Honoring May 1st International Workers Day,
Iranian workers celebrate May 1st in a condition that doesn't allow them to have their own independent organizationsjavascript:self.print() day in a condition that prohibits them from calling street demonstrations or gatherings in order to show their international solidarity and to add to the glory of this historic day. This year, like the years before, Iranian workers are forced to celebrated May 1st under a dictatorial regime that violates all the basic labor laws, social freedoms, individual freedoms, and international conventions.
It is now more than three decades that the people of Iran are living under such a despotic regime that sees and interprets any form of freedom and social enlightenment as something against its own "divine being". By promoting the ideas of dark ages, this regime has tried to impose its own interpretations of science, philosophy, and class society, on the reset of the population. In the eyes of this regime democracy and love for freedom, political and social rights, respect and national pride, are all some absurd concepts.
Heads of the regime invite and encourage people to give up their scientific beliefs and listen to fatwas (i.e., religious rulings) issued by the Ayatollahs and Friday-prayer's imams. This regime sees its "divine" rulings above and superior to any civic and scientific thinking. Regime is unable to tolerate and allow any form of comparative or rational view that might diminish its authority. Regime's monstrous grasp on the pillars of the society is such that it seems it is so powerful and capable that can swallow any freedom lover worker, every working individual loving better life, and every progressive and revolutionary movement. All this is happening in a situation that poverty and destitution keep deepening and getting worst. In last thirty years heads of the regime with all sorts of demagoguery have managed to plunder the national wealth of the country for their own personal gains or to waste it while pursuing their international ambitions. While heads of the government factions, Bazaar merchants, government bureaucrats, and regime's operatives are well pampered and live lavishly, mouthpieces of the regime from dawn to dusk preach postponing happiness and prosperity for the other "divine world"! This condition has created an army of illiterate petty-preachers and have made apprentices of every mosque a moral adviser. People who pretend deep devotion for God and claim being capable of advising other people on the issues of divinity and morality.
Fighting Workers,
Disarray among workers and lack of independent and powerful workers organizations have helped the Islamic Republic to constantly exploit this weakness against the workers. The other sectors of the society are not immune from this phenomenon, and they suffer from lack of unity as well. To overcome some of these obstacles new solutions should be sought in order to direct us more towards unity. Young generation is unable to confront the regime in an organized fashion. As long as political parties and organizations lack strong credibility in the eyes of masses, young generation tends to show lack of interest confronting the brutal policies of the security forces, elite Psdaran, and paramilitary Basij. It has been in this environment that the heads of the regime have managed to plunder the country's national wealth. Both major factions of the regime, Bazaar faction on one hand and the liberal faction on the other hand, have gathered the smaller government factions under their own umbrella and consider the other social forces as some "anti-revolutionaries", "infidels", or "foreign agents".
Dictatorial regime of Iran unmatched with any other world's despotic regime:
If oppressive regimes in other parts of the world, after committing crimes and brutality try to "invent" justifications and create escape goats, in our country the key of every problem is in the hands of the religious Supreme Leader! The Supreme Leader considers himself as a "proxy" of God on the earth. He considers the rest of the people as illiterate masses that always should be directed and advised. Often referring to the verses and tenets of holy book Quran such as, "they want to scare us from what? they are unaware of the Noah's request from God, please Oh' mighty God, do not allow no one from the infidels to remain on the earth, if they exist they will mislead your followers". It is in this superstitious context that Khamenie without any shame or remorse publicly threatens that, "we cut off hands and legs of those who stare at us". Or to hear the former head of Sepah Pasdaran (elite anti-riot force) to mimic the Supreme Leader and say, "we behead and cut thongs....". And Ahmadinejad to go on saying, "we tear up stomachs with Zanjan knives" (Zanjan is a city in Northwestern Iran famous for it sharp knives and swords).
The list of those tortured and executed keeps growing in Iran. Everyday more and more workers are getting laid off and added to the army of millions of others already out of work. Government with all its factions is behind all these brutalities and sufferings, no matter how often the power apparatus is handed over from one faction to another. Close to one decade that Mir-Housein Mossavi was Prime Minister, thousands of progressive and revolutionaries were executed and massacred with the pretext that the country was in a war. Later came Mohammad Khatami as a "smiling president" with his message of "peace and law". That did nothing but to prolong the governments survival and to solidify the pillars of the regime. And now the baton is passed to Ahmadinejad that with his brutal policies is trying to navigate and save the storm-battered regime of Islamic Republic.
In all these brutalities the role of Supreme Leader is always articulated and pronounced. Supreme Leader aside from all the social classes, scientists and experts is a potent iconic religious figure with knowledge on all aspects of life. From economic indicators to public psychology, from world crisis to school courses, from roots of poverty to unemployment, from spread of prostitution to drug addiction, and everything else in between that experts and scientists haven't found an answer for it yet, the Leader knows about it and has the answer. One unique and distinctive hallmark of this regime is that none of its officials and top figures never make a mistake and they are always right. And the Leader with his "divine knowledge" is yet to find a culprit for all the austerities committed by the government officials. In the eyes of Supreme Leader there is not even one unjust killing among 100s of thousands that were either executed or were killed in regional uprisings in Kurdistan, Baloochestan, Turkmenistan, Khozestan, and other parts of Iran. In Supreme Leader's mind those killed were infidels and those responsible for these killings will receive their "material rewards" in this world and their "divine rewards" in the other world after they die! There are many examples of these "rewards" given, Ahmadinejad's promotion is a good example. He is one of the government's ex-killers who received his "worldly reward" by getting promoted from ranks of Sepah Pasdaran to the post of presidency after committing some of the most heinous crimes. And he is now ready to secure his "divine spiritual reward" and get God's blessings by committing more brutalities!
Fighting workers,
Islamic Republic's propaganda regarding nuclear issue are only intended to prolong the survival of the regime for few more years. They are similar to empty "anti-imperialist" slogans that for so many years have been used by the regime to deceive the people. Regime's atomic power takes them to nowhere and has no future for the regime. Now, after many years regime is admitting that they have cooperated with the US army during the invasion of Afghanistan. The regime is admitting that they have helped the US to invade Iraq. Participating in the conference in Japan about a week ago that was organized to help the current government in Pakistan is another indication that the regime is dealing and collaborating with the major Western powers. Organizers of this conference were heads of the Western powers headed by the US.
I this conference the government of Iran promised that some of the 5 billion dollars promised to help the regime of Zardari in Pakistan will be paid by Iran from Iran's national budget. Animosities towards Sunni extremists in Pakistan and collaborations with the West shows Iran's vulnerability in the world of Islam which is dominated by Sunni sects. There is no doubt that if a combination of Taliban and Al Qaeda manage to topple the regime of Zardari in Pakistan, they will definitely emerge as a major contender against the regime in Iran. If with these types of financial payments and collaboration with the West regime has failed to receive the green light to build its nuclear bombs, Pakistan already has more than 100 ready nuclear warheads. This situation indicates that if the Sunni extremists take over the government in Pakistan, then the regime in Tehran wouldn't be able to withstand their attacks. Heads of the regime in Iran have submerged themselves in such a lavish lifestyle and have spoiled themselves so much so that wouldn't be able to match up fresh Taliban-Al Qaeda assaults.

Fighting workers,
As long as the despotic regime of Islamic Republic is in power there is no prospect for better future for the people of Iran. The only solution out of all these sufferings is to unite and topple the regime and build a democratic government in its place.
Long Live Workers International Solidarity.

Organization of Iranian Peoples' Fedaiie Guerillas (OIPFG)

1 May 2009

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