Heroic Resistance of the People of Iraq Confronting the US/Britain Imperialist Aggression

In day 14th of the war, determination and heroic resistance of the people of Iraq can be seen on every corner of this historic and ancient nation. People’s resistance and scarifies have surprised all the war planners in Washington and London. People’s resistance has changed the war equations drastically. Wishful dreams of the White House in taking over Iraq in a mater of a week and destroying its army and its people’s resistance has turned out to be a false promise.

Bush and Tony Blair by admitting the fact that a more prolonged and protracted war might be ahead obviously show how unsuccessful and unrealistic the original war plans were. Frequent comments by the generals running the war indicates how the war might last longer and be more complicated than previously expected.

Despite so many demonstrations allover the world with people pouring to the streets in millions and demanding the war to stop, tones of bombs are dropped on defenseless people everyday. Infrastructures, roads, and buildings are bombarded and destroyed. People are savagely attacked and intimidated by the occupiers. These vicious crimes against humanity are planned and executed by the very same people who for so many years have disguised their true color under the banner of “new world order”. Before starting the war they launched a massive public relation campaign trying to justify their military deployments to the region. They claimed they want to build a democracy in Iraq and liberate the people. They expected people to cheer and welcome them. This never happened and people showed their deep resentment towards the occupiers. People have decided to fight against any foreign aggression while trying to keep their own ethnic identity, traditions, and way of life. The US and Britain have no right to decide on behalf of the other people by dictating how the other people should live. Based on the official reports from the neighboring countries there has been no massive refugee exodus so far. On the contrary thousands of Iraqi refugees living in abroad have returned to participate in the ongoing fight. This shows that the people of Iraq do not want to live under any occupation and repeatedly be humiliated. 14 days of war has shown that no one in Iraq wants to welcome and cheer for Americans or British as some were expecting. Only suicide missions might welcome them this time.

Failure of a quick occupation has inflamed the internal conflicts in the US administration. Military forces are accusing the US intelligent apparatus of misleading the armed forces and not telling the whole truth about the internal situation in Iraq. On the other hand British companies are forcing Tony Blair to make sure that their interest in postwar Iraq is well secured. This anxiety was substantiated recently with the news that Americans have not considered a “balanced partnership” for the British companies. British companies do not want to be in a same situation as they were after the 1991 Gulf War, getting less compared to their American competitors.

While the world public opinion is condemning the war and is against all these cruelties, attacks on people’s livelihood is intensifying and becoming more and more horrific. Repeating these barbaric and hawkish acts show the true meaning of the “human rights” and “democracy” that these people like to preach all the time.

There are reports that thousands of Iraqi volunteers living in abroad are now returning to their country to participate in the ongoing fight. Thousands of democratic and revolutionary forces from other countries especially from other Arab countries have joined the Iraqi forces. There are many peace-loving individuals from other nations in Iraq trying to stop the war. Many have asked to be buried in Iraq if in case they lose their lives while fighting for peace. Resistance, determination, and heroism of the Iraqi people have been so courageous and should highly be admired.

The war should stop immediately. It is a huge responsibility for the international community to push for an immediate ceasefire. By participating and intensifying our anti-war efforts we should demand an immediate end to this war.

Long live the resistance of the people of Iraq against the imperialism headed by the US imperialism.

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