August 20th

United People of Semiram Participate in Funeral Procession of the Four
Killed on Sunday August 16th.
After four days of a bloody fighting, yesterday 4 bodies of the ones killed
last Sunday were handed over to the people of Samiram. To pay the last and
honorable respect, people came to the funeral in masses. For more than 4
kilometers people filled the streets of Samiram to show their respect and solidarity for the ones who gave up their lives to defend their lands and their dignity.

From the early hours of the morning, as people started gathering for the
funeral, all the banks, shops, and government offices stayed closed. Two of the four bodies belonged to Tirmorady tribe, one was from Naderi tribe, and one was from Nazari tribe. The regime of Islamic Republic of Iran is still refusing to return all the bodies of the people who were killed in the events of the last few days.

Fighting continued throughout the day in a large scale in Semiram and
surrounding neighborhoods. Due to the large spread of the fighting is hard to
estimate the number of casualties. Yesterday while dispersing the protesters,
government forces found 5 bodies of the members of the Pasdaran Revolutionary Guard in a nearby park. They were killed in the events of the last few days.Protests and bloody fighting still continues all over the town and people want and insist the main perpetrators of the Pasdaran forces to be identified and brought to justice.

&Mac183; Samiram is part of Esfahan province in south central Iran with a population of 100000 .

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