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Honoring May 1st International Labor Day

May 1st, this historical day has always been celebrated since the first victory of the American workers in 1846. May 1st is always honored and celebrated throughout the entire world by the working class. Every year by remembering this historical victory workers of the world hold street demonstrations, rallies, and marches to show their strong determination and solidarity against the bourgeoisie camp.

In Iran despite all the progress made by the working class, which is an integral part of the world’s labor movement, the Islamic Republic of Iran has tried to block and divert the progressive movement of the workers. This year, like the years before, Iranian workers are preparing to welcome this international solidarity day in a situation where any form of organized demonstration and gathering is banned and prohibited by the government. Government organized rallies held every year on behalf of Iranian workers are only some theatrical shows conducted by the state apparatus to divert the genuine labor movement.

It is now 24 years that backward and retrogressive policies of the government has overshadowed all aspects of the people’s lives in Iran. Most workplaces, manufacturing sites, and the Iran’s labor movement have constantly been bombarded by the theocratic policies of the government. Throughout these many years government has been promoting and advertising social antiquity and backwardness under the name of religion and Islamic civilization. The Islamic regime of Iran by showing its opposition to any form of innovation, new thinking, and social progress has imposed some harsh and antiquated policies on people. These policies have reached a point that any form of intellectual activity or cultural modernization is considered an insult to religion and theocratic establishment. Instead, the government has openly welcomed superstitious thinking and backwardness. The government has pushed for policies and ideas, which are intended only to prevent any social progress and openness for young generation and the whole society. The government by intensifying its anti Western rhetoric has prohibited and discouraged people from using Internet and watching foreign satellite TVs. These types of harsh policies conducted under the name of religion and Islam is to prevent any social progress, innovation, and modernization. The sole purpose of these policies is to fight against any form of scientific thinking, openness and new intellectual activity.

Throughout the entire life of the Islamic regime, Iran’s government has always been supported and helped by the imperialist powers, especially the Europeans. Major industrial powers see their economic interests in very existence of the tyrannical governments such as Islamic Republic of Iran. While political and economic competition between Europe and the United States in dividing and reshaping the old economic territories has heated up recently, Europeans have intensified their support for the government of Iran.

It is now almost 8 years that the power struggle between two factions of the Iran’s government has intensified. Throughout these periods people have realized that there is no major difference between Khamenie’s and the “reformists” faction. So far proposal and plans cited by the reformist faction has turned out to be false promises only to defend the very survival of the government in its entirety. Claims being made about reforms under the name of “modern Islam” have only been intended to divert and confuse the intense desire of the young generation for more deeper and fundamental changes in the society. Young generation of Iran has well realized that all the hype about reforms is to prevent them from taking direct aim at the entire theocratic establishment. People of Iran well know that there is no major difference between Mohammad Khatami, the president, and Ali Khamenie, the spiritual leader. Khatamie’s poetic postures and reform talks are some deceiving maneuvers to save the entire government from collapsing.

US/British military deployment to the region and occupation of Iraq has brought more burdens for Iran’s working class. In last 24 years Islamic Republic of Iran has always used “foreign threats” as an excuse to justify its domestic crackdown of the opposition. Now once again, the government has intensified its crackdown of the labor movement based on the threat of the US military presence near its borders.

The United States emerging as an international police has caused a lot of concerns around the world. All the efforts by the UN Security Council have failed to persuade the US imperialism to obey and respect international norms and laws. The US bulling against other nations has caused great concerns for other nations. Today’s critical events have forced other major industrial powers to take side and try to establish their own regional alliances. Last months meeting between Russia, France, and Germany was in line with these policies. Even though they well know that these alliances can easily collapse.

Past historical events, especially the events of the 1940’s proved that the course of the history couldn’t be changed by relying on force. Even though the inflicted damages are costly and irreversible. It seems the rich natural resources of our country and other nations of the region have badly intrigued the greedy thirst of the US and its allies. Failure of the United Nations to contain US aggression has pushed Pentagon to a dangerous and uncontrollable stage of madness.

The working class of Iran should strengthen its anti imperialist struggle more than ever. On going struggle against the government of Iran is an inseparable part of a bigger and more global anti imperialist movement. World imperialism and governments similar to Islamic Republic are integral part of a same establishment. Conflicts among these governments are not going to solve any of the problems faced by the working class. With all the determination and strength we should unite against the regime of the Islamic Republic and stand up to topple the despotic regime ruling Iran. Only this way we can stop any imperialist aggression and protect the interests and well being of the people of Iran.

Organisation of Iranian People Fadaii Guerrillas