Resistance Movement of Palestine defeated by region's reactionary forces

The Revolutionary Movement of Palestine, which during the past decades was the guidance light for majority of revolutionaries in Middle-East eventually has been defeated by Hamas fundamentalist organization.

Since the formation of Liberation Organization of Palestine by Yaser Arafat in1965 till now that it is defeated by Islamic Reactionary Group it has been through a roller coaster of events. For revolutionary and democratic forces, exploration of causes of this defeat and gaining valuable experiences from this event are very important. Apart from some compromising polices of Liberation Organization of Palestine and its leaders, the internal contradictions between old and new generations of the organization made them weak. However, we should not forget the destructive policies of the imperialist countries after the announcement of autonomy by Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Following the “Oslo agreement” and Arafat insisting on the formation of independent government of Palestine and appointing Beit Almoghaddas as the capital city, the vindictive attacks against Revolutionary Movement of Palestine began by western mass media and their propaganda machines. After Arafat did not accept Beit Almoghaddas’ separation, suddenly western Policies turned against him. Even though, they titled him “man of peace” and awarded him the Nobel Prize, they swiftly tried to break him down by labeling him as “thief”, “mafia” and accused him of bribery and “financial corruption”. This policy became more acceptable by western countries after September/11 while America was seeking for any excuse such as “war against terrorism” to overlook Palestinians principles. September 11 was an opportunity for the capitalism propaganda machines to organize and demonstrate Arafat as a hard headed, illogical, and financially “mischievous”. In the extension of provocations against Liberation Organization of Palestine, International Monetary Fund also rushed in to help America and Israel. This International organization reported that the autonomous organization embezzled 800 million dollars. According to the statistics published in 1980, the financial resources of Liberation Organization of Palestine before exiting from Lebanon was estimated 5 billion dollars and at that time nobody has accused Arafat with financial corruptions or money accumulation!!

Even though, Hamas has been created by Israel’s support to confront with Palestinian Resistance Movement and despite the fact that till recently bank accounts of this organization were in America and under the control of CIA, but there has never been a question of any violation of laws or “financial corruption” of this organization. Not to mention that at that time their budget estimated hundreds of millions of dollars. Western media never insisted on the fact that where Hamas’ hundreds of millions of dollars budget comes from? Why they do not talk about how merchants affiliated with Hamas inside and outside of Palestine involved in financial corruptions as well as collusions!

In past 10 years western media always called protesters against Israel and their organizers, who were related to the Revolutionary Movement of Palestine, some deceived people that their leaders were hand to hand with mafia and social misdemeanants to loot them. This western media forgot to mention funds granted by Hamas to establish advanced hospitals and how they provide thousands of scholarships for their supporters. They simply ignored to mention the Budget of tens of millions of dollars which has been lavishly spent during the recent campaign only to provide their supporters with green shawls, hats, flags, and etc. And people have seen them on mass media.

In past years only in particular instances western propaganda machine mentioned Islamic Republic Regime of Iran as Hamas’ financial provider. Whereas, regime of Iran has provided Hmas with hundred millions of dollars in cash as well as military equipments. Are these covert countless aids not “financial corruption” from the western media’s point of view? Where in the Islamic Regime of Iran’s budget these public and private auditorships have been mentioned?

Why merchant-terrorists of Hamas such as “Anis Naghash”, the Lebanese famous terrorist, who are the owners of the most gigantic high-rises in Tehran (the capital city of Iran), have not been accused of “financial corruptions”? If western intelligence services claim that they are not aware of Hamas merchants’ presence in Iran, how can they deny Anis Naghash’s signature under the economical contracts between Europeans and Iran?

Besides, in all past elections that were carried out “under International Supervision” Jimmy Carter the former president of the United States was present!! Ironically, in all those cases the elections results were in favor of America and organizers of those “democratic elections”! From El Salvador and Lebanon, to Ukraine everybody witnessed the victory of so called supporters of “human rights” during the elections. Surprisingly, this time despite of presence of Carter and thousands of obvious and under cover Israeli agents they could not defeat such “stubborn enemy” like Hamas. Perhaps incompetence of Mahmud Abbas in disarming Hamas resulted that the sword to be in the hands of this reactionary organization. In that case, Islamic Regime of Iran’s plan will be instantly implemented in Palestine. Then, civil war in Palestine will satisfy “whistle blowers” of “financial corruption” of Liberation Movement of Palestine and Arafat in particular.

If you don’t want your horse to be traced

Caulk the horse shoe the other way around

It has been years that American imperialism and Zionists adopted adventurous policies concerning complex financial and social matters throughout the world. In Palestine this Policy provided more power for Hamas. Even though, the World Court (Hague) banned construction of the barrier wall, but Ariel Sharon still continues to construct the separation wall around Palestine. He did not accept the peace agreement of Oslo, and practically destroyed all the opportunities to enter into any peace treaty. In this situation the authority of Liberation Organization of Palestine diminished, therefore, its supporters joined Hamas. The same adventurous policies have been adopted in Iraq during the past 3 years. Tens of thousands of American soldiers were killed and wounded so that the power of Saddam Hossein to be transferred to Islamic regime of Iran!! Apparently the US government is against the Islamic government of Iran, but practically it facilitates the regime with all the necessities that strengths Shiites who have been grown up and trained by the Iranian regime. In the mean time the Islamic Regime will continuously shout its “Anti American” slogans from down to dusk! But till now this “Anti American Regime” as a secret ally of America, has provided them with all the necessities to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

In both cases Islamic regime of Iran allowed American air force to use its air to launch attacks against those two countries. Apparently Islamic regime of Iran is on the US’ economic sanction list. But in reality privilege of selling Iran’s petrochemical to China and tens of other resources of our country is controlled by US and its affiliated companies. In the oil trading market, America maintained its own interests in Iran. Right now America’s interests in oil in Iran are ensured through France, Yugoslavia, England and other countries. America’s problem with Iran is the same as with Iraq. America is not satisfied with its current share from Iran’s market and wants Iran to terminate its official 26 Billion dollar treaty with European countries, mainly because America believes Iran’s market traditionally belongs to it and still they are interested to run Iran’s economical affairs the same as it was during the dictatorial regime of shah.

At this time it is understandable that as along as America has under the table deals with dictatorial regimes such as Islamic Republic of Iran, and until America facilitates regime of Iran to be the leader of Shiites, this regime will hasten to help all fundamentalists. Victory of Hamas over Revolutionary Movement of Palestine was only feasible with hidden conspiracies, support of Islamic regime of Iran, indirect assistance of imperialist governments and reactionary governments of the region.

Long with Movement Resistance of Palestine

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28 Jan 2006

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