Honoring the 28th Anniversary of the 1979 Uprising.
Remembering the 36th Anniversary of the Siahkal Epic.

Fellow citizens,

More than 36 years have past from the heroic attack of the People’s Fedaiie Guerillas to Siahkal Gendarmerie. Non-conciliatory struggle that was started by the People’s Fedaiie Guerillas against the kingdom in those days, finally resulted in 1979 uprising that toppled the entire despotic royal regime.

Even though the tyrannical kingdom was crushed all together by the masses and the revolutionary forces, but due to lack of experience and organizational skills, a much more brutal regime was put in power. It is now clear to everyone that in last 28 years since the 1979 uprising, brutality of the theocratic regime and its economic pressures on people has intensified day after day. Even though the regime is more destabilized than ever, but it has managed to keep the people under its subordination. Harsh and brutal conditions in Iran are demanding a new solution from every revolutionary element. It is inspiring that this movement is not limited to revolutionary and progressive forces. The movement has its roots among the masses and people even in remote locations in Iran with their raging resentment against the theocratic regime are demanding a solution out of this condition. They are demanding an end to religious despotism once for all.

Brutal and dark crackdowns of the past many years inside Iran along with ambitious regional policies of the regime in interfering in other countries’ affairs have created an impression for the heads of the regime that they might have become a new regional power. Regime’s egotism has caused the other countries in the region, even some of the countries outside of the Middle East region, to develop a sense of panic among themselves and to search for some defensive measures for their own protection. With all this happening, the major industrial powers, especially the United States, by highlighting the incompetent policies of the regime and boastful postures of the heads of the regime want to pave the condition for a widespread military attack against Iran.

The final solution to Iran’s political dilemma should only come from the direct involvement of the people of Iran. It is in the hands of people to upend the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran. International pressures headed by the US and its ally Israel have pushed the international events towards a final confrontation with the regime in Iran. Recently US has started creating a monster out of the Islamic Republic only to have enough justifications for its future attacks against the atomic and industrial installations of Iran. Some may think demonizing the regime and over-emphasizing its power may help to topple the regime. But under no condition it is in the interest of our people if the regime is toppled by a foreign intervention. Example of Iraq is a clear evidence, after fall of Sadam situation in Iraq got much worse than what it was before. Any military attack by the US must be condemned by all means and has no interest for the people of Iran.

In the past we have indicated repeatedly that if the major powers are sincere in fighting the theocratic regime of Iran, they should first stop helping the regime. They should prevent the regime from participating in international forums. They should remove all the restrictions that they have imposed on the opposition forces so they can use their legitimate rights in fighting the regime. They should stop signing lucrative economic contracts with the regime, and stop transfer of any advanced military technology to Iran.

Fellow citizens,
For many years now, our country has benefited billions of dollars from oil revenues with oil price being much higher than what the government had anticipated. All these money have been wasted only to fulfill the regime’s regional ambitions, and to support the reactionary movements around the world. It is certain if these revenues go even ten times higher than what they are now, still there wouldn’t be any major improvement on people’s economic conditions. Oil revenues are wasted in supporting reactionary forces in the region, while in many factories workers haven’t received their salaries for months. In some factories meager workers’ salaries haven’t been paid for months.

Nothing can describe the deep reactionary and backward mentality of the regime in Iran. We should unite to topple this criminal regime. We should resist against any imperialist aggression. We should increase our endeavor more than ever towards building a democratic government in Iran.

Down with Islamic Republic of Iran,
Long live People’s Democratic Republic,
Long live memory of the martyrs of Siahkal and 79 uprising,
Long live Socialism.
Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaiie Guerillas (OIPFG)
Feb, 8, 2007

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