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Supporting International Movement Against War

As the time goes by, the dark and horrific nightmare of the war against Iraq is dominating the entire Middle East especially the Persian Gulf region. The United State and its allies irrespective of the international public opinion are intensifying their war preparations. The US and its allies are ignoring all the opposition coming from so many different countries. February 15th has been declared as the day of protest against this war by so many different organizations. Many democratic groups, revolutionary organizations, and communist parties have announced their solidarities with the ongoing anti-war movement.

OIPFG (the Organization of Iranian Peoples Fedaie Guerrillas) invites all the peace loving, revolutionary, and democratic forces to participate in this anti-war movement. It is time to show our strong solidarity against the tyrannical war-policies of the US and its allies. In the current condition international conflicts can only be solved through diplomatic channels and war should be rejected by all means. Undemocratic governments being in power in many different countries does not give the right to any other nation to interfere in the internal affairs of the others. It does not give the right to the United States nor its allies to deploy their military force against anybody else to pursue their imperial ambitions. People of the world are free to choose their own way of life and are free to choose the type of the government that they want to live in. It is up to the people of those countries to decide how and when to stand up against the dictatorial regimes. Therefore there is no need for the US and its allies to play the role of the ‘liberators’ and try to be the “godfather” for the rest of the world. February 15th is the day to protest any possible US aggression against Iraq or any other nation for that matter. We invite all the peace-loving, democratic, and revolutionary forces to actively participate in the upcoming February 15th demonstrations.

Organisation of Iranian People Fadaii Guerrillas
11 Fev 2003