Condemning the US-British Aggression Against Iraq.

Finally after months of propaganda and intense pressure on Iraq, the US, Britain, and their allies started their aggression against Iraq on the early hours of March 20th. This came after a humiliating defeat on the political arena for the United States and its allies. The US propaganda war, which was planned to deceive the public and gain international support, was defeated.

For so many years the United States and its allies by pressuring and lobbing in the United Nations prevented Iraq from gaining back its basic international rights. They took away Iraq’s self-defense rights. The US while pressuring the other governments and adding to its propaganda war continued its intense military buildup in the region. At the time when the National Security Council of the UN believed in continuation of the inspections, the US opposed extending the time for more inspection and pushed for its belligerent policies.

Unfortunately the international balance of power in last few years has shifted in a way that the United States allows itself to attack anyone and any country at any given time. They attack and intimidate any progressive movement anywhere in the world. The world dominance of the US imperialism in last few decades has shown that this supremacy can only be upheld by wars, aggressions, and coup-d’etats. It is hard to find any place in the world that has been safe and out of US interference in last few decades. Constantly the flames of the regional wars, mostly ignited by the United States, burn the people’s livelihood into ashes. Economic progress in the United States has coincided with the US aggression, and genocide in other parts of the world. With such a dark background, the United States wants any other country that does not obey its policies be disarmed and intimidated.

If there is going to be any disarmament, the United States is the first country to be disarmed and its leaders put on trial. For half a century millions of people have lost their lives because of the US direct or indirect involvements in their countries internal affairs. Millions of people have lost their lives as a result of US bombardments. Bombings, which took place all the way from Vietnam to Laos, from Cambodia to Thailand, from Indonesia to Korea, still is fresh in our minds. Despite all these savage attacks, similar policies are repeated over and over. Memories of the coup-d’etats and assassinations committed by the United States, on almost every corner of the world, is still fresh.

Rapacious American oil companies now have their greedy eyes on the Iraqi oil wells. If the military operations in Iraq are ever successful, Iran and other oil-rich Caspian See countries are the next targets. Bush’s 48-hours ultimatum to the president of Iraq to leave his country shows backwardness of the US presidency. These types of ultimatums resemble the medieval times when chief of one tribe ordered the chief of the other tribe either to surrender or face the consequences. We should stand up against these types of aggressions. Any silence will have grave consequences for the humanity. The barbaric US military deployment in the region should be stopped now; otherwise there will be more miseries and sufferings to follow. International conflicts should only be resolved through dialog and peaceful policies. Pursuing a war policy will worsen the situation and adds to the people’s sufferings.

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