Regarding Ceremonial Presidential Elections in Iran

Once again the propaganda machine of the Islamic Republic regime has decided to run a circus show of the so-called presidential election. All the hoopla and noise under the name of “9th Presidential Election”, is in fact a clear effort on the part of the regime to prolong its very survival. This election is carried out without any respect to democratic laws and without true people’s participation in deciding their own destiny. The right to nominate a presidential candidate is long been taken away from people of Iran, and only the “spiritual leader”, members of Guardian Council, and other governmental gangs are eligible to handpick the candidates.

All the presidential candidates who have been nominated by the Guardian Council are among the notorious organizers of the black suppression of the past decades in Iran. Part of the government which has disguised itself under the mask of so-called “reformists”, which has already lost the power struggle to the ruling factions, now in favor of regime’s propaganda agenda has entered the election arena once again. In this election scenario there is no place for people and their votes. As it looks, the next president of Iran has already been decided among the regime’s ruling factions, and the role of the Khamenei’s Leadership House, Refsanjani’s office, and Guardian Council is to conduct this meaningless theatrical show and carry out the pre-written election scenario.

Even though, regime is using all kind of deceiving and misleading tactics, even using commercials and western-style street shows to attract youths, but this time around people of Iran more than ever will consciously resist all the regime’s demagogueries. Labor strikes and mass protests throughout last year reveal the depth of resentment and anger against the regime. Women movements and their gatherings in front of University of Tehran last week show that people from different sectors of the society have no trust on the regime and demand fundamental changes in society.

Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaii Guerillas in today’s situation believes that the only way to resist this unlawful election is to strongly boycott the entire election. Therefore, we ask the people not to participate and to stay away from polling stations and reject the regime’s ballot boxes. Coordinated movements and refusing to participate in presidential election can lay down a solid foundation to unite and bring together different sectors of the society. Such a foundation and social process has a significant role in toppling the Islamic Republic regime and moving towards democracy.

Down with Islamic Republic of Iran.
Long Live Socialists
Organisation of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas

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