10 January 2007

Years of persistence and denouncement made by
The Organisation of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas
paid off:
US Blocked Sepah Bank’s assets in its country

During past years our organization frequently has been releasing documentations about terror activities of Islamic Republic Regime of Iran in abroad. When Iranian Fedaii Guerillas Organization revealed undeniable documentations revealing terror activities of Sepah Bank in Paris in 1995, French government became profoundly discontent. Now the US government took action to freeze Sepah Bank’s assets and capitals in its country. At this time the burden is on European governments to prove their immovable claims about fighting against terrorism by taking action against Sepah Bank branches with freezing their assets and expelling their employees, who are active members of Iranian Intelligent Services. French government can play significant role since Sepah Bank in Paris was the center of terror activities and conductions in past years. Sepah Bank in France has turned into a major base for buying weapons and infiltrating among opposition groups for Islamic Republic Regime in overseas. Now in order to uncover regime’s spying centers in abroad we will provide and reveal more documents of Sepah Bank’s weaponry activities to the press and public. Very soon our fellow citizens can access these documents on our website at: http://www.iranian-fedaii.de

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