1990s led the United States to lose most of its breakaway republics and become their allies and gradually admitted them into NATO. If they had disobeyed US orders, they would have dropped so many bombs on them as they did in Belgrade- Serbia. Eventually, Serbia joined the so called "International Community" after the imperialists power destroyed the foundation of Serbia’s economy and many civilian buildings.

The United States now plans to make further military advances in Ukraine, placing its telecommunications and military equipment 40 kilometers from Russia. It is therefore understandable that Russia feels threatened and reacts. Russia's invasion of Ukraine does not mean that Russia's actions are legitimate, right, and supportable. But the root cause of such wars and international conflicts must be considered into account if we want to analyze the Ukrainian crises fairly and impartially.

Russia and China today are neither socialists, nor revolutionaries, not even democratic nations. In fact, these countries are also thinking of their own interests in competition with the western imperialist countries. However, it must be admitted that these two countries became a superpowers against the wishes of the United States and its allies. It is important that the United States must take these two superpowers into account and reduce its domination role in the world in order to avoid a full-scale war in the world.

Organization of Iranian People Fedii Guerrillas - February 27, 2022

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