Islamic Republic Of Iran Afraid of Public Uprisings

Is now more than 3 weeks that security forces have launched a military mobilization in the streets of Tehran. Heads of the regime and commanders of the Pasdaran elite force one day claim this is for preventing "Israel and Al Qaida from trouble making", and the other day say this is for "protecting the country's borders and security". However these claims are same old cliches that regime for so many years has used to push for harsher crackdowns and repression. Pushing the capital more and more towards police control and show-of-force by the security apparatus on the streets doesn't match up with the claims of securing the country's borders. Regime's propaganda machine when it comes to foreign military attacks so far has been focused on the possible bombing of its atomic installations. If these claims and predictions are true therefore the military maneuvers should be conducted near the country's borders not on the streets of the capital by the anti-riot police and Basij forces.

Along with these maneuvers and deployments , pressures on the political prisoners inside the prisons have intensified lately. In the last few weeks for different reasons regime has barred families of the political prisoners from visiting their relatives in Evin an d Ghohardasht prisons. Insults and mistreatments of these families have increased in recent weeks. Execution madness once again has erupted in the regime's prisons and prisoners have been sent to the fire squads for being "spy or enemy".

Last month when economic crisis of the world capitalism first in America and then in other western countries turned into a major crisis, heads of the Islamic Republic tried to use this for their own political gains and referred to these as "God's punishment against the West and America". It didn't take long that these crisis hit the Islamic Republic as one of the members of the world capitalism and seriously threatened regime's position. Regime now is anticipating not in a far future, intolerable economic pressures and lack of basic necessities could force the people to take to the streets. There are reports that after the US presidential election people in the subways, buses, and shops are saying, "yes we can if we want to". People are saying, Americans wanted change and they were able to achieve it, but what about us?

These types of public perceptions have pushed the regime more and more towards a panic mode such that by mobilizing its security forces and police regime wants to prevent any possible street demonstrations and gatherings. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad few days ago in one of his public speeches in Zanjan went so far as to threatens the people with knives and swords made in Zanjan (city of Zanjan is famous for its sharp swords)! He shamelessly went on saying, "we will tear up opponents' stomach and cut off their hands and their legs with Zanjan knife".

Despite all these threats and pressures, as each day passes, we are witnessing more and more workers' strikes and public protests throughout the nation. And people's resentment towards government keeps mounting.

Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaiie Guerillas (OIPFG)
24 November 2008

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