Memorable the Forty-fourth anniversary of the 1979 uprising and fifty-two anniversary of the Siahkal epic

On the 8th of February 1971, the loyalist guerrillas of the people of Iran bravely attacked the Siahkal gendarmerie post with a firm determination and with the aim of overthrowing the dictatorial regime of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. Siahkol's resurrection had such a deep impact on the Iranian society that day that it is referred to as the new communist movement of Iran. In addition, with the breaking of the atmosphere of intimidation and fear in the society, a new approach was created in the revolutionary struggles of Iran. A turn that could be the end point of the passive silence that had cast a shadow on Iran's revolutionary movement due to Tudeh partys inactivity on for years.

After the Siahkol operation, the Shah arrogantly claimed that the SAVAK(Shah's security organization) and army had succeeded in suppressing the loyalists guerrillas of the people. He took advantage of his American advisers, and even set fire to a part of the Siahkol forests to find the survivors of the guerrillas. After that, by executing the captured comrades in Siahkol, he pretended that Iran is still an island of peace.

In response to the king's vain words, General Farsiu, the head of the army's trial, was assassinated by the Fedaian people's guerrillas, and the scope of the struggle and protests against the king's oppressions spread to universities, then to factories and deprived areas of the society. It was on the basis of such a tremendous development that finally the general uprising with the active participation of workers, especially oil workers, employees, toilers, educators, students and wage earners, led to the uprising of February 1971.

In those glorious days, while the people of Iran were shouting for the death of the Shah in the streets to crush the governmental repression machine, American imperialism and its allies panicked to ensure their interests after the fall of the Shah's regime, Based on such a policy, they decided at the Guadeloupe Conference to expel the Shah from the country and appoint Ayatollah Khomeini as the head of power in his place before the victory of the Iranian revolution.

The establishment of a completely religious government in Iran was the result of the policy of strengthening pan-Islamism in the region. Because the experience of suppressing the rising forces of society by imperialism and reaction had already been experienced in countries such as Indonesia, Arab countries and the establishment of the first Islamic government in Pakistan. Therefore, only a reactionary and evil element like Khomeini could assume this duty in Iran, and so it happened.

A bitter experience that will never be repeated

At that historical moment, the western imperialist countries, based on the inexperience of the revolutionary forces and the lack of awareness of the masses, managed to impose a alternative with combination of reactionary religious elements led by Ruhollah Khomeini, the freedom movement and a range of puppet agents in abroad.

Popular uprisings and brutal repression of the ruling religious-dictatorship regime

In the past years, several national uprisings took place against the Islamic regime of Iran, and in some cases, it put the regime on the edge of the inevitable abyss. In this confrontation, some thousands of freedom fighters were killed and tens of thousands of people were imprisoned and displaced, however, the revolutionary movement of Iran did not die out.

Despite the constant suppression of protests and the creation of an atmosphere of intimidation in society, strikes by workers, teachers, retirees and students have always continued. In all the years of the dictatorship, the regime was never able to silence the voice of the people's desire for freedom.

Last September, Mehsa Amini died  after being arrested for wearing a veil by the Irshad patrol in the detention center. After that, people rose up all over Iran. The battle that started in September is still going on against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The death of Mehsa Amini coincided with deep differences between Western countries and the Iranian regime over the JCPOA. As in the past, the Iranian regime took the policy of wasting time in order to be able to complete its nuclear goals, while the Western countries were forced to abandon the appeasement policy this time, because at the same time, Iran was accepted as a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an issue that greatly affected the economic interests of the West. It is for this reason that after 44 years now the Western media are covering the protests of the Iranian people.

Since the uprising of last September, hundreds of people have died and thousands of people have been arrested, however, the nationwide struggle and resistance with the aim of overthrowing the ruling regime in the central, northern, southern, Kurdistan, Baluchistan, Azerbaijan, Lorestan and most cities and villages of Iran continues.

The role of Western governments in derailing the Iranian revolution

At the same time as the nationwide uprising and the height of the people's struggles, the imperialist countries once again started using a heavy media attack to drag down the Iranian revolution. They are trying to impose a fake opposition on the Iranian people by using elements that had no role in the struggle against the ruling regime in the last 44 years. Elements that, if they can impose and replace them after the fall of the Islamic Republic, will have no role other than securing the interests of the West and servitude at their doorstep.

