“Civil Rights” in Iran

Tired of hearing about regime’s version of freedom and civil rights in Iran?!
Here is the list of “civil rights” in Iran:

-Right to live, and equality for all citizens – As long as government forces know where you are, where you live, and what you do.
-Freedom of speech – As long as you don’t speak against the government.
-Democracy and freedom for workers- With no right to have workers syndicates or independent labor organizations.

-Freedom of religion – As long as everyone defends the Shiite sect and obeys the spiritual leadership.
-Peaceful coexistence with neighboring countries – Provided that nobody shows any objection toward Islamic Republic of Iran, Shiite sect, and fundamentalism.
-Right for democracy – Provided it doesn’t end in political power sharing, which may harm “democracy and people’s government”.
-Right for personal freedoms – Only if our social appearance follows the religious rules. No social contact for boys and girls.

- Right to work – Only if we do not go on strike.
- Right to use the nature– If it doesn’t cause cleanup work for the city officials.
- Right to choose your doctor and medical plan – only if you have money.
- Right to live in a good house. – Only if you are part of the government mafia.
-Right to travel to other countries– As long as you symbolize and represent the government.
- Right to criticize the government – As long as you stay in a pre-set boundaries and don’t go above the “reformists” limits.

-Right to establish friendship clubs and foundations – Only if their members pass the government's filters.

-Right for street demonstrations– Only if there is no slogan against the regime’s leaders.
-Right to elect and being elected – Only if we vote for someone from the list of Guardian Council (i.e., spiritual organization in government).
- Right to security – Only if we compromise with the mosques and be recommended by the Revolutionary Guard and ….

We’ll talk about the rest of the “civil rights”, and “Islamic privileges” in some other occasion.

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