Honoring the 24th Anniversary of the 1978 Uprising and the 32nd Anniversary of Siahkal.

Dear people,

Once again these two historical events has given us the chance, while honoring the braveries of the past, to learn from all the past experiences and strengthen our ongoing struggle.

In February of 1970 Fedaie guerrillas by attacking the Siahkal Gendarmerie base in northern province of Iran opened up a new chapter in fight against dictatorial regime of Shah. The struggle began at the time when Shah’s regime was fully supported by the US imperialism. It was the time when all the socio-political demands of the people were answered with prison, torture and fire-squads. Fedaie guerrillas started their operations from deep jungles of Siahkal when nobody even dared to say anything against Shah. Dark silence which for so many years, due to reformists policies of Todeh party, overshadowed the ongoing struggle was finally broken. Shah’s claim that Iran is an “island of peace and tranquility” was shaken by the start of the arm struggle. A new era was started for the communist movement of Iran. It was under these conditions that the IPFG(Organisation of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas ) was founded and soon toppling of the Shah’s regime through an arm struggle was planned. Determination of Feddaie guerrillas and change in the social consciousness of the public, particularly the working class, created strong bonds between Feddaie guerrillas and the people. Shah was so eager in crushing the movement in its inception. Utilizing its entire crackdown apparatus the regime was unable to stop the fast growing popular support that guerrillas were getting. With the start of Siahkal, Shah’s American advisors were suggesting to burn the entire northern jungles down to stop the new movement from growing. Despite of a very heavy crackdown, soon the flames of the new struggle engulfed the capital. After the start of Siahkal, Shah by ridiculing the movement pretentiously claimed that the food service department of the military is good enough to stop the guerrillas! Soon after the revolutionary execution of General Farsio, head of military courts and interrogations, he had to admit the weakness of his government.

Towards the end of 1975 Shah’s prisons were filled with political prisoners. University students were intensifying their daily protests. Major cities were witnessing daily protests coming from different sectors of the society demanding more fundamental socio-political changes. In those days one more time Shah’s American advisors were busy trying to save the system from collapsing. To prevent the state apparatus from a complete collapse, they forced Shah to ease up his harsh crackdown of the political prisoners. They were suggesting same notorious polices which for so many years were conducted in helping other dictatorial regimes. The same policies pursued, even today, in many countries all over the world. The same policies orchestrated in countries such as Indonesia, Chile, Argentina for so many years. The scenario of step-by-stem “pullback “ by imperialists in countries with dictatorial regimes starts with easing torture and gradual liberalization of the political system. Then the stage gets prepared for liberals and pro-capitalist forces to enter the political arena. Then with a lot of political spin and propaganda in their mass media such as BBC, Radio Israel, Voice of America, and many other similar agencies they start imposing their own political figureheads. Until the new figureheads haven’t established their strong footholds, weakening of the old regime is pursued with a cautionary approach. As soon as the new elements are able to introduce themselves as “speakers of the people”, the old dictator gets kicked out. Meanwhile America and its allies pretend being the “good guys”, “democrats”, and “pro human rights”. In 1978 uprising in Iran after all the coordination, which were made among elements of Nehzate-Azadi, incumbent clergies, and some elements of the Shah’s regime, the usefulness of Shah was over. From there on, Khomeini, the new figurehead, who publicly had told news agencies that he will guarantee the free flow of oil to America, was imposed as the new opposition leader. Khomeini being aware of the imperialist policies towards Shah’s regime, said, “Shah must go”. It was now up to the foreign media to advertise, spin and promote the new changes.

In second half of 1978, every day hundreds of thousands of people from all sectors of the society were taking to the streets with unimaginable interest and enthusiasm. They were demanding the removal of the entire monarch regime. Despite all the sacrifices and the genuine demand for establishing a new democratic government, the deceptive compromises made behind the scene kept the entire capitalist system intact. The entire crackdown apparatus was preserved and only Shah had to leave the country. The magnificent popular uprising, which was headed for building a new democratic society, was cut short and its was diverted to a wrong direction. The uprising was about to be drawn into the darkness of the superstition and antiquity. Same media agencies, which were inviting the people to take to the streets in the first half of 1978, were now encouraging the people to be superstitious and accept the new theocratic tyranny. This propaganda continued to the point that some started claiming that they have seen the Khomeini’s picture engraved in the moon! Finally in February 19th, 1978, contrary to all the compromises, millions of people attacked the government buildings and toppled the monarchist regime.

The new government, which was built on top of the ruins of the former regime, was another tyrannical regime imposed on people under the name of religion. Soon some new elements along with some former operatives of the old regime were put in charge of the government. Once again the old repressive state apparatus was revitalized, this time under the name of Islam. The purpose was to suppress freedom, political activities, and social openness. Grand struggle of the people, which was headed towards building a new democratic society, was high jacked by power-hunger factions of the upper class. Bourgeoisie of Bazaar, which had a marginal role before the start of 1978 uprising, climbed to the government leadership. Even though the monarchist regime was toppled, but it was replaced by a government, which people couldn’t trust nor rely on. In the first few months after the uprising people stayed with the movement, but soon tyranny strengthened its grasps on the power structure. This way the new ideas, which were developed and flourished with so many years of struggle were lost in a takeover conspiracy. This power takeover was orchestrated by the international capitalism. The old system was still intact, and it was only mater of time for one of the government factions to steal the power from the other. The winner in this case was the traditional Bazaar faction, which soon started to gain the upper hand. It didn’t take long that the newly imposed government openly started promoting and advertising world of backwardness, superstition, religious darkness and a medieval system of antiquity.

