Adventurous Policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Economic Interests of the West

For many years imperialist powers after their economic interests and under the influence and pressure of the capitalist corporations and conglomerates have established strong economic and political ties with the reactionary regime in Iran. The key factor and the connecting chain in this conciliatory relationship has always been the Iran’s lucrative market. From the inception of the Islamic Republic the Western powers with their hungry appetite by condoning the brutal policies of the regime in Iran have always been after their economic interests. Expansion of these economic and political ties between the Islamic Republic and the West with all its covert and overt compromises has always worked against the interests of the people of Iran. On the other hand this policy has always benefited both the West and the regime in Iran. Despite all the advertising and hoopla about “human rights” orchestrated in the West, no serious action has ever been taken in defending the basic human rights of the people of Iran. Over so many years the rights of the people in Iran has systematically and brutally been violated by the regime. With hundreds of thousands of Iranian political asylum seekers living in the West and despite many witnesses presented by the human right organizations regarding systematic torture in Iran, no proper action has ever been taken by the international community against the reactionary regime in Iran.

Recent stand off over 15 British sailors captured in Iran exposed this double standard policy pursued by the West more vividly. Same media outlets, which have been complaining about the capture of these sailors, for so many years have been silent about the dark torture centers operated inside Iran. They always condoned and stayed silent when brutal crackdown of the progressive and opposition forces were conducted by the regime in Iran. The media and the governments in the West have been complaining about the way British sailors were treated. No one can and should defend the actions of the regime in mistreating the captured sailors, but there are tons of evidence regarding dark human rights violations that has been taking place in Iran for almost three decades with the full blessing of the West.

In last many years opposition forces time after time have provided undeniable documents, films, pictures, and even live tortured witnesses only to prove that the Islamic Republic has brutally killed thousands members of the opposition forces under torture in its prison centers and buried them in mass graves. Documents which show dead bodies of tortured prisoners while being buried. Even though these documents have been provided to international communities, but have we really seen anything from the Western powers and the international organizations regarding these evidences? If human right is important for the West and the international organizations, regardless of race, ethnicity, and the nationality a unequivocal policy should always be pursued regardless. These facts show that the Western powers have been dealing with the regime, and still do, as long as their economic interest is at stake. The West cares about human rights only when a French fisherman or some British sailors are mistreated!

It’s an accepted fact that as long as Europeans and the US continue to deal with the regime covertly only to secure their economic interests, the regime will continue its militaristic adventures more than ever. As long as Russia as a permanent member of the UN with a veto power on one hand signs the UN resolution sanctioning Iran and on the hand becomes a host for an Iranian delegation headed by a criminal thugs such as Mohammad Baghere Zolghader the regime in Iran will continue its brutal crackdown. Regime in Iran knows well that its survival is heavily dependent on internal crackdown on one hand and push for international tensions with the West on the other hand.

Meanwhile the US imperialism which sees its interests in creating regional tensions and turmoil has put attacking Iran as part of its militaristic agenda. If attack against Iran ever takes place, the flames of the war will engulf the entire region and will have devastating consequences for the people of Iran. Despite all the resentment among Iran’s working class masses towards the Islamic regime, any attack against Iran will not be beneficial for the people of Iran and may change the balance in favor of the Islamic regime. It will be in the interest of the people of Iran that the Europeans and the US once for all to stop dealing with the regime in secrecy and let the people of Iran to upend the regime with their own hands and their own determination.

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