Israel’s “Rational” for Genocide!

It is now more than a week that people of Lebanon are under endless bombardment of Israel. Hundreds have been killed and thousands have been wounded. International organizations, majority of which are under the control of America and its European allies, prefer silence over taking a solid, decisive, or even a humanitarian action. On the surface, Israel’s justification for its aggression is because of two kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Also kidnapping of another Israeli soldier has been mentioned for barbaric-style slaughtering of Palestinians in Gaza strip.

All these crimes continue while Israel sees itself innocent and “justified” no matter how horrific its crimes are. Israel bombs Lebanon’s airport with the pretext that the kidnapped soldiers might be smuggled to Iran. It bombs residential areas with the “rational” that the Hezbollah is using those areas to fire missile against Israel. It destroys roads and bridges with the excuse that Syria might use the roads to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah. It destroys hospitals and ambulances since Hezbollah “terrorists” might be treated there. It destroys water tanks in Gaza and Lebanon since barricades have been observed in the vicinities, or Israeli helicopter have identified suspects in the neighborhood! It disrupts the electricity supply hopping to shutdown the weapon and missile factories of the “terrorists”! It destroys shelter suspecting Hezbollah might hide its cash reserves there! It kidnaps the Palestinians cabinet officials claiming they will be safer in Israeli jails! They set fire into jungles in order to stop the terrorist’s incursions into Israel’s territories! Causing hunger for civilians, destroying civilian homes in Palestine and Lebanon, and kidnappings have become part of Israel’s daily activities!

While the Geneva Convention condemns these types of acts and perpetrators are considered war criminals, but Israel with the backing of the US and Europe calls its genocide as “fight” against “terrorism”. It is interesting that the defenders of “human rights” and supporters of Geneva Convention are all silent in this situation.

Who can believe that the attacks against Gaza during soccer world cup, and the destruction there is all to save a life of a kidnapped soldier? Doesn’t this put the soldier’s life in more danger? No doubt that all these crimes were pre planned by Israel and the timing was no better than during the world cup so that Israel without the world’s media attention could do its genocidal destructions of Palestinian infrastructures.

It has been years that “dovish” Israel is after finding a negotiating “peace partner” in Palestinian occupied territories, but so far no such a partner has been found! From PLO to Hamas, from Yaser Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas and Esmaiel Haineh no one has been willing to sign a peace treaty with Israel. No one wants to sign a peace treaty that is going to prevent millions of Palestinian from returning to their homes after so many years. A peace partner cannot be found because no one wants to accept Israel’s humiliation. No one wants to be subordinate of Israel. No one wants to let Israel to choose government for them, and to control their airports, their economy, and keep Palestinians as wage labors for ever. It seems no such a partner has been born yet, and there is no indication that the next generations of Palestinians are going to accept any type of humiliation either. Therefore Israel has decided to “exterminate” such a warmonger people! From Israel’s perspective these people should always be kept in darkness, they shouldn’t be given drinking water, their kids should be deprived any education, they should be bombed, they should be kept in hunger, their government should be kidnapped, and the people there all should be jailed. For Israel the international law or the decision of the international court in Hague has no meaning. In a land that no Palestinian is willing to surrender to Sharon or Almort, why shouldn’t Israel take a bold action and call its operation “summer rain”. The rain that doesn’t mean anything, but use of Israeli tanks, jets, and artillery from land and air against Palestinians and Lebanese. Where are those defenders of “human rights” who do not see all these crimes? Crimes which are only comparable to crimes committed by Hitler and alike.

The Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaii Guerillas while condemning the Israel’s operations against Palestinians and Lebanese wants to demand all the revolutionary and progressive forces of the world to take action in stopping Israel’s genocide and unite with the people of Lebanon and Palestine.

The Organisation of Iranian People’s Fedaii Guerillas
19 July 2006

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