27 September 2002

Farmers of Vardasht-Smiram Put on Trial

On September 4 , 2002 a heavy fighting broke out in the region of Vardasht-Samiram between farmers of the Ghashghaiee tribes and government Special Forces. Drilling and installation of water pumps next to the farmer’s properties by the government erupted these fights.

During these fights some of the farmers including some women and children were wounded, arrested, or sent to jail. Some of the farmers had to flee to the nearby mountains in fear of further retaliation by the government. Twelve of those who were arrested later were transferred to a prison in Dasgerd/Esfahan. In last three weeks those who were arrested have been put under interrogation and torture. After lots of pressures by the tribes and farmers of the region government has agreed on releasing all twelve prisoners on 10 million Toman (12000 USD) bond. Only three out of twelve were able to gather enough money by borrowing from their relatives, the remaining nine had no way of coming up with such a money. Even though the government knows that these farmers have nothing but few acres of land, few heads of sheep, but still insists in receiving the bond.

Holding the farmers under these conditions can ignite a wide spread regional conflict against the government any moment. The government in fear of further worsening of the situation has decided to start the trial procedures as soon as possible. Government officials in the region have promised to start the trial of all twelve sometime in late October.

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