July 9, 2002

Demonstrations On July 9th, The Third Anniversary Of The Bloody Crackdown Of The Student Movement

In observance of the crackdown of the student movement which took place three years ago several mass demonstrations were held in Tehran and other major cities of Iran. Heavy presence of a anti-riot forces on the streets of Tehran, and refusal of the organizations associated with the reformist front from taking part in these demonstration, did not stop the people from taking to the streets in a large scale.

In Tehran from the early hours of the morning all the roads near The University of Tehran were surrounded by the security and Passdaran anti-riot forces. Armored carriers were deployed to the streets near the university campus. At the same time the security forces were trying to search and identify the people who were headed towards the campus. To prevent any possible spread of the demonstrations throughout the city, people were dispersed and no assembly of more than three was permitted. The security preparation did not work out as it was planned and more police forces were called to the scene. When people started going towards the Revolution Square from the corners of the Fakhre_Razee Ave., violent reaction of the security forces began. People’s demonstration turned into violence and anti-government slogans echoed everywhere. While the anti-riot police was trying to stop the people from getting close to the Revolution Square, members of the secrete police started attacking the demonstrators. The riot police started using teargas and arresting the demonstrators. The condition and whereabouts of those being injured or arrested is still unknown.

In Esfahan from the early hours of the afternoon thousands of anti-government demonstrators along with the students took to the streets. The streets of Chaar-Bagh, Ceo-Ceh-Pole, Mardavige, and Shiraz-Gates were the scenes of huge demonstrations. These demonstrations reminded the days of the 1978 people’s uprising. Passdaran anti-riot forces who did not anticipated anything with this magnitude and scale started shooting at people and using teargas. Fighting continued for many hours and thousands of people were shouting anti-government slogans. Many were arrested and taken away by the members of the secrete police. People’s demonstrations continued throughout the afternoon. The condition of those being injured or arrested is still unknown.

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