In Student Day Public Demonstrations Intensify In Iran.

Saturday December 7 in celebration of Student Day some major cities of Iran such as Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, and Mashad witnessed huge public demonstrations. Despite all the preparations made by the government to crackdown any possible demonstration, public rallies in support of students continued even until Monday December 9th. These demonstrations are of such magnitude and scope that even with all the arrests made in last few days, government has not been able to prevent the movement from spreading.

Campus of the University of Tehran is still surrounded by the anti-riot forces. In fear of more demonstrations and unrest, government security forces are heavily controlling all the roads in and out of the campus.

In Shiraz, demonstrations that started from Setad Square last Saturday and moved towards the engineering school of the University of Shiraz haven’t stopped yet. Government security forces continued arresting students and other demonstrators. Those being arrested were loaded to buses and taken to nearby prisons.

Yesterday in a meeting at Enghelab Stadium, which more than 400 mountaineers were invited things went out of control as soon the speaker, a government official, started calling the student “anti-revolutionary”. Later all the athletes left the meeting in solidarity with the students.

In Esfahan from 10:00 in the morning once again students took to the streets demanding the release of all the political prisoners. These demonstrations continued until Monday.

The Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaii Guerillas (OIPFG) in honor of Student Day invites everyone to be strongly united, and believes that only with a united struggle repressive government forces can be defeated.

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