Honoring 26th Anniversary of 1979 Uprising
34th Anniversary of Siahkal Operations

Fellow Iranians,

Feb 19th, 1970 opened a new chapter in the history of revolutionary struggle in Iran. On this day Organization of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas by attacking a police station in Siahkal, in northern Iran, paved such a foundation against the dictatorial regime of Shah which finally in February 1979 brought down the 2500 years of monarchism in Iran.

This heroic struggle by the Fedaii Guerillas in those years broke the frozen silence, and passiveness of the reformists led by the Toodeh Party. From that day on, many enthusiastic young forces under the influence of this new communist movement and the new armed struggle joined the ongoing revolutionary battle against the Shah's dictatorship. Even though at the beginning some shortcomings and lack of experience prevented us from establishing the necessary strong bonds with Iran&Mac226;s labor movement, but finally workers too started joining this revolutionary struggle. Days before Feb 19th, 1979 workers were able to paralyze the economic backbone of the Shah&Mac226;s regime by holding their long and widespread strikes. These strikes and activities played a significant role in overthrowing the Pahlavi&Mac226;s regime.

On February 19th, 1979 timely and heroic attacks by the Iranian People&Mac226;s Fedaii Guerillas to some of the repressive centers of the Shah&Mac226;s regime, gave the courage to some of the military personnel, with the help of tens of thousands of people, to attack the government&Mac226;s military installations. On the same day streets of Tehran witnessed millions of people who started taking over the control of the government centers and offices. This was how events on those days unfolded and people with revolutionary courage were able to topple the Shah's dictatorial regime.

Despite all those sacrifices by the revolutionary and progressive forces, but due to lack of experience and lack of readiness, the leadership of the people&Mac226;s struggle was hijacked by some of the most reactionary forces in the society. These forces were headed by a man named Khomeini. These forces with the support of international imperialism rode on the waves of the revolution and derailed the revolution from its main course. From that point on a new dictatorship by the name of Islamic Republic was imposed on people of Iran. The key elements and members of this "divine government" were among the most backward and reactionary religious forces of Iran.

Thus far, no written publication or testimony has ever been able to reveal and expose all the heinous tragedies and savageries committed by the Islamic Republic regime against the people of Iran. Twenty six years of religious tyranny has brought nothing but terror and barbarism for people. The regime has become symbol of poverty and misery. Regime&Mac226;s policies have done nothing but to push and promote the ideology of the dark ages.

At this historical moment, we are celebrating the anniversary of these two historical events in a situation that Iran&Mac226;s revolutionary movement, more than ever, needs rational, collective wisdom, and support from all sectors of the society. These days under the dark shadows of repression and dictatorship no revolutionary force or organization is allowed to freely operate. No labor organization, student association, or trade union is allowed to have public activities. Government is trying to keep the workers and the masses of Iran from becoming politicized. Every political and social activity is controlled by the government and requires approval stamp of the religious supreme leadership. We are witnessing same policies which were pursued by the dictatorial regime of Shah with its one party system allowing membership only in the political party created by the Shah himself, Rastakhiz Party. Continuing these types of policies inside Iran and government&Mac226;s reckless policies abroad has created false impressions for the United States about the situation in Iran. These policies have become a pretext for the US to claim that if people of Iran resent their own government therefore they want America. US imperialism has gone so far to blatantly threaten our country and is in the process of spinning this wishful agenda that after Iraq is Iran&Mac226;s turn.

Occupation and devastation in our neighboring country is far from being over, that dark and fearful shadows of another invasion have darkened the sky of our country. Aside from aggressive nature of the imperialism, profound economic crisis in the United Sates is the main reason for such an invasion and warmongering. US on one hand is sucked into Iraq&Mac226;s quagmire , and on the other hand, according to published data, is facing a daunting deficit of 880 Billion dollars projected for the next ten years. It is impossible to overcome such an enormous deficit through economic development plans or exporting capital. 880 Billion dollars of deficit is an indication of a bankrupt economy which US is sucked into. Meantime, European rivals have taken away a vast part of Iran's lucrative market from US. It is totally understandable that in order to take back Iran&Mac226;s market and overcome economic crises America has two choices: either it needs to justify and convince American public that war is a sacred mission worth fighting for, or accept the beginning of the collapse of its empire. American imperialism like its predecessors such as Roman, and Byzantine empires has chosen the first option. China, Japan sand Russia who have strong trading ties with Iran are making this more difficult for the US to seek any political solution to the crises. The US has not been able to find a way to kick these countries out of Iran's market and eliminate them from the trading equations. Attacking Iran is considered an incursion into other countries economic territories and will not be acceptable to Europeans and countries such as China, Japan and Russia.

