Has the Regime of Islamic Republic Stopped Building Nuclear Bomb?

Recently an intelligent report was published by the US intelligent agencies indicating that the Islamic Republic has stopped its nuclear bomb project. This report claims that the regime in Iran suspended completing its project in year 2003.

Hereby, we publicly announce that the Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaii Guerillas (OIPFG) has solid evidences that the Islamic Republic of Iran has not stopped its nuclear bomb activities. Like in the past, the regime, through different companies and elements connected to the Passdaran Revolutionary Guard, is still after purchasing nuclear technology equipments to complete its nuclear bomb project. We have documents indicating that these companies and operatives have stationed themselves in three European and two Arab countries and are aggressively pursuing the purchase of the nuclear bomb technologies from black markets in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the US.

The OIPFG is willing to present its documents and findings to organs of the United Nations or any other independent international organization that is willing to investigate the matter. We are willing to release the names of the companies and individuals connected to the Passdaran Revolutionary Guard who are involved in purchasing nuclear bomb related equipments and technologies. We have information regarding the meeting places and the contacts that these individuals are involved with.

It seems the intelligent report released in the US is mainly geared towards political infighting and disagreements between the ruling political parties that are under way in the US. If it wasn’t because of this infighting, it is very unlikely that the US intelligent agencies are unaware of the wide range of activities that the agents and proxies of the Islamic Republic are engaged in Europe, or the US.

The fact that the sixteen different US intelligent agencies in last 16 years have not been able to gather viable and complete information regarding the regime’s nuclear activities could also be contributed to the work of double agents working on behalf of the Islamic Republic who have been able to misinform and misguide the US intelligent circles.

It is worth mentioning that most of the intelligent agencies in Europe are well ware of the Iran’s nuclear activities. The main reason that Europe, China, and Russia are condoning the activities of the regime and are inclined to defend the regime is because of the Iran’s lucrative markets. These economic concessions granted by the Islamic Republic first are given to Europe, then China, and Russia.

Organisation of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas - Central Committee December 6, 2007

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