Islamic Republic of Iran United with the Dictatorial Regime of Turkey Suppressing Kurds

Based on received reports, in past few weeks the regime of Iran has returned 8 active members of PKK (the Kurdish Workers Party) to the dictatorial Regime of Turkey. Moreover, heads of the ruling regime in Tehran in coordination with the Turkey’s regime of violence have intensified their crackdown of the Iranian Kurds. Following this policy, Revolutionary Guards and undercover special-forces, so called “Lebas shakhsiha”, savagely stormed a peaceful demonstration of the people in Makoo, who were protesting against heinous crimes that the regime of Turkey has committed in recent weeks. They also were peacefully demanding an end to the violation of basic human rights committed by the Islamic Republic regime. Objection by nine Kurdish attorneys to Ahmadi-nejad, the president of Islamic regime, is yet to be answered. No attention has been given to the demands of Kurds. Revolutionary Guard and military forces have occupied all Kurdish regions, which has brought fear and horror to Kurdish towns and communities.

Islamic regime’s ambassador in Turkey, Firouz Dolat Abadi, to complement this policy announced that Iran, Syria, and Turkey should put their hands together and calm the Kurdistan region. No doubt that the regime’s ambassador couldn’t have announced this without coordinating with heads of the regime in Tehran. Therefore, it is obvious that regime’s policy is revolving around the axis of suppression against the people of Kurdistan. Hereby, we invite all revolutionary and progressive forces to increase their pressures against the brutal policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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