  To achieve this goal, they have used many tricks, but since the people of Iran are much more aware than in 1979, since the opposition organizations have also used past experiences as an example, the imperialist countries have not been able to find their desired opposition.

To form The all-round support of Reza Pahlavi, the son of the former dictator of Iran, or several non-political athletes or the notorious artistic elements of Iran rather than helping them achieve their goals It has discredited them. Reza Pahlavi has no organization and he publicly admits that he is in contact with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Basij. In fact, abroad, his organization is a part of the reformists who are former members of «Tahakim Vahdat office». Inside Iran, there are generals and guards of the regime who are oppressing the people.

According to his public statements, Reza Pahlavi claims that he intends to run the country with them, and he clearly says "that is, the same army men, that is, the same Basij, that is, the same IRGC members in its military and armed sector." In the supplementary explanations, he does not feel ashamed to say clearly, "Don't think that my conversations with them are one-sided, they are two-sided." I have a relationship with the army, with the IRGC, with the Basij, that is, we have a conversation."

It is quite clear that the people of Iran, after enduring 44 years of countless sufferings caused by the Islamic regime and its oppressive forces, will never be burdened by the regime's leadership change. This regime, including the IRGC, the Basij, the army, the police, the intelligence organization of the IRGC, and in a word, all the organs of repression must be overthrown and completely dissolved.

 More involvement of the United States and Europe in this important matter will only harm the Iranian revolution. The first condition of friendship with the Iranian people is that they avoid interfering in the Iranian revolution and stop choosing the future leadership. They should not use their media power to introduce anonymous elements, the former security organization of the Shah's dictatorial regime and puppets and stop destroying the real forces of the Iranian opposition.

 Secret fights and bargaining with the Iranian regime will only help this regime to survive more, which has been an integral part of Western policy in the past decades. If the Western countries are really democratic, they should allow all the forces opposing the Iranian regime to use their mass media in equal conditions for the benefit of the Iranian people, rather than trying to impose their incompetent and puppet elements as opposition leaders on the Iranian people.

The support of the Western governments in the last 44 years to the regime of the Islamic Republic has caused irreparable damage to the people of Iran. So far, hundreds of opposition activists have been assassinated in various countries, most of them in Western countries. In all cases, the killers have been handed over to Iran in exchange for large economic contracts.

As long as their economic contracts and secret clashes with the Iranian regime were ongoing under the title of implementing the JCPOA provisions, they did not attach the least value to the widespread protests of Iran's fighting forces, when their lucrative market was partially taken over by Russia and China and the Iranian regime became a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, then the flag of human rights was raised in Europe and America, and the cry of their "support" for the people of Iran spread all over the world. The continuation of this policy will either cause a civil war in our country or provide the basis for the continuation of the killing of more fighting forces by the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The controversy of representing Reza Pahlavi, which has been widely covered by the western media these days, has completely failed. Iranian people ask themselves what is the need for a lawyer? The Iranian revolution does not need the will and permission of foreign powers, nor does it need to negotiate and bargain with this or that foreign country. In addition, giving a power of attorney to a person (anyone) is worse than accepting the authority of a Ayatolla. If Khomeini was able to deceive the people with the help of the western media and the simple tricks of the students, then he introduced himself as the representative of God on earth, and then imposed the authority of the jurist, has no other than to certify that they are minors. Western countries should learn a lesson from Reza Pahlavi's internet voting, which despite the support of powerful servers of Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc., out of 8 million Iranians outside their country, their favorite person got less than 4% of votes. This fact proved that the people of Iran, both inside and outside the country, are fully aware and are not ready to accept the domination of any power, except their own powerful force.

The problem of our people today is the lack of cohesion between the fighting forces. We have to solve this problem with effort and patience as possible.

The solution for the suffering is unity and organization.

Long live the memory of comrades in Siahkol

Long live the memory of all who were beaten in the uprising of Bahman 1378

Death to the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran

long live freedom

The Organization of Iranian People Fedai Guerilla

Feb 8, 2023

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