Despite of so many claims and counter claims, the West has always been a strong supporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The policy of “dialog and criticism” pursued by the Europeans is a ticket for having a lucrative economic contracts with the Islamic Republic of Iran. These contracts amount to 20 billion dollars a year. Contrary to the claims made by the US government, or the anti US slogans coming from Iran’s government, the US is one of the major economic partners of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Just to give an example: most of the petroleum products exported to China are coordinated through the offices of the US based oil giant Texaco in Tehran. People of Iran should not forget the historical lessons of the struggle in last 50 years, which ruling clergies had no positive role in it. They never were a major contributor to any progressive movement before the collapse of the former regime.

As long as people do not pro-actively participate in choosing their political destiny, big powers will always allow themselves to divert the direction of the struggle towards their own interests and ambitions. Recently with a new increase in government infightings, and intensifying public resentment towards the regime, we are witnessing a new move by the Bush administration to introduce the son of the former monarch as a new leader of the opposition. They have put their support behind a person who lacks any credible political experience. He has lived most of his life in abroad, remote from all the suffering that people have gone through in last couple decades.

International landscape in last few years, especially the collapse of the Soviet Union, has put the United States in a position as a major reactionary impediment for any progressive movement. With the current international situation the US government is always preparing and planning for more attacks and aggressions against other nations. Constantly trying to drag others into a preplanned arm race.

Unevenness in the development of the world capitalism is always changing and shifting the balance of the economic power among capitalist nations. The smaller the competition territory gets and as it shrinks smaller and smaller, it brings more competition over the limited natural resources of the other nations. Growing economic competition between Europe and America, rising unemployment in the US, and political takeover of the oil cartels in the US, has weakened the US ability to manage its economy more effectively. This policy has brought higher growth in defense spending and lowering the standards of living for Americans. Despite exploiting the natural resources of the other countries, the US is facing budget deficit and major economic problems.

Now, once again America is preparing itself to attack Iraq. With the United Nations apposing this attack, and the world’s public opinion being against it, the US is so determined to carry on the attack anyway. Huge military build up in the region is part of this preparation. For sure after the war in Vietnam, this is the first time that the world’s public opinion is so determined and united in stopping this war. The president of the United States doesn’t feel shame to openly announce that he will attack Iraq with or without UN support. The war, which all the preparations are underway, is only in the interest of the American oil cartels. This war is only for oil and any other claim is nothing but a deception.

Excluding America, Britain, and Israel, no other country wants this war. The reason for some Arab states along with few other countries being silent is not something that they desire or want. They are either intimidated or forced to agree with the US policies. No civilized mind could possibly agree with any unjust war. The type of the government ruling Iraq, and problems facing that country is an internal matter for the people of Iraq. Other countries have no business interfering with anything. The same is true for Americans to decide how to run their government. In the last presidential election it was clear how absurd the electoral system could end up to be. That is for Americans to decide if the process is right or wrong. People of Iraq, and for that matter people of any other nation are free to choose the type of the political system, which they want to live in. If people do not directly participate in shaping up their political future, they will not be able to achieve a genuine democratic society. The US claims in “freeing people of Iraq”, or “protecting human rights in Iraq”, has only been a source of ridicule in international community. People know that the US invasion of Afghanistan is only to strengthen its military presence in the region. Capturing Osama Ben Laden, is a pretext for diverting people’s attention. People know the goal in attacking Iraq is to have control over the natural resources of that country. After Iraq the US is intended to spread its control over the oil-rich region of the Caspian Sea further north. Continuing to pursue a policy of aggression by the US will only bring unity and strength to the forces fighting for peace, democracy, and freedom. This will help to unite the forces facing the US imperialism. Bush’s war madness to invade other countries has made him a kin to Hitler. If these aggressions are not stopped now, soon the humanity has to pay a very high price for all these warmongering polices. Not stopping Hitler before 1939 brought a heavy tool for the entire world. We believe any attack against Iraq is considered an act of aggression and must be stopped.

The US wants to suppress and crackdown any democratic movement anywhere in the world. It has no mercy even for the individual members of these movements. America allows itself to intervene in other nations internal affairs. The United States thinks has all the permission it needs to bomb whomever they consider opposing its policies. It is ironic that all these evil acts are conducted under the name of God, Jesus, human rights, and freedom. Anybody in disagreement with these polices is considered terrorist, anti-America, anti-Semitic, a felon, or a criminal. Isn’t that a shame for humanity to obey, and accept such polices.

Dear people,

Growing determination of the people of Iran is to topple the Islamic Republic of Iran. Unfortunately the non-compromising struggle which is been going on between two camps of democracy and reaction, between labor and capital, in the last few decades, has been a tragic defeat for the revolutionary forces. The struggle has always been diverted to wrong directions only to satisfy the ambitions of the upper class. The fight against Islamic Republic of Iran, struggle for democracy and freedom, is intensifying everyday all over the country. Worker’s uprisings, teacher’s demonstrations, and public resentment towards the government are growing everyday. As days go by, people tired of economic pressures, social depression, are pushing the government for more fundamental changes. People are now well familiar with the true characters of the Khatami and his faction. No one is no longer deluded with their polices nor willing to trust them. Except the reformist organizations such as Aksariet, which for so many years from day one have supported the government. In unity with the government forces they have always tried to weaken the revolutionary forces.

All the possible means should be utilized for uniting the democratic forces fighting against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Aside from any factional tendencies we should unite in our struggle against the theocratic regime ruling Iran.

Down With Islamic Republic of Iran.
Long live Revolution.

Organisation of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas
8 Fev 2003

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