Long live May 1, the International Workers Day

138 years have passed since the heroic uprising of American workers in Chicago. On this occasion every year on this historic day, communists, labor parties and all organizations defending workers rights around the world celebrate this glorious day as a sign of solidarity with the working class.

In Iran, May 1st is more than a day off and giving up work, because any demonstration of workers has been banned by the ruling dictatorial-religious regime. Therefore, the presence of workers in the streets or holding any ceremony is considered as an open class unity and struggle against the ruling regime. Every year, the leaders of the regime hold a ceremony on behalf of the workers of Iran to celebrate the first of May. However, the workers refused to participate in this event and organize their own march against unemployment, disobeying the anti-labor laws of the Islamic Republic and the regimes repression policy.

For more than four decades, the regime of the Islamic Republic has been established in Iran with the support of imperialist countries. After 45 years of suffocation and creating terror, now the Islamic Republic is more helpless than before, in order to survive, it has to slavishly serve the interests of the capitalist world on the one hand, and on the other hand, keep the workers and the general public of Iran in economic distress and suppress their desires.

Militant Workers

The ambitions of the regime leaders for the past few decades have always been accompanied by looting the peoples savings and the countrys natural resources. In the past years, a nascent stratum called the bureaucratic bourgeoisie has taken over all the economic, commercial, military and intelligence elements of the country by rejecting market and economic "liberaisml". From the Islamic parlament of the regime to the judicial system and the government, it is now uniformly in the hands of elements who did not have any records in politics and economic affairs before the overthrow of the Pahlavi dictatorial regime. The records of this illegitimate group are mostly summarized in the participation of some of them in the Iran-Iraq war and the suppression of the Kurdish Peoples Movement..

In such a situation, the countrys ruling system cannot survive without dictatorial practices, relying on the leaders orders and breaking ties with the powerful countries of the world. Therefore, the warlords of the past and the current rulers have tried to find support between the imperialist countries of the East by pushing aside the reformist rivals in favor of Western imperialism. Their efforts have not gone unanswered from the east and now Russia and China have rushed to help this class of capitalists by taking over parts of Irans lucrative market.

Americas support for the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the context of the expansion of Pan-Islamism in the region

There is no need to explain in 1979, American imperialism imposed Ayatollah Khomeini on the revolutionary movement of Iran with all-round support. With propaganda controversies and abuse of the ignorance of the masses, he was able to lead the revolutionary movement of Iran astray and establish the regime of the Islamic Republic in Iran. However, gradually American lost some of thier pawns in governance and gradually had to tolerate the ambitions of the reactionary rulers.

In the framework of preserving economic interests and supporting Islamists, America and Europe have constantly supported the ruling regime of Iran. During several decades and when the reformists were in power, every irrelevant comment of the leaders of the "reform" faction was considered positive by Europe and America. When they fell from power, they secretly linked themselves to the ruling faction, and at the same time, they do not forget their reformist friends. They inappropriately attribute every revolutionary movement of the Iranian people to their reformist affiliates, they have not stopped being a leader for the Iranian people. The obvious interference of the western countries with the aim of creating a leader during the uprising of the Iranian people after the death of Mahsa Amini has not been erased from the memories. Western imperialism is still seeking to replace the reformist parts to the head of the government.

Contrary to the optimism of western government missionaries, America and Europe are not against the policy to completely overthrow the ruling regime of Iran. They are worried that if the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran collapses, their current share of Iran's economy will be taken over by China and Russia.

The sanctions imposed by the West in the past few decades have only targeted the people of Iran and have not had any effect on the accumulation of wealth or the fattening of the leaders of the Iranian regime. Regarding human rights and the constant suppression of Iranian fighters, the resolutions issued by Western countries and the United Nations not only didnít stop the brutality of the regime, quite contrary, the ineffectiveness of these resolutions has made the regime arrogant. The application of the reactionary law of compulsory hijab and the return of the Irshad patrol in the streets prove the ineffectiveness of the resolutions.

The appeasement of the western countries with the Iranian regime and the secret relationship with them is now so obvious that it does not need much explanation. During the "revenge" of the Iranian and Israeli regimes against each other two weeks ago, the role of America in choosing the targets was revealed as if the curtain of secrets had fallen.

Therefore, Western sanctions against military industries, nuclear centers, leaders and murderers of the regime will not solve the problems of the Iranian people. The experience of the past few decades proves that the regimes relationship with this or that capitalist country will not have any effect on the chaotic economic situation of the workers and toilers of Iran.

As long as the working class as a revolutionary force is not able to play its role in the process of growing struggles in Iran, deep changes will not take place. The only way out of this disastrous situation is to connect the working class with the working people in a strong organization and play a role in all political and social fields of Iran.

Long live the international solidarity of workers!
Long live freedom!

Organization of Iranian Peoples Fedaii Guerillas

May 1, 2024


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