Massive Public Uprising And Turmoil In Government

Many years of socio-economic pressures and public discontent towards the regime of the Islamic Republic have brought the masses to the streets. In the aftermath of the June 17th election people have risen against the regime which three decades ago was brought to power in an international brokered deal riding on top of the reactionary ideas of Islamic Shia fundamentalism. The pillars of this regime were established on top of the Islamic Sharia, public alienation, and spread of superstitious beliefs. At the end only those who saw progress and freedom through the prism of Islamic saints were attracted towards the regime. From the moment that Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed himself as an Imam and God's proxy on the earth, social progress, scientific thinking, freedom, and democracy dwindled more and more towards dark ages. How close Khomeini's ideas were to the ideas of the founders of Islam can be a topic of a different discussion, but all the sufferings that people had to go through over the years were disguised under Islam.

From the moment that the Islamic Republic was established on top of the ruins of the former monarchism, few who were fascinated by the antiquated ideas of dark ages moved to power and declared themselves as leaders of the people. The nation that wanted freedom and progress instead faced massive backwardness. Ayatollah Khomeini at the center of this circus show along with his associates and top followers such as Khamenie, Rafsanjani, and Behshti were about to replace industrial capitalism with ancient merchant capitalism and to squash progress with reactionary ideas.

In the first few years after the revolution the regime of Islamic Republic managed to disguise itself behind empty and ambitious promises. The Islamic Republic sounded attractive and fashionable to some in the society for the time that the regime was hiding itself behind slogans of social justice, freedom, and progress. But it didn't take long that the true nature of the regime came to light.

After 30 years of suffering and living through an intolerable experience, now people have stood up against the regime. Turmoil in the upper echelons of the regime has reached a new level. Despite the fact that Khamenie, Rafsanjani, and Mir Hossein Mousavi were all part of the Khomeini's religious inter-circle, but now their infightings have escalated to a new level. These people who always claimed ownership for everything that the country has, now are facing a new competitor which is the security and the military establishment. The real power in Iran is in the hands of major owners of wealth, security apparatus, violent paramilitary organizations, and those who control the ideological centers. Major power players who traditionally have had their wealth concentrated in Bazaar see another new powerful competitor with the backing of Sepah Pasdaran and the security establishment. This new force runs and controls the repressive crackdown apparatus. Even though the wealth concentrated in the hands of this new competitor is less than what Rafsanjani faction owns, but its experience in brutality and crackdown is much more violent and powerful. At this point Rafsanjani, Khatami, Mir Hossein Mousavi, and the others in this camp who always have ruled from the top and were regarded high in the religious hierarchy are not willing to give up and share their accumulated power with the other faction. They don't want to be subordinate to a person such as Ahmadinejad that they consider him as their servant. Deep animosities and divisions among factions of the regime, over plundering of the national wealth, have pushed a demagogue such as Ahmadinejad to claim "piety" and to unite himself with the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenie. And the Supreme Leader with less experience in wealth accumulation sees himself more protected by aligning with Ahmadinejad and the others who are in control of the security and military establishment. The Supreme Leader has sided with Ahmadinejad hoping to prolong his brutal ruling at gunpoint.

As economic and social crisis keep deepening people are left with no other choice but to topple the entire regime and put an end to many years of suffering. This cannot be achieved without the entire nation taking to the streets and resisting the bloody crackdown which has already cost the nation many loss of lives. Many precious lives have already been lost resisting the dark forces of Sepah Pasdaran and plainclothes paramilitary government militias.

The Supreme Leader Khamenie and the other heads of the Sepah Pasdaran are preparing for a massive crackdown hoping to send the people back to their homes off the streets. In last few days more than 32 people have lost their lives in the hands of Sepah Pasdaran and plainclothes militias on the streets of Tehran and other cities in Iran. Despite these killings people's determination to fight back and demand their rights is stronger than ever. People are making clever decisions avoiding the traps setup by the government that is trying to find an excuse to justify its brutality. So far people's clever planning and methods of fighting have defused the government's plans which have aimed at massacring the defenseless people and dragging the society into a bloodbath. Khamenie's faction is preparing to send out its entire crackdown apparatus to the streets.

Khamenie-Ahmadinejad faction is planning to maintain its grip on power by giving small concessions to Rafsanjani-Mousavi camp hoping to calm down the situation. Recounting some of the ballot boxes is only to deceive the people. With millions of people on the streets make this pullback by the regime a meaningless maneuver. Street demonstrations keep growing and at this stage the goal is to prevent Ahmadinejad's faction from staying in power any longer. People's slogans and the mixture of demonstrators on the streets show that they have no sympathy for any of the candidates. People are against the entire regime and want to bring down the economic mafia and put an to dictatorship. People should continue to stay united in fighting the regime. People have stood up for democracy and freedom, their struggle is to achieve this goal. To accomplish this goal at each step of this struggle certain plans and slogans should be articulated. Street demonstrations should continue until the entire election results are revoked. The next step is to demand a free election without Guardian Council's intervention in selecting the candidates. The new election should be observed by independent international observers and the United Nations. It is only in this type of election that people can freely choose their candidates. These steps will pave the way to bring down the entire repressive regime of the Islamic Republic.

Combatant Oil Workers,
We still remember the 1979 uprising, the current ruling regime is much more brutal than the former Shah's regime. Once again it is time to take control and cut off oil this economic lifeblood of the regime. At this historical crossroad you can play a crucial role by joining the ongoing struggle and helping your other fellow citizens to fight back the regime. With this revolutionary action you can show the world how pivotal and significant your role and determination is. The working class of Iran can play a significant role in shaping up the future of Iran.

Organization of Iranian Peoples' Fedaiie Guerillas (OIPFG)

15 JUN 2009

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