Regrettably, George Habash Legend of the Palestinian People’s Resistance Passed Away

Comrade George Habash, symbol of resistance and determination passed away in January, 26, 2008 in Jordan at the age of 82. George Habash was suffering from a chronic heart illness. In recent years his illness had forced him to take a less visible role in Palestinian movement. His absence is considered a major loss for the Palestinian’s aspirations. To honor is him, the government in Palestine territories has declared 3 days of national mourning with Palestinian flags flying half staff.

In 1967 George Habash founded the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) while living in Syria. This organization with its Marxist-Leninist ideology, along with Fatah, and Democratic Front were the major co-founders of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). George Habash as one of the resolute and non-conciliatory leaders of the Palestinian movement never recognized Israel. He considered the Arafat’s deal-making contacts with Israel something not in the interest of the Palestinian people, and always rejected the Oslo and Madrid accords. He passed away in Jordan, country which had a long lasting animosity against him. Jordan was the very same country that he, for the first time, planned the high-jacking operations. He died in the same country that in 1970 orchestrated the bloody Black September against Palestinians.

George Habash as one of the PFLP leaders never stopped short from his efforts to unite the Palestinian forces. It was his idea to establish the “Refusal Front” against those Arab nations seeking to compromise with Israel. The regime of Israel was always after his life. Israel intelligent agencies were always eager to physically eliminate him from the scene of the Palestinian movement. In 1992 when he was taken to Red Cross hospital in Paris for a heart treatment, Israel launched a huge propaganda campaign blaming him as a “terrorist” and pressuring France to extradite him to Israel. French government decided to takeover the security control of the hospital, but eventually caved in to the international pressures deciding to send him out of France without allowing the treatment to go through.

With no doubt his loss is a major blow to Palestinian movement, nonetheless his legacy and aspirations will always be admired and remembered by his comrades.

Honoring His Name,
Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaie Guerrillas (OIPFG),
January, 27, 2008

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