If bush administration ever decides to pursue such a terrifying madness and invades Iran, obviously it will be hundred times more catastrophic than the war against Iraq or any other invasion that US has ever been involved. Considering Iran's historical backgrounds, wide geographical borders, past resistances, and devotion to achieve freedom and independence, no power has ever been able to subordinate Iran. Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan. Despite all the public resentments towards Islamic Republic regime, people will not accept any foreign domination and will be united to fight against foreign enemies. Toppling Islamic Republic regime is an internal matter concerning only the people of Iran and nobody else. The US should be assured that Iranians even if they end up living under the suppression of Islamic Republic for years and years, but they will never ever give in to degradation of living under foreign domination. Even though the US is preparing the stage to launch a war against Iran, it is needless to say that this war inevitably will draw in every other country in the world and pushes the world towards much bigger and more terrifying war. A war, which will definitely threaten the entire global peace and stability. If the US decides to pursue its arrogant claims, not only the lives of Iranians and Americans will be in danger, but also people's joy around the world will definitely be replaced with grief and sorrow. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a military attack against Iran would change the entire picture of the world so negatively.

Now, because of the advances in nuclear and chemical weapons, and existence of advanced missile systems, the entire globe is in a brink of a danger. Not controlling these weapons through political and logical channels would spread the flames of a war from country to country until it sucks everybody in. Bitter experiences of the previous wars show that in every society ordinary people and hardworking masses are the first victims of these types of wars, which are conducted by the ruling class of the societies. Experiencing eight years of war with Iraq has proved that irrelevant of who loses or who wins, ordinary people are the ones who must pay the price. Reminiscences and dark memories of that war still are visible and are felt both in Iran and Iraq even until today.

During past years anytime US wanted to do a regime change and replace an old dictatorial regime with a new dictatorship it has always used the issue of human rights and democracy as a useful pretext to achieve its goals. These kinds of scenarios usually are carried out using devoted and fully trained local and native elements. The past experiences show that in choosing a new puppet to replace the old one, the propaganda machine of the West knows well how to elevate and praise the new figureheads, and spin their cases with a very far reaching „innovative imaginations‰. For several years now, investing on son of the former Shah in Iran, the US thinks that it can bring him and the people around him back to power. Full US support for the son of Iran's former dictator has made those who in the past have betrayed their own people such as Fedaii Organization (Majority) or some infamous elements who always have gone with whichever direction the wind blows to gather around Reza Pahlavi, son of the former Shah. These elements who one day are with National Resistance Council and the other day chant for republicans, now passionately see their political future intertwined with the future of Reza Pahlavi.

The puppet-show which has started in last few months, with the support of the US and under the name „referendum in Iran‰, and with the participation of some members of Islamic Cooperation Party, Shah's son, Fedaii Organization (Majority), and some others only shows how ill-informed the US is about the situation in Iran. Similar political games, under different names and flavors, during past few years have proved their ineffectiveness for the people of Iran. The true intensions of these people are known to people of Iran and cannot be hidden from the eyes of public. These kind of demagogueries before it can mislead anybody inside Iran it sure can bring laughter for the Islamic Republic regime or only cause delusion for some who live in abroad.

Fellow workers,

Despite absence of independent workers organizations and continuous suppression in the work environments, last few years has witnessed many events and victories for the Iran&Mac226;s working class. Working class of Iran with its strikes and sit-ins over and over has shown its active role in the political scene of Iran. Workers&Mac226; movements and their class demands in dark and horrific years of the recent past have always been inspiring. These activities and movements only show the solid determination of the working class in taking his destiny in his own hands. Active participation of the working class in Iran&Mac226;s political scene has created an inspiring situation for moving towards the revolutionary goals. In a situation like this, the only option for the people of Iran to overcome these miseries is to topple the Islamic Republic of Iran. To achieve this goal the progressive and revolutionary organizations in Iran must unite and cooperate.

Down with Imperialism Headed by the US Imperialism.

Down with Islamic Republic of Iran.

Long Live People&Mac226;s Democratic Republic.

Honoring Martyrs of 1979 Upraising and Siahkal.

Long Live Socialism.

8 Feb 2005

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