Government Forces Open Fire and Kill 17 Prisoners In Dasjerd Prison In Esfahan Province.

Saturday afternoon, 2/8/2003, a bloody violence broke out between armed prison guards and defenseless prisoners in Dasjerd prison in Esfahan. The violence started when some of the prisoners who were returning from the prison’s movie theater were searched repeatedly and humiliated by the guards.

Inhumane treatment of the prisoners caused anger and protest among some of the prisoners. The prison guards who couldn’t tolerate the protest started violently attacking and beating up the prisoners. When the government’s anti-riot police (i.e., Passdaran forces) started shooting directly at the defenseless prisoners, some prisoners moved towards the prison gates and finally managed to open the gates. 17 people were killed and about 300 hundred people managed to escape. Many were seriously wounded and later were transferred to the nearby hospitals. A prisoner who was safe later told his family, “I counted at least 17 dead”. “The shooting and violence was so cruel and chaotic which made it hard to give an exact count”, said the prisoner.

In last two months this is the second time that the government forces open fire on defenseless prisoners. It was last month that in a similar incident some unknown numbers of prisoners were shot to death in Ghorghan’s prison in a northern province. Officials of the dictatorial regime of Islamic Republic of Iran blamed the fire for that bloody incident.

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