Barack Obama Prefers Reactionary Shiite Over Reactionary Sunni

Based on the received information in days and months to come doors will be open to stjavascript:self.print()ot; negotiations between Barack Obama and the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Throughout his presidential campaign Obama repeatedly talked about the need for opening up to the regime of Iran in order to fight the Taliban. These words didn't come out because he was misinformed about the true color of the regime in Iran. To the contrary, the policy pursued by Obama is part of the bigger US exit strategy for getting out of the current crisis in the Middle East.

At the same time, following the Obama's public remarks regarding relations with Iran, the heads of the Islamic regime are overly excited and use every opportunity to defend Obama's policies. After Obama's victory heads of the Islamic regime in Iran use every possible gimmick to persuade the public opinion and prepare the stage for their policy turnaround in dealing and compromising with the US. In order to give the matter a religious twist, Obama's name is compared to Imam Hussein's (the third imam in Shiite faith) name and the fact that Obama's is black has been used to shore up more public sympathy. Soon after Obama's victory, heads of the regime no longer refer to America as "Great Satan" and have started the countdown to opening up to the new US administration.

Even though, Obama wants to use the regime of Iran for accomplishing his own regional goals, but there is no doubts that these policies will have much darker and dangerous consequences for the US than what dealing and supporting Taliban brought for the US.

If reactionary Sunni headed by Molla Omar was contained in the borders of Afghanistan, the reactionary Shiite headed by Khamenie-Ahmadinejad is in the forefront of interfering in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Gulf states, and for that matter every other corner of the world. When US decided to divorce itself from Taliban, this reactionary force, by using the money and weapons provided by the US, managed to thrive and grow. Future separation between Iran and the US is going to leave the regime in Iran with nuclear bomb.

In the eyes of the US president, is there really a difference between Sunni and Shiite when it comes to human right violations, disrespect for international norms, political executions, torture, considering women as half of men, forced Islamic dress code, and in essence promoting backwardness of the dark ages? If is not for the US interest what else would make Barack Obama to move towards prolonging the subjugation of the Afghan people under the influence of Shiites in Iran. How can he allow himself to use reactionary Shiite against Sunni and lend "friendship" hand to the regime of Islamic Republic. Regime which has sent hundreds of thousands of opposition forces to the fire squads in last three decades. Regime which has been condemned for nearly 58 times the UN for its human rights violations. Regime which is infamous for being one of the horrifying dictatorial regimes of our century.

With no doubt, relations between US imperialism and the Islamic regime, at any level, under Obama's leadership, is against the interests of the people in Iran and only helps to make the regime in Iran more stronger.

Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaiie Guerillas (OIPFG)
16 November 2008

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