EU Caves in to Extortions Coming From Islamic Republic of Iran

It is speculated from the news and published reports that EU in its negotiations with the Islamic Republic regime is conceding more and more concessions. Despite all the secrecy surrounding these negotiations it seems each side, by securing their future interest, have gathered to negotiate over different issues. Subjects that “economic, nuclear, and political committees” have in their agenda mainly revolve around putting pressure on Iranian opposition, and helping to keep the Islamic Republic regime in power.

The recent agreements and perhaps the future agreements between EU and the Islamic Republic are not going to jeopardize neither side&Mac226;s lucrative interests. These agreements and further negotiations only diminish democratic rights of the people of Iran and put more pressure on the Iran&Mac226;s opposition.

Meanwhile, French government as a main and staunch supporter of the Islamic Republic regime in Europe which in the past has sold out the opposition for its financial interests&Mac246; has started its new activities against the Iran&Mac226;s opposition. As a goodwill gesture at the arrival of the Iran&Mac226;s delegates to Paris, French government has opened up some of the old files against members of the Iran&Mac226;s opposition organizations.

For a long time, EU has been trying to portray itself as a main supporter of democracy and human rights in the world, and has always tried to export this “precious commodity” to the rest of the world. If this claim is true why then EU leaders deviate from revealing the true nature of their discussions with a criminal regime of Iran, which has been condemned for more than 50 times by the UN for violating human rights?

Why the truth about these agreements, which have been negotiated behind closed doors with the dictatorial and backward regime of Iran haven&Mac226;t been shared with the public. EU needs to know the harder it tries to support and protect the Islamic Republic Regime and help the regime to continue staying in power, the more outrage and resentment it gets from people of Iran.

27 March 2